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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: National Labor Relations Board
Penalty Total since 2000$1,725,857,793
Number of Records: 14,661
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.$76,037,0003
Honeywell International$40,995,38911
Johnson Controls$35,828,85412
Verizon Communications$26,722,08237
Alpha Metallurgical Resources$23,111,6064
Aptiv PLC$20,300,9405

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company sort iconCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount
WGI SOLULTIONS labor relations violation2002$350,000
WGGB-TV labor relations violation2010$21,327
WGGB-TV labor relations violation2006$14,000
WGE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION labor relations violation2007$73,574
Weyerhaeuser CompanyWeyerhaeuserbuilding materialslabor relations violation2008$18,000
Weyerhaeuser CompanyWeyerhaeuserbuilding materialslabor relations violation2006$687,365
Weyerhaeuser CompanyWeyerhaeuserbuilding materialslabor relations violation2005$14,000
Weyerhaeuser Co.Weyerhaeuserbuilding materialslabor relations violation2006$11,000
Wexford Health Sources, Inc. labor relations violation2008$70,000
Wexco Corporation labor relations violation2016$8,500
Westwood One, Inc. d/b/a SmartRoutes SystemsCumulus Mediamedialabor relations violation2003$5,711
Westwood One Broadcast Services, Inc. d/b/a Metro Networks, Inc.Cumulus Mediamedialabor relations violation2000$130,000
WESTWOOD HEALTHCARE CENTER labor relations violation2012$9,920
Westview Concr. Corp. aka "Westview I" and "Westview II", Avon Concrete Corp., Wallseye Conc. Corp., and The Brock Corp.,as joint and/or single empl. labor relations violation2005$12,750
Westside Center for Independent Living labor relations violation2019$406,530
Westrum Development Company labor relations violation2008$6,000
WestRock Services, LLCWestRockpaper and packaginglabor relations violation2023$88,306
WESTPORT INN labor relations violation2006$10,000
Westinghouse Electric Corp., Science & Technology CenterBrookfield Corporationdiversifiedlabor relations violation2000$1,630,000
Westinghouse Electric Company, Energy CenterBrookfield Corporationdiversifiedlabor relations violation2010$80,000
Westinghouse Electric Company LLCBrookfield Corporationdiversifiedlabor relations violation2000$207,000
Westin St. FrancisMarriott Internationalhotelslabor relations violation2004$5,000
Westin Rio Mar BeachMarriott Internationalhotelslabor relations violation2004$47,600
Westhampton Free Library labor relations violation2016$25,000
WESTGATE, INC. labor relations violation2002$15,000
Westgate Lakes Resort labor relations violation2003$30,243
Westgate labor relations violation2002$15,000
Westfield Symphony Orchestra labor relations violation2005$15,459
Westfield America, Inc., Westfield America Trust, Westfield Corporation, Inc., Westfield America Limited Partnership etc. d/b/a Belden Village Mall labor relations violation2004$26,276
WestEx, A Yellow Corporation Company labor relations violation2001$23,000
Western Wall Systems, LLC labor relations violation2021$25,958
Western States Envelope Company labor relations violation2016$27,452
Western Sealing & Striping Company, Inc. labor relations violation2003$6,460
Western Reserve Care System - Forum Health labor relations violation2001$104,280
Western Pipeline Construction Corporation labor relations violation2005$6,509
Western Oil Tool Co., Inc. labor relations violation2005$50,000
Western North Carolina Public Radio labor relations violation2019$102,153
Western Mountain Power and Electric Solutions, Inc. labor relations violation2010$8,000
Western Massachusetts Electric CompanyEverSource Energyutilities and power generationlabor relations violation2006$18,647
Western Logistics, Inc. labor relations violation2012$51,746
Western Kentucky Navigation labor relations violation2000$15,000
Western Industries, Inc. d/b/a Chilton Products labor relations violation2005$25,000
Western Golf and Country Club labor relations violation2004$37,741
Western Explosive Systems Company, Inc. d/b/a Wesco labor relations violation2009$26,574
Western Auto labor relations violation2001$35,000
Westermeyer Industries Inc.Mueller Industriesmetalslabor relations violation2018$30,105
Westech/Wotco - Western Oil Tool, Inc. labor relations violation2009$16,205
Westech International, Inc. labor relations violation2008$11,577
Westchester Lace, Inc. labor relations violation2006$400,000
Westchester Iron Works Corp. labor relations violation2007$20,662
Westchester Autoplex, Inc. d/b/a New Rochelle Honda labor relations violation2006$7,250
Westborn Cleaners labor relations violation2006$80,058
Westark Plumbing labor relations violation2023$46,408
West Virginia Steel Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raleigh Mine & Industrial Supply, Inc. labor relations violation2003$7,561
West Valley Nuclear Services Company labor relations violation2001$7,000
West Valley Internal Medicine Associates, LLC labor relations violation2001$6,000
West Valley Construction labor relations violation2005$5,000
West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital labor relations violation2000$6,000
West Seattle Furnace Sales Company, Inc. labor relations violation2006$9,717
West Penn Power Co. & The Potomac Edison Co. d/b/a Alleg. Power & Alleg. Energy Supply Co., LLC, a Single Er, and Their Agt. Alleg. Energy Service Co. labor relations violation2003$30,000
West Pac Electric, Inc. labor relations violation2002$110,892
West Ohio Food Bank, Inc. labor relations violation2016$50,000
West Motor Freight of Pennsylvania labor relations violation2001$15,000
West Jersey Health System labor relations violation2003$31,845
West Jersey Air Conditioning & Heating Company labor relations violation2000$20,000
West Irving Die Casting of Kentucky, Inc. labor relations violation2003$13,678
West Irving Die Cast, Inc. labor relations violation2008$31,671
West German BMW labor relations violation2010$9,000
West German BMW labor relations violation2008$6,000
West Genesee Hotel Association d/b/a Hyatt Regency Hotel labor relations violation2009$10,000
West Gate Vacation Villas labor relations violation2002$22,750
West Fraser labor relations violation2009$9,000
West Dixie Enterprises labor relations violation2004$20,000
West Coast Confections Inc. dba Charlotte's Confections labor relations violation2005$5,000
West Coast Cable labor relations violation2006$20,000
WEST CENTRAL PRODUCE AND WCP SERVICES, INC. a Single Employer labor relations violation2017$25,792
WEST CARROLLTON PARCHMENT COMPANY labor relations violation2003$14,000
West Bloomfield Surgery CenterSurgery Partners serviceslabor relations violation2007$30,816
West Bend Savings Bank labor relations violation2004$18,335
West Babylon Chevrolet Go Corp d/b/a Palanker Chevrolet Inc labor relations violation2003$7,000
West 51st Street, LLC, d/b/a Club Quarters Rockefeller Center labor relations violation2007$30,000
Wesleyan Village labor relations violation2010$135,000
Wesley Home labor relations violation2007$16,000
WESLEY HALL labor relations violation2006$6,500
Weskem, LLC labor relations violation2003$5,770
Wesbar Corporation labor relations violation2001$300,000
Werthan Packaging, Inc. labor relations violation2004$2,104,932
Werthan Packaging, Inc. labor relations violation2001$12,933
WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY labor relations violation2021$33,498
Wendy's New Bakery Company labor relations violation2010$7,485
Wendy's New Bakery labor relations violation2010$101,764
Wendy's New Bakery labor relations violation2010$28,215
WENDELL'S INC. labor relations violation2012$26,298
WELSH EXCAVATION COMPANY, INC. labor relations violation2022$5,606
Welocalize, Inc. labor relations violation2022$99,905
Wells Lamont, Inc.Berkshire Hathawaydiversifiedlabor relations violation2007$40,000
Wells Lamont CorporationBerkshire Hathawaydiversifiedlabor relations violation2009$5,816
Wells Fargo Guard Services labor relations violation2000$5,360
Wells Dairy, Inc. labor relations violation2004$1,200,000
WELLS COUNTY EMS, INC. labor relations violation2009$6,920
Wells Aluminum Corporation, Sidney Division labor relations violation2002$75,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.