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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Penalty Total since 2000$3,314,832,441
Number of Records: 222,538
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Marathon Petroleum$40,043,99658
Dollar General$28,615,849244
Wells Fargo$28,003,5006
Dollar Tree$23,847,602377
Louis Dreyfus$12,139,2657
Berkshire Hathaway$6,210,160350
United Parcel Service$4,094,037192
Goodyear Tire & Rubber$4,019,24997
Ashley Furniture$3,647,27218

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYear sort iconPenalty Amount
Community Health Center of Richmond, Inc. workplace whistleblower retaliation2024$195,000
NORTH EAST BUILDERS ROOFING CO, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$8,987
RMVK ENTERPRISE, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$6,452
CONDOR RENOVATIONS LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$7,260
K&R MECHANICAL SERVICES, L.L.C. workplace safety or health violation2024$11,292
JPE CONSTRUCTION OF ALABAMA, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$17,388
OSCAR CONTRACTING LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$18,750
WALMART SUPERCENTERWalmartretailingworkplace safety or health violation2024$12,600
PETSMARTBC Partnersprivate equity (including portfolio companies)workplace safety or health violation2024$8,850
NORTH GEORGIA GRADING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$163,246
BOROUGH OF EAST RUTHERFORD DEPARTMENT OF SEWER UTILITY workplace safety or health violation2024$74,700
E P CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$41,712
MILLER PIPELINE CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2024$5,288
D. F. PRAY, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$7,600
BOROUGH OF CLAYTON DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS workplace safety or health violation2024$17,850
NOEL HUERTA CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2024$8,296
JOHNAN AMERICA INC workplace safety or health violation2024$7,200
SILVER CREEK MACHINE LTD workplace safety or health violation2024$5,521
RINDLER POULTRY , LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$22,584
BRILLIANT ELECTRIC SIGN CO., LTD. workplace safety or health violation2024$6,857
CLD CONTRACTORS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$15,809
SUAREZ FRAMING workplace safety or health violation2024$6,000
PALL CORPORATIONDanahermiscellaneous manufacturingworkplace safety or health violation2024$9,679
RUBEN MURILLO III workplace safety or health violation2024$5,000
SOTERO PEREZ workplace safety or health violation2024$5,000
CABELA'SBass Proretailingworkplace safety or health violation2024$14,734
VICENTE'S LIQUORS & TROPICAL GROCERY, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$20,972
LAKE COUNTRY DAIRY, INC workplace safety or health violation2024$7,052
MDH INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$43,977
A&X CARPENTRY INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$11,061
PENINSULA FAMILY DENTAL CENTER workplace safety or health violation2024$18,752
MATTHEWS INTERNATIONAL CORP.Matthews International Corp.miscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2024$9,600
WELCH PACKAGING GROUP INC workplace safety or health violation2024$5,600
COLF CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2024$6,000
JOAQUIN ROBLES workplace safety or health violation2024$6,913
ATLAS INDUSTRIAL ELECTRIC CO workplace safety or health violation2024$29,036
TEXAS MATERIALS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$19,013
CORROSION AND HIGH-TEMP METALS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$6,452
NOMBACH COMPANY, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$7,100
PEPSI BEVERAGES COMPANYPepsiCofood productsworkplace safety or health violation2024$11,524
GRABER & SONS CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$95,320
B & B ROOFING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$16,000
CAESARS CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$92,185
JOEL ZAVALA GARCIA CORNICERO workplace safety or health violation2024$9,954
CARLOS ALDONA FIADORA workplace safety or health violation2024$8,987
THE HONESDALE NATIONAL BANK workplace safety or health violation2024$7,250
MARCOS SOSA workplace safety or health violation2024$6,222
IVAN GARCIA workplace safety or health violation2024$9,376
ENRIQUE MEDINA workplace safety or health violation2024$6,000
FORD SPRAYING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$19,255
UNION WOODWORKS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$5,760
IMI TENNESSEE, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$7,650
BARNACLE LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$7,589
QUALITY INSTALLATIONS ASSOCIATES INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$7,500
RENE SIERRA workplace safety or health violation2024$6,697
PROSOLAR SYSTEMS, LLC. workplace safety or health violation2024$8,643
B&I MASONRY INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$12,904
MARVIN MILLER CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2024$6,697
METRO MANUFACTURING INC workplace safety or health violation2024$12,950
REXEL USARexelwholesalersworkplace safety or health violation2024$10,775
HOLLOWAY HOUSTON, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$15,868
ACEROS GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CORP. workplace safety or health violation2024$11,602
SKILLED GENERAL CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$10,646
GERRITY'S SUPERMARKETS workplace safety or health violation2024$11,753
JUNCTION STATION LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$10,500
THYSSENKRUPP MATERIALS NA INC.ThyssenKruppdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2024$6,913
TWIN LAKE CRANBERRY CO., LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$48,402
CONTAINER GRAPHICS CORP workplace safety or health violation2024$5,877
FILOMENO ROOFING LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$8,710
SCHIEFFER SIGNS workplace safety or health violation2024$7,200
D&M CONSTRUCTION ETC, PLLC workplace safety or health violation2024$24,336
ENRIQUE SANCHEZ workplace safety or health violation2024$22,055
ROBERTO URENA MARQUEZ workplace safety or health violation2024$6,200
HP CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2024$6,000
SAMUEL, SON & COMPANY (USA) INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$15,260
JX CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2024$11,034
RYDER TRUCK RENTAL, INC.Ryder Systemfreight and logisticsworkplace safety or health violation2024$10,000
JOSE ALFARO MASONRY LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$33,462
W. FLORES FRAMING, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$10,000
BAMFORD FIRE SPRINKLER CO., INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$11,292
JUAN PEREZ workplace safety or health violation2024$9,678
ISRAEL GONZALEZ workplace safety or health violation2024$8,295
ARMANDO SALAS workplace safety or health violation2024$6,222
MEDLINE INDUSTRIES, INC.Medline Industriesmedical equipment and suppliesworkplace safety or health violation2024$16,131
RAFAEL LOPEZ workplace safety or health violation2024$5,530
RAVELING COMPANIES, LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$17,517
GRAPHIC PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL, LLCGraphic Packagingpaper and packagingworkplace safety or health violation2024$5,000
PACKAGE DESIGN & SUPPLY CO INC workplace safety or health violation2024$17,827
EXCEL CONSTRUCTORS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$6,775
ADAMS WAREHOUSE & DELIVERY, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$10,488
NEBRASKA FURNITURE MARTBerkshire Hathawaydiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2024$9,679
SIMLOG SOLUTIONS, LLC. workplace safety or health violation2024$6,775
TIMMERMAN FINISHING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$16,400
WAL-MART STORES EAST, LP (DELAWARE)Walmartretailingworkplace safety or health violation2024$7,835
WILLIAMS FORM ENGINEERING CORP. workplace safety or health violation2024$17,400
ALDO'S INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$5,544
NEMORIO BARRON workplace safety or health violation2024$7,604
CARMONA'S CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LLC workplace safety or health violation2024$45,631
JOSE AMOZ workplace safety or health violation2024$5,056
SABINO CADENA workplace safety or health violation2024$12,443
BIG BUNNY MARKET, INC. workplace safety or health violation2024$29,036
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.