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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Penalty Total since 2000$2,940,749,025
Number of Records: 200,888
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Marathon Petroleum$39,882,73852
Wells Fargo$28,003,5006
Dollar Tree$18,961,157302
Dollar General$12,568,017142
Louis Dreyfus$12,139,2657
Berkshire Hathaway$5,767,667319
Goodyear Tire & Rubber$3,644,49485
Ashley Furniture$3,623,38716
Industrias CH$3,341,42847

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense Type sort icon . YearPenalty Amount
BIG HUMBERTO'S TREE SERVICE workplace safety or health violation2003$10,900
E. L. REALTY workplace safety or health violation2003$5,000
A & C LANDSCAPING,INC AKA A & C CONSTRUCTION INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$70,800
CROWN CORK & SEAL COMPANY (USA), INC.Crown Holdings Inc.paper and packagingworkplace safety or health violation2003$10,980
ST.OF CA. METROPOLITAN STATE HOSPITAL workplace safety or health violation2003$6,200
ST.OF CA. METROPOLITAN STATE HOSPITAL workplace safety or health violation2003$6,000
KMART CORPORATIONSearsretailingworkplace safety or health violation2003$5,900
L.A. CO. MTA workplace safety or health violation2003$5,560
M D STAINLESS SERVICES INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$7,900
LOS ALTOS FOOD PRODUCTS INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$7,500
GREGG INDUSTRIES workplace safety or health violation2003$8,700
NATIONAL READY MIXED SERVICES DBA UNITED HAULING workplace safety or health violation2003$18,000
MONARCH LITHO INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$22,750
SMURFIT NEWSPRINT CORP.WestRockpaper and packagingworkplace safety or health violation2003$18,150
DAVIS WIRE CO.Heico Companiesdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2003$21,510
NFU ELECTRICAL INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$21,200
CLASSIC DISTRIBUTING AND BEVERAGE GROUP INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$5,000
STRUCTURAL MATERIALS CO. workplace safety or health violation2003$7,300
CARLTON FORGE WORKSBerkshire Hathawaydiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2003$18,000
RENAISSANCE RESTORATION OF SAN DIEGO INC workplace safety or health violation2003$31,150
A-MARK ROOFING INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$12,930
VENUS FOODS INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$15,125
COAST ALUMINUM & ARCHITECTURAL INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$19,800
SMURFIT NEWSPRINT CORP.WestRockpaper and packagingworkplace safety or health violation2004$6,000
SOUTHERN CAL GAS CO. workplace safety or health violation2004$5,000
ACE FENCE CO. workplace safety or health violation2004$8,300
CITRUS VALLEY INTERCOMMUNITY HOSPITAL workplace safety or health violation2004$7,495
DAVIS WIRE CORPORATIONHeico Companiesdiversifiedworkplace safety or health violation2004$8,790
LA LANTERNE BAKERY workplace safety or health violation2004$10,930
ITW/CIP STAMPINGSIllinois Tool Worksindustrial equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2004$18,000
UNITED STEEL AND METALS workplace safety or health violation2004$13,500
HEHR GLASS CO. workplace safety or health violation2004$6,750
SASSAN GEOSCIENCES INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$6,300
EL MONTE ALLOYS workplace safety or health violation2004$10,800
PRESS FORGE CO. workplace safety or health violation2004$16,440
SUPERIOR MASONARY workplace safety or health violation2004$7,495
NESA workplace safety or health violation2004$6,025
SUNRISE INDUSTRIES INC DBA POMONA VALLEY RECYCLING workplace safety or health violation2004$17,175
ROBINSONS MAY workplace safety or health violation2004$6,750
FIRST CLASS CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT, INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$9,530
CITRUS VALLEY HEALTH PARTNERS QUEEN OF THE VALLEY workplace safety or health violation2004$6,120
GREGG INDUSTRIES INC workplace safety or health violation2004$26,790
OLDCASTLE GLASS GROUPCRH PLCbuilding materialsworkplace safety or health violation2004$18,750
ALERT INSULATION CO. workplace safety or health violation2004$7,275
ADMIRAL TRANSPORTATION workplace safety or health violation2004$5,535
MARVIN MIRELES workplace safety or health violation2004$12,280
SO. CALIFORNIA EDISON workplace safety or health violation2004$20,120
RAINBIRD SPRINKLER CORP workplace safety or health violation2004$23,000
GREGG INDUSTRIES INC workplace safety or health violation2004$18,665
U.S. AMC CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2004$17,600
VOLT TEMPORARY SERVICES workplace safety or health violation2004$5,000
FIRESTONE TIRE & SERVICE CENTER workplace safety or health violation2004$5,850
N B M CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2004$5,625
C & F FOODS workplace safety or health violation2004$17,100
PERSPECTIVE LANDSCAPING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$8,365
JUAN RENE GARCIA workplace safety or health violation2004$5,400
OFFICE DEPOT, CROSSDOCK #3061ODP Corporationretailingworkplace safety or health violation2004$5,560
FIRST CLASS CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2004$11,105
C.A.S CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2004$23,690
L & J CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2004$5,245
A & M ENGINEERING INC workplace safety or health violation2004$19,675
MOTOR CARGO workplace safety or health violation2004$24,370
M C CONSTRUCTION CO workplace safety or health violation2004$10,930
TOTAL SYSTEMS GROUP workplace safety or health violation2004$6,300
IN-N-OUT BURGER workplace safety or health violation2004$25,540
HEPPNER HARDWOODS INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$7,235
CALIFORNIA STEEL & TUBE workplace safety or health violation2004$5,850
ROYAL TRUCK BODY workplace safety or health violation2004$9,360
POPA ROOFING, INC., DBA, WESTERN ROOFING SYSTEMS workplace safety or health violation2004$20,750
CST ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$20,970
QUEMETCO, INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$6,750
INDALEX WEST INC workplace safety or health violation2004$5,845
MERLOS PRE-CAST PRODUCTS workplace safety or health violation2004$5,620
OK MARINE COOLING SYSTEM ELECTRICAL SEREVICE workplace safety or health violation2004$10,800
INNOVATIVE CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2004$12,140
SUNSHINE PLASTICS CORP workplace safety or health violation2004$6,480
ROYAL SOAP AND CHEMICAL CO. INC workplace safety or health violation2004$17,380
HUBBELL LIGHTING, INC., DBA, KIM LIGHTINGHubbellelectrical and electronic equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2004$22,030
SUPREMA MILLING INC workplace safety or health violation2005$19,005
RONFORD PRODUCTS workplace safety or health violation2005$15,885
CUSTOM FOOD PRODUCTS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$22,500
LOS ANGELES LIGHTING MFG CO. workplace safety or health violation2005$20,990
BAKE MARK workplace safety or health violation2005$5,700
C.A.BUCHEN CORP. workplace safety or health violation2005$6,300
CALIBRE INTERNATIONAL LLC workplace safety or health violation2005$9,000
SUNRISE INDUSTRIES INC DBA POMONA VALLEY RECYCLING workplace safety or health violation2005$19,500
ADMIRAL TRANSPORTATION workplace safety or health violation2005$19,000
GILBERT COMPANIES workplace safety or health violation2005$25,380
PIONEER TRADING INC., DBA, OMNI FOODS MANUFACTURER workplace safety or health violation2005$8,600
SILAO TORTILLERIA, INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$14,835
CIRCUIT CITY workplace safety or health violation2005$8,775
DIANA'S MEXICAN FOOD workplace safety or health violation2005$21,000
INDUSTRY COLOR PRINTING,INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$6,050
STATER BROTHERSStater Bros. Holdingsretailingworkplace safety or health violation2005$18,485
ROLLINS NARROW FABRIC INC workplace safety or health violation2005$5,800
G & G ROLL-OFF SERVICES workplace safety or health violation2005$8,150
ALFONSO HERNANDEZ workplace safety or health violation2005$14,505
GABRIEL CONTAINER CO workplace safety or health violation2005$16,200
BAKE MARK INGREDIENTS (WEST) INC workplace safety or health violation2005$5,000
CAL SPAS workplace safety or health violation2005$8,850
D&S CONSTRUCTION CO DBA HECTOR R. TAVERNA workplace safety or health violation2005$6,955
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.