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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Penalty Total since 2000$3,028,855,865
Number of Records: 205,965
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Marathon Petroleum$39,882,73852
Wells Fargo$28,003,5006
Dollar Tree$21,055,208320
Dollar General$16,417,655165
Louis Dreyfus$12,139,2657
Berkshire Hathaway$5,866,292325
Goodyear Tire & Rubber$3,670,03690
Ashley Furniture$3,623,38716
Industrias CH$3,416,72048

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYear sort icon . Penalty Amount
MR. BULT'S INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$12,430
JAMES NERI workplace safety or health violation2022$9,945
VAIL INDUSTRIES, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$40,027
VISUAL PAK COMPANIES DBA AMERICAN BLENDING & FILLING workplace safety or health violation2022$37,755
BAKER INTERIOR SYSTEMS INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$10,000
PROFESSIONAL STONE KITCHEN AND BATH CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2022$18,128
NCI GROUP, INC.Clayton Dubilier & Riceprivate equity (including portfolio companies)workplace safety or health violation2022$40,607
AUTOZONE, INC.AutoZoneretailingworkplace safety or health violation2022$5,060
PGS USA, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$16,026
MALACE INTERNATIONAL, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$6,527
ATW workplace safety or health violation2022$18,646
TREE HOUSE workplace safety or health violation2022$6,630
TOTAL AIR SUPPLY, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$18,855
J. DANIEL CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$8,081
CNS ELECTRIC LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$13,055
JOSE RODRIGUEZ workplace safety or health violation2022$7,459
WESTERN INDUSTRIES PLASTIC PRODUCTS, LLC. workplace safety or health violation2022$10,877
CURALEAF NORTH SHORE, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$8,872
BOYD CORPORATIONGoldman Sachsfinancial servicesworkplace safety or health violation2022$14,917
NEW WEST PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$6,595
PROGRESS RAIL SERVICES, INC.Caterpillar Inc.heavy equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2022$14,502
WILTON BRANDS LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$6,216
GREENE LUMBER CO LP workplace safety or health violation2022$6,091
ABH ENTERPRISES, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$5,177
ENVIRONMENTAL ABATEMENT, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$7,500
NATIONWIDE TRUCK BROKERS INC DBA NTB TRUCKING workplace safety or health violation2022$7,700
SANITATION SOLUTIONS PLUS, LLC. workplace safety or health violation2022$11,189
DOKA USA LTD workplace safety or health violation2022$59,458
SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIESSierra Pacific Industriesbuilding materialsworkplace safety or health violation2022$18,000
MAJESTIC OPERATIONS LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$5,100
EAST COAST FRESH, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$5,100
GALICIA CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2022$5,566
KAISER ALUMINUM FABRICATED PRODUCTS, LLCKaiser Aluminummetalsworkplace safety or health violation2022$8,050
UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL SERVICES GROUP LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$32,000
THE SHYFT GROUP DURAMAG LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$10,360
OLSON FABRICATION, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$6,090
ALL AMERICAN ALLOYS AND RECYCLING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$45,249
NEWVIEW CONSTRUCTION MASONRY LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$16,782
JOSE LUIS VASQUEZ workplace safety or health violation2022$10,567
DUNBARTON CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2022$11,188
XM CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$16,757
FEDERAL EXPRESS CORPORATIONFedExfreight and logisticsworkplace safety or health violation2022$26,000
OFFSHORE ENERGY SERVICES, L.L.C. workplace safety or health violation2022$6,216
LAND PRIDE - KIPP PLANT workplace safety or health violation2022$10,360
NABHOLZ CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2022$5,180
SER CONSTRUCTION PARTNERS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$10,360
KERN LABOR CONTRACTING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$16,200
INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$33,283
THE MCINTYRE COMPANY workplace safety or health violation2022$5,100
AFFLUENT STAFFING, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$15,200
AMPCO CONTRACTING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$16,950
RCHO CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$6,500
TALBERT MANUFACTURING INC workplace safety or health violation2022$19,800
SOUTHEASTERN FREIGHT LINES INC workplace safety or health violation2022$12,600
ALL WEATHER CONTRACTORS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$10,000
T.J. MAXXTJXretailingworkplace safety or health violation2022$11,187
GLS MASONRY, INC workplace safety or health violation2022$5,470
TRELLEBORG WHEEL SYSTEMS AMERICAS, INC.Trelleborgchemicalsworkplace safety or health violation2022$23,315
WALMART INC.Walmartretailingworkplace safety or health violation2022$12,431
SAUL CRUZ workplace safety or health violation2022$7,458
SALVADOR GARCIA SANCHEZ workplace safety or health violation2022$6,378
JUAN MARTINEZ workplace safety or health violation2022$7,457
ALFONSO VALLEJOS workplace safety or health violation2022$8,702
STEEL PAINTERS LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$13,052
JOHNSON MATTHEY, INC.Johnson Mattheymetalsworkplace safety or health violation2022$12,432
GUTIERREZ CONSTRUCTION COMPANY L.P. workplace safety or health violation2022$14,358
YF LOGISTICS LLC. workplace safety or health violation2022$35,000
HOKUTO USA INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$29,440
B AVILA HOME IMPROVEMENTS CORP workplace safety or health violation2022$8,000
COOPER CROUSE-HINDS, LLCEatonindustrial equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2022$14,357
BARKER WIRE PRODUCTS workplace safety or health violation2022$8,500
KINZE MANUFACTURING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$20,000
FALCONY'S HOME REMODELING INC workplace safety or health violation2022$36,692
OLSON FABRICATION, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$66,713
J E MOORE LUMBER CO workplace safety or health violation2022$27,020
FIESTA MART LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$580,108
BEAUTY ELITE GROUP, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$5,100
COOPER TIRE & RUBBER COMPANYGoodyear Tire & Rubberautomotive partsworkplace safety or health violation2022$11,396
DOLLAR TREE STORES, INC.Dollar Treeretailingworkplace safety or health violation2022$95,712
MODULAR HOME ERECTORS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$15,953
STURGEON ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC.MYR Groupconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2022$26,933
U HAUL COMPANY OF COASTAL CONNECTICUT workplace safety or health violation2022$14,916
AES RESTAURANT GROUP LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$9,510
TERRY MILAM workplace safety or health violation2022$7,458
ASSOCIATED SPRING - BARNES GROUP, INC.Barnes Groupaerospace and military contractingworkplace safety or health violation2022$9,790
ADLER TREE SERVICE, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$14,711
S.L. CHASSE WELDING & FABRICATING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$5,076
ZOOK MOLASSES COMPANY workplace safety or health violation2022$11,312
WICO METAL PRODUCTS workplace safety or health violation2022$6,000
SARE PLASTICS workplace safety or health violation2022$8,700
ESCOBAR RESTAURANT AND TAPAS LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$20,667
CLIFF'S TRUCKING INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$14,502
GEORGE SANCHEZ workplace safety or health violation2022$8,702
MADERA FRAMING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$18,900
OSCAR FERRATA workplace safety or health violation2022$8,081
JUAN CARLOS RAMIREZ workplace safety or health violation2022$17,403
KNOWLTON TECHNOLOGIES, LLCEastman Chemicalchemicalsworkplace safety or health violation2022$10,256
DOBSON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES, LLC workplace safety or health violation2022$5,801
GREAT LAKES TREE EXPERTS INC workplace safety or health violation2022$9,900
AAA SIGNS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$5,801
MOUNTAIN F. ENTERPRISES, INC. workplace safety or health violation2022$18,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.