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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: National Labor Relations Board
Penalty Total since 2000$1,725,857,793
Number of Records: 14,661
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.$76,037,0003
Honeywell International$40,995,38911
Johnson Controls$35,828,85412
Verizon Communications$26,722,08237
Alpha Metallurgical Resources$23,111,6064
Aptiv PLC$20,300,9405

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent Industry sort iconPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount
American-Siba Management labor relations violation2000$6,756
SIBA Management, Inc. labor relations violation2000$6,756
National Stainless and Alloy, LLC labor relations violation2000$6,518
Alumni Hotel Corporation d/b/a Days Hotel of Southfield labor relations violation2000$250,000
Bri-Car Roofing & Sheet Metal labor relations violation2000$29,211
CROMWELL CREST CONVALESCENT HOME labor relations violation2000$10,000
Ranger Steel Erectors labor relations violation2000$7,168
SUN SHINE PIPING, INC. labor relations violation2000$161,946
Becker Group, Inc., Urethane Division labor relations violation2000$103,153
ROCK CITY MECHANICAL labor relations violation2000$7,000
Harris Yarns, Inc. labor relations violation2000$20,000
Town & Country Plumbing labor relations violation2000$19,500
D.L. TERWILLIGER COMPANY labor relations violation2000$11,541
Time Cap Development Corp. labor relations violation2000$16,457
Windsor Enterprises labor relations violation2000$10,300
Conectiv Services, Inc. labor relations violation2000$8,000
Henry Miller Spring and Manufacturing Company, a Subsidiary of Standard Car Truck Company and/or Standard Car Truck Company labor relations violation2000$869,000
Alumni Hotel d/b/a Ramada Inn and Villa Holding Corp. labor relations violation2000$250,000
Breezemaker Fan Company, Inc. labor relations violation2000$20,830
NORTH GENERAL HOSPITAL labor relations violation2000$30,000
Caraco Pharmaceutical Co. labor relations violation2000$9,526
Gary Coal Sales, Inc. and Gary Enterprises, A Single Employer labor relations violation2000$243,000
Frazier Industrial Company labor relations violation2000$24,681
Black Bear Mining, Inc. labor relations violation2000$23,284
Montfort-Nyman Construction, Ltd., A Limited Liability Company, and Nyman Construction Co. labor relations violation2000$5,000
Contract Carriers labor relations violation2000$27,500
Grand Heritage Clift Hotel labor relations violation2000$25,000
Ablest Inc. labor relations violation2000$23,500
Galloway School Lines, Inc. labor relations violation2000$88,152
Al-Hilal Corporation d/b/a Flint Ice Arena labor relations violation2000$22,608
Northridge Group, Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,587
Victoria Realty LLC/Leemor Management Corp labor relations violation2000$8,000
17017 Blue Realty Corp. labor relations violation2000$250,000
Gunville Trucking, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,000
Good Samaritan Hospital labor relations violation2000$12,000
Lozinak Electric labor relations violation2000$11,500
Kimberly Industries labor relations violation2000$11,085
Skookum Educational Programs labor relations violation2000$5,535
Veje Leather, Inc. labor relations violation2000$20,000
Mercy Community Hospital labor relations violation2000$16,000
Meadowlands Plaza Hotel labor relations violation2000$9,697
Systems Electric & Maintenance and James Tatton d/b/a Electrical Services Company, TESCO Electrical Contractors, Inc., Single Employer and/or Alter labor relations violation2000$7,500
TUWAY AMERICAN GROUP TUWAY PRODUCTS DIVISION labor relations violation2000$19,696
Newark Group, Inc., Recycled Fibers Division labor relations violation2000$5,000
Teamsters Local 1150 labor relations violation2000$12,000
Modern Continental South labor relations violation2000$8,500
Kinsor Management Company labor relations violation2000$6,000
Future Ambulette, Inc. labor relations violation2000$135,000
Bryan Medical Group labor relations violation2000$6,000
West Seattle Psychiatric Hospital labor relations violation2000$6,000
Tech Packaging, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,000
Cox Ohio Publishing labor relations violation2000$50,000
Career Resource Development Center labor relations violation2000$5,000
MEG, a Division of Hirsch Industries labor relations violation2000$5,000
Grace Manor Health Care Facility, Inc. labor relations violation2000$10,588
Pferd Milwaukee Brush labor relations violation2000$5,000
Palko Design & Manufacturing, Inc., Palko Continental of PA, t/a Lancaster Millwork and Palko Continental of Wilkes-Barre, Inc. labor relations violation2000$70,000
Marsden Reproductions labor relations violation2000$63,615
Patrician Skilled Nursing Center labor relations violation2000$14,000
Wire Products Manufacturing Corporation labor relations violation2000$9,772
102-25 68th Avenue Owners Inc., and Kaled Management Corp. labor relations violation2000$8,090
Connell Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Oakwood Terrace Senior Living Center labor relations violation2000$5,200
MPR FLEET SERVICES, INC. labor relations violation2000$20,000
LISN labor relations violation2000$13,000
Health South dba Physicians' Surgery Center labor relations violation2000$80,000
ANR Advance Transportation Company and Bruce Lanser, Esq., Trustee in Bankruptcy labor relations violation2000$63,299
Comprehensive Manufacturing Services, LLC, d/b/a Courion Industries labor relations violation2000$19,679
Calandra's Bakery labor relations violation2000$13,852
Consolidated Stores Corporation labor relations violation2000$6,508
Kasilof Fish Company labor relations violation2000$6,000
Elyria Foundry labor relations violation2000$115,000
Elyria Foundry Company labor relations violation2000$34,239
Elyria Foundry Company labor relations violation2000$26,849
Winpak Portion Packaging labor relations violation2000$15,000
General Sheet Metal Works, Inc. labor relations violation2000$13,200
Quality Interior Systems, Inc. labor relations violation2000$6,000
County Window Cleaning Company labor relations violation2000$20,752
ABC, Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,853
International Longshoremen's Association, Local 1426 labor relations violation2000$100,000
DISTRICT 1199/SEIU - LOCAL 158A, AFL-CIO-CLC labor relations violation2000$6,000
USA Waste, Inc./Harris Sanitation labor relations violation2000$16,998
Electrical & Instrumentation Unlimited Louisiana, Inc. (EIU) labor relations violation2000$14,000
Cowin & Company, Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,640
Richport Mechanical Inc. labor relations violation2000$6,500
Super Value Distribution Center labor relations violation2000$30,000
Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corporation labor relations violation2000$20,219
Visiting Nurse Services of Western Massachusetts, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,249
Van Dyck Furnace Co., Inc. labor relations violation2000$14,040
Jack Jackson, Inc. labor relations violation2000$10,000
West Jersey Air Conditioning & Heating Company labor relations violation2000$20,000
Litteken Acquisitions, Inc. d/b/a Arch Conveying Corporation, Professional Maintenance and Installation labor relations violation2000$12,250
Electrical South, Inc. labor relations violation2000$253,159
Wilcox Painting, Inc. labor relations violation2000$14,000
John C. Groub Co. Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,000
THE FINNEY COMPANY, INC. labor relations violation2000$11,734
Jet Fabricators, Inc. labor relations violation2000$10,984
Tradewinds Construction labor relations violation2000$16,500
Balzer Shopes, Inc. labor relations violation2000$44,893
Ironworkers Local 377, International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Ironworkers, AFL-CIO labor relations violation2000$10,747
Ironworkers Local 377, International Brotherhood of Ironworkers labor relations violation2000$10,747
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.