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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Penalty Total since 2000$3,314,832,441
Number of Records: 222,538
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Marathon Petroleum$40,043,99658
Dollar General$28,615,849244
Wells Fargo$28,003,5006
Dollar Tree$23,847,602377
Louis Dreyfus$12,139,2657
Berkshire Hathaway$6,210,160350
United Parcel Service$4,094,037192
Goodyear Tire & Rubber$4,019,24997
Ashley Furniture$3,647,27218

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense Type sort iconYearPenalty Amount
FLOOR SHOP.VCOM workplace safety or health violation2002$10,905
TERRY LUMBER workplace safety or health violation2002$18,000
RODEO FARMS workplace safety or health violation2003$9,595
VENTURA COASTAL CORP. workplace safety or health violation2002$18,000
DON PEARSON ENTERPRISES workplace safety or health violation2001$13,150
HOME DEPOT #612Home Depotretailingworkplace safety or health violation2001$12,000
PHARMAVITE CORPOtsuka Pharmaceuticalpharmaceuticalsworkplace safety or health violation2001$18,300
L & S CARPET workplace safety or health violation2001$5,615
TRI-VALLEY MECHANICAL, INC. workplace safety or health violation2001$5,240
XTRA PERSONNEL SERVICES workplace safety or health violation2002$5,060
WESLAR INC. workplace safety or health violation2002$7,650
ALDERMAN CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2003$12,710
KING HENRY'S INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$19,065
ALCASTCO workplace safety or health violation2001$30,600
AMBITECH INC. workplace safety or health violation2002$6,690
SEMI TROPIC WATER STORAGE DIST. workplace safety or health violation2005$8,020
MARFRED INDUSTRIES workplace safety or health violation2002$21,250
HERNANDEZ LABOR INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$7,335
D & D WELDING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$14,625
SOUTHERN CA EDISON workplace safety or health violation2003$5,000
RKM FRAMING CORP. workplace safety or health violation2002$21,250
MAC ELECTRIC INC. workplace safety or health violation2002$11,755
GOLAB CONSTRUCTION COMPANY workplace safety or health violation2001$9,445
SECURITAS SECURITY SERVICES INCSecuritasbusiness servicesworkplace safety or health violation2009$18,750
EXETER-IVANHOE CITRUS ASSOCIATION workplace safety or health violation2010$5,060
FAMOSO NUT COMPANY, LLC workplace safety or health violation2010$15,120
VMJ PRO SERVICES workplace safety or health violation2009$18,000
SETTON PISTACHIO, INC. workplace safety or health violation2009$18,975
SETTON PISTACHIO OF TERRA BELLA, INC. workplace safety or health violation2009$18,720
BILL NELSON GENERAL ENGINEERING workplace safety or health violation2009$16,300
EUCLID/SUN PACIFIC PACKING workplace safety or health violation2009$5,400
HALL AG ENTERPRISES INC workplace safety or health violation2008$18,000
CHAMLIAN ENTERPRISES INC workplace safety or health violation2008$30,325
CHAMLIAN ENTERPRISES INC workplace safety or health violation2008$42,000
SURE SET workplace safety or health violation2008$13,950
FRESNO VALVES & CASTING workplace safety or health violation2007$18,000
TRICON GROUP workplace safety or health violation2003$5,060
K-MART #4240Searsretailingworkplace safety or health violation2002$6,750
MOUNTASIA OF SANTA CLARITA, LP. workplace safety or health violation2002$5,145
ZACHA CONSTRUCTION INC. workplace safety or health violation2004$5,300
CHIQUITA CANYON LAND FILL workplace safety or health violation2003$5,000
SUPERIOR INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL - CALIFORNIA, IN workplace safety or health violation2002$19,240
RIO BRAVO TOMATO COMPANY workplace safety or health violation2002$5,000
LORTZ MANUFACTURING CO. workplace safety or health violation2002$16,200
OIL WELL SERVICE CO. workplace safety or health violation2002$5,060
KWH PIPE CALIFORNIA CORP. workplace safety or health violation2002$12,600
PACIFIC INSPECTION workplace safety or health violation2002$18,560
GOLDEN STATE DRILLING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$18,000
WEST COAST CASING SERVICE workplace safety or health violation2003$10,885
SOUTHWEST CONTRACTORS workplace safety or health violation2003$16,200
H & B EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$12,600
SOUTHWEST CONTRACTORS workplace safety or health violation2003$16,200
GFC CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2003$6,275
ALINA FARMS CORP. workplace safety or health violation2003$16,145
BIDART BROS. workplace safety or health violation2003$8,100
TRI COUNTY GRADING & PAVING workplace safety or health violation2007$14,400
LEPRINO FOODSLeprino Foodsfood productsworkplace safety or health violation2007$18,000
PIONEER CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2007$6,875
JOHN BIRDSELL CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2007$24,275
DONALD P DICK AIR CONDITIONING workplace safety or health violation2008$16,200
STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATORS INC. workplace safety or health violation2005$7,955
VERMAX INC workplace safety or health violation2005$24,800
PAYLESS FOOD workplace safety or health violation2005$25,625
HUFF LUMBER workplace safety or health violation2006$12,300
DEL VALLE, KAHMAN & COMPANY workplace safety or health violation2006$5,700
PIGMA SCIENTIFIC workplace safety or health violation2007$6,400
CITRUS COMMUNITY COLLEGE-COFFEE SHOP/CAFETERIA workplace safety or health violation2007$5,810
HANSON STRUCTURAL PRECASTQuikretebuilding materialsworkplace safety or health violation2006$6,500
KAISER PERMANENTE CAPITAL PROJECTSKaiser Permanentehealthcare servicesworkplace safety or health violation2008$5,625
SSK PRODUCE INC workplace safety or health violation2008$6,185
BKB CONSTRUCTION LP workplace safety or health violation2007$6,175
ADVANCE ENERGY CONTRACTORS INC workplace safety or health violation2007$7,500
ALAN SILVERSTEIN INC workplace safety or health violation2007$16,175
WARNER BROS TELEVISION "THE CLOSER"Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.mediaworkplace safety or health violation2007$5,810
RICHILL STEEL CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2007$13,850
E&S PRIME BUILDERS INC workplace safety or health violation2006$12,065
3 D DELIVERY workplace safety or health violation2007$5,000
AMERICAN APPAREL DYEING AND FINISHING INC. workplace safety or health violation2007$35,185
MEJIA GENERAL CONSTRUCTION INC. workplace safety or health violation2007$11,800
ROOSEVELT HOTEL workplace safety or health violation2007$9,650
DAE WON FOOD USA INC workplace safety or health violation2007$7,925
BAY CITIES TIN SHOP INC DBA BAY CITIES METAL PROD workplace safety or health violation2008$6,320
JOHN P BYRNE CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2009$7,300
LSG SKY CHEFSLufthansaairlinesworkplace safety or health violation2006$18,600
CEDAR SIGNATURE HOMES workplace safety or health violation2007$5,000
SMART WINDOW CLEANING workplace safety or health violation2006$7,795
URBAN BUILDERS INC workplace safety or health violation2006$22,300
BRUTOCO ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION INC workplace safety or health violation2006$7,500
CARNIG SARKISSIAN DBA CAS CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2006$6,575
THE TONIGHT SHOW workplace safety or health violation2007$7,060
NT2 PRODUCTIONS workplace safety or health violation2007$26,400
DMC DESIGNED METAL CONNECTIONS workplace safety or health violation2007$7,085
WHOLE FOODS MARKET INCAmazon.comretailingworkplace safety or health violation2007$19,120
SMMUSD SANTA MONICA HIGH workplace safety or health violation2007$18,500
BEN NYE CO INC workplace safety or health violation2006$6,150
UNLIMITED METALS INC UMI workplace safety or health violation2006$29,070
LAUSD GARDENA BUS GARAGE workplace safety or health violation2012$19,140
DIAL BUILDING SERVICES workplace safety or health violation2003$24,570
KMP ENTERPRISES DBA POWELL ELECTRIC workplace safety or health violation2003$5,725
TRIUMPH CONSTRUCTION INC workplace safety or health violation2003$6,500
JOHN CRAVENS PLASTERING INC. workplace safety or health violation2003$5,225
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.