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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: National Labor Relations Board
Penalty Total since 2000$1,725,857,793
Number of Records: 14,661
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.$76,037,0003
Honeywell International$40,995,38911
Johnson Controls$35,828,85412
Verizon Communications$26,722,08237
Alpha Metallurgical Resources$23,111,6064
Aptiv PLC$20,300,9405

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent Industry sort iconPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount
Indus Holding Co./Cypress Manufacturing labor relations violation2019$74,319
Vancouver Specialty and Rehabilitative Care labor relations violation2019$12,211
Silverstar Delivery LTD labor relations violation2019$14,341
Clay County Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a Endeavor Communications labor relations violation2019$77,119
East Memphis Anesthesia Service, PLC labor relations violation2019$48,000
Michael Stapleton Associates, LTD d/b/a MSA Security labor relations violation2019$9,916
THE DUPPS CO. labor relations violation2019$40,000
Providence Hospice & Home Care of Snohomish County labor relations violation2019$8,304
Sammi Beauty Global, Inc. labor relations violation2019$107,597
Boze Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center, LLC labor relations violation2019$5,000
Ehrlich Toyota labor relations violation2019$20,000
Marin General Hospital labor relations violation2019$17,112
SALMON HEALTH AND RETIREMENT, Inc. labor relations violation2019$17,000
SMS Shredding, LLC labor relations violation2019$19,818
Blackstair Capital, LLC labor relations violation2019$21,000
Hercules Fire Protection and Plumbing, LLC labor relations violation2019$9,915
Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center of Westbury labor relations violation2019$350,000
The Stutz Company labor relations violation2019$10,259
All Current Electric, LLC labor relations violation2019$26,500
American Standard Companies Inc., American Standard Inc., d/b/a American Standard labor relations violation2019$4,719,128
Senior Living Communities, LLC, and Litchfield Retirement, LLC, a single employer, and Live Long Wel labor relations violation2019$14,180
Prestige Drywall Co., Inc. and Andrei's Drywall, LLC, Joint and/or Single Employers labor relations violation2019$6,468
County Concrete Corporation labor relations violation2019$14,731
Personal Administrators, Inc. labor relations violation2019$15,000
Service Employees International Union labor relations violation2019$14,202
Edgebrook Dermatology, PC labor relations violation2019$23,320
Royal Waste Services, Inc. labor relations violation2019$52,500
Meadows Mennonite Retirement Community labor relations violation2019$11,065
Silverstone Property Group, LLC, 62-60 99th Street Owner II LLC, and California Crown Energy Service labor relations violation2019$100,000
Urgo Hotels d/b/a Hilton Garden Inn labor relations violation2019$23,498
Urgo Hotels d/b/a Hilton Garden Inn labor relations violation2019$28,195
Wildfire Defense Systems, Inc. labor relations violation2019$28,000
JG Restaurant Ventures, LLC d/b/a Big Louie's Pizza labor relations violation2019$26,500
National Radio Astronomy Observatory labor relations violation2019$35,000
KNOLLWOOD COUNTRY CLUB labor relations violation2019$272,608
Veteran Ability LLC labor relations violation2019$20,482
Anthony & Associates, Inc. labor relations violation2019$31,458
Coastal Industries Inc.,d/b/a Coastal Shower Doors labor relations violation2019$7,976
Yordy Transport, LLC labor relations violation2019$15,500
Zero Waste Solutions, Inc. labor relations violation2019$43,605
City Communications, Corp. labor relations violation2019$15,000
Juice Press, LLC labor relations violation2019$58,150
PURE ENERGY COAL, LLC labor relations violation2019$37,000
BARDO labor relations violation2019$15,256
GLOBE INDUSTRIES LLC labor relations violation2019$74,228
MENOMONIE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS, LLC labor relations violation2019$20,000
New Hudson Facades labor relations violation2019$198,500
Cooper Power Systems by Eaton labor relations violation2019$44,837
Brahma Masonry Construction, Inc. labor relations violation2019$8,304
Mars Retail Group LLC d/b/a M&M's World Las Vegas labor relations violation2019$12,888
The Sunrise Set, LLC labor relations violation2019$10,072
Triple A Supply d/b/a Pinnacle Dietary Services at Wedgewood labor relations violation2019$10,952
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield LLC labor relations violation2019$10,403
Cruise America, Inc. labor relations violation2019$10,000
Dixie Electric Membership Corporation labor relations violation2019$14,524
Ashford Presbyterian Community Hospital labor relations violation2019$183,600
Brooks Range Contract Services, Inc., and its successor, DL Facilities Support Services, Joint Ventu labor relations violation2019$12,638
MOBIS ALABAMA, LLC labor relations violation2019$26,992
MOBIS ALABAMA, LLC labor relations violation2019$27,041
MOBIS ALABAMA, LLC labor relations violation2019$19,507
Kirwan Heights Volunteer Firemen's Association EMS labor relations violation2019$10,000
America Ambulance Service, Inc. labor relations violation2019$11,248
Brevard Achievement Center, Inc. labor relations violation2019$18,000
NP Sunset LLC d/b/a Sunset Station Hotel Casino labor relations violation2019$12,948
RBK II, Inc. labor relations violation2019$8,775
CARNEGIE LINEN SERVICES, INC. labor relations violation2019$5,852
CARNEGIE LINEN SERVICES, INC. labor relations violation2019$37,466
E Source Companies, LLC labor relations violation2019$450,000
Affordable Fire Protection labor relations violation2019$6,500
Lanetix, Inc. labor relations violation2019$775,000
M & J Bus, Inc. labor relations violation2019$15,523
General Grocery Warehouse Co. d/b/a General Grocery Warehouse & Dairy Division labor relations violation2019$130,000
Rowab Enterprise, LTD. d/b/a Carnegie Deli labor relations violation2019$151,155
Trade Off, LLC and Humphrey Rich Construction Group, Inc. (as joint employers) labor relations violation2019$16,500
2446 Food Service Corp. d/b/a McDonald's located at 946 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019 & McDonald's labor relations violation2019$16,000
Accurate Printers, Inc. and Comunicadores Graficos, Inc. d/b/a CG Printing labor relations violation2019$65,146
Durham School Services labor relations violation2019$21,110
American Postal Workers Union Denver Metro Area Local 229 (USPS) labor relations violation2019$6,593
Viron International, Inc. labor relations violation2019$34,633
Bunting Bearings, LLC labor relations violation2019$18,946
VendTech Enterprises LLC labor relations violation2019$5,075
Dr. Arthur Turovets c/o Nuvo health and Wellness/ NJ Diet labor relations violation2019$6,204
Globus Management Group, LLC labor relations violation2019$8,827
Veritas Health Services, Inc. d/b/a Chino Valley Medical Center labor relations violation2019$65,888
Gardner Denver Thomas and Collier Investments, Inc. d/b/a Manpower, joint employers labor relations violation2019$18,500
Aegis Senior Communities, LLC labor relations violation2019$53,451
Common Ground labor relations violation2019$36,069
Shore Point Distributing Company, Inc. labor relations violation2019$12,320
Cayuga Medical Center at Ithaca, Inc. labor relations violation2019$8,604
FDR Services Corp. of New York labor relations violation2019$27,212
FreedomRoads, LLC and Arizona RV Centers, LLC, Joint Employers labor relations violation2019$16,309
Pacifica Hospital of the Valley Corp. labor relations violation2019$6,005
Pei Wei Asian Diner, LLC labor relations violation2019$14,000
Platinum Amenity Services LTD labor relations violation2019$7,173
Blue Apron, Inc. labor relations violation2019$11,517
Colonial Metals Co. labor relations violation2019$43,206
Newcomb's Service, Inc. d/b/a Newcombs Auto Sales labor relations violation2019$18,000
Veracare Brentwood, LLC d/b/a Veracare Burbank labor relations violation2019$9,538
Mattress Factory labor relations violation2019$15,000
Universal Security, Inc. labor relations violation2019$21,400
Joerns Healthcare, LLC labor relations violation2019$38,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.