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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Penalty Total since 2000$3,314,832,441
Number of Records: 222,538
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Marathon Petroleum$40,043,99658
Dollar General$28,615,849244
Wells Fargo$28,003,5006
Dollar Tree$23,847,602377
Louis Dreyfus$12,139,2657
Berkshire Hathaway$6,210,160350
United Parcel Service$4,094,037192
Goodyear Tire & Rubber$4,019,24997
Ashley Furniture$3,647,27218

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYear sort iconPenalty Amount
II BROTHERS SIDING LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,625
BILL DORAN LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$20,000
SEMA CONSTRUCTION, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$125,938
UPR workplace safety or health violation2023$5,000
SUSCON, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$13,000
FRAME RITE CONSTRUCTION INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$5,852
BRENDA ROSIVEL VILLEDA workplace safety or health violation2023$12,055
BEAM GLOBAL workplace safety or health violation2023$9,800
VELOCITY SYSTEMS LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$11,068
SHERWOOD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC workplace safety or health violation2023$53,576
AXIUM MAINTENANCE LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,500
STEVE CHRISTY ROOFING workplace safety or health violation2023$6,100
TRANTHAM SERVICES, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$5,123
SIMPSON HOUSE, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$6,027
CAL POLY POMONA workplace safety or health violation2023$18,000
JAMES R. TAYLOR & SONS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$15,625
AVIS BUDGET GROUPAvis Budget Groupmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2023$20,314
ADRIAN FLORES workplace safety or health violation2023$11,761
LOBAS FRAMING workplace safety or health violation2023$17,860
TIDAL WAVE MANAGEMENT, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,391
MCGEE PEST CONTROL INC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,400
ALBERTINA'S MEXICAN CUISINE INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$16,060
OVALLE CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$13,393
LEIVA CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$9,375
DUTCH BROS. FAIRFIELD, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$23,000
SMITHFIELD FARMLAND CORP.WH Groupfood productsworkplace safety or health violation2023$7,500
EARTH FARE 2020, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$12,000
PACIFIC WEST ROOFING LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$11,610
SHIELD CO MANAGEMENT LLC DBA ECOSHIELD M THE workplace safety or health violation2023$10,350
MATRIX SERVICE COMPANYMatrix Service Co.miscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2023$9,900
COLUMBIA FRUIT PROCESSING LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,850
J & Y ADVANCED PAINTIN LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$9,600
DGO ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,000
CONTINUOUS GUTTER & ROOFING CO LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$7,500
JIK ROOFING CO workplace safety or health violation2023$23,000
CERTIFIED RESTORATION GROUP LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$12,791
HAVIER MENDOZA workplace safety or health violation2023$5,358
POLICARPO SABILLON workplace safety or health violation2023$8,104
SHASTA BEVERAGES, INC.National Beverage Corp.beveragesworkplace safety or health violation2023$16,876
TRINITY FABRICATORS, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$5,738
BRIAN HERNANDEZ workplace safety or health violation2023$6,400
RUSTIC RIDGE CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,165
ZR CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$13,943
WEGNER ROOFING & SOLAR CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2023$15,619
B & S CONSTRUCTION, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$9,082
SK BATTERY AMERICA INC.SK Holdingselectrical and electronic equipmentworkplace safety or health violation2023$75,449
DOLLAR TREE, INC. STORE 01736Dollar Treeretailingworkplace safety or health violation2023$7,949
HUMBERTO GARCIA DBA HUMBERTO GARCIA workplace safety or health violation2023$15,403
XPRESS GLOBAL SYSTEMS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$13,394
KDI CHEESE CO. LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$12,056
HEAVYBILT MANUFACTURING, INC workplace safety or health violation2023$23,297
UNITED FARMERS COOPERATIVE workplace safety or health violation2023$6,215
CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2023$154,696
APOGEE WAUSAU GROUP, INC.Apogee Enterprisesbuilding materialsworkplace safety or health violation2023$7,590
KENT LUNDINE workplace safety or health violation2023$21,756
STOP AND SHOP SUPERMARKETAhold Delhaizeretailingworkplace safety or health violation2023$5,078
J-KRAFT, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$18,751
SA RECYCLING LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$31,250
APT DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,000
COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATIONCostcoretailingworkplace safety or health violation2023$6,685
TRG EXCAVATION INC workplace safety or health violation2023$10,800
E & G CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING workplace safety or health violation2023$9,375
TRM INNOVATIVE HEARTH PRODUCTS workplace safety or health violation2023$13,661
OCEAN COUNTY VOCATIONAL TECHNICAL SCHOOL DISTRICT workplace safety or health violation2023$21,000
WARFAB LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,028
CONTINENTAL CARBON COMPANIES INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$9,844
KEENAN FARMS INC workplace safety or health violation2023$7,065
MAYCO INTERNATIONAL LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$13,394
FAIRBORN NORTHEAST, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,250
IMPERIAL GROUP MANUFACTURING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$167,628
HONDO FRAMING INC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,060
ASPEN ROOFING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$7,032
DOME TECHNOLOGY, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$7,910
DOLLAR TREE INC.Dollar Treeretailingworkplace safety or health violation2023$20,088
UNITED RENTALS, INC. (NORTH AMERICA)United Rentalsmiscellaneous servicesworkplace safety or health violation2023$14,270
TW RESTAURANT HOLDER, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$8,000
RMG ERECTORS & CONSTRUCTORS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,429
THE TRUESDELL CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2023$18,786
WILLIAM TERENSO MEZA workplace safety or health violation2023$16,743
LYDIA ASCENCIO workplace safety or health violation2023$9,082
MID-WOOD, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$7,813
FABRITECH SOLUTIONS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$12,056
REVELS BLOCK & BRICK workplace safety or health violation2023$6,250
LENNAR HOMES, LLCLennarconstruction and engineeringworkplace safety or health violation2023$8,929
LEO CARPENTRY, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,501
TOYO INK AMERICA, LLC.Toyo Inkchemicalsworkplace safety or health violation2023$20,890
GOLD CONSTRUCTION, LLC. workplace safety or health violation2023$11,518
AZTECA CONSTRUCTION workplace safety or health violation2023$11,761
TRUE OIL workplace safety or health violation2023$5,548
A&J ROOFING CORPORATION workplace safety or health violation2023$33,819
L&J SERVICES CORP workplace safety or health violation2023$8,930
MANUEL TIGRE DBA MANUEL TIGRE workplace safety or health violation2023$14,065
KIKO'S CONSTRUCTION LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$5,157
ALL PHASE ROOFING, INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$120,000
BEHR ENTERPRISES workplace safety or health violation2023$6,250
SEWELL PRODUCTS OF FLORIDA, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$12,278
NITTERHOUSE MASONRY PRODUCTS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$18,749
CENTRAL VALLEY TRAILER REPAIR INC. workplace safety or health violation2023$14,400
VISTA QUALITY MARKETS workplace safety or health violation2023$40,000
DURA PLASTIC PRODUCTS, LLC workplace safety or health violation2023$6,310
WAWONA FROZEN FOODS workplace safety or health violation2023$18,850
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.