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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: utilities and power generation
Penalty Total since 2000$46,373,492,557
Number of Records: 3,085
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
PG&E Corp.$19,952,607,075134
American Electric Power$4,798,372,048113
Dominion Energy$3,951,916,47366
Duke Energy$2,953,290,359105
NRG Energy$1,390,149,517105
Edison International$1,332,905,77381
Alliant Energy$1,027,644,49716
WEC Energy Group$1,022,516,17434
Vistra Energy$881,423,66578

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYear sort iconAgencyPenalty Amount
Cinergy CorporationDuke Energyenvironmental violation2000EPA$1,430,000,000
Virginia Electric Power Co.Dominion Energyenvironmental violation2000EPA(*)Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting. $19,200,000
Tampa Electric CompanyEmeraenvironmental violation2000EPA$16,500,000
FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating CompanyFirstEnergynuclear safety violation2000NRC$110,000
Commonwealth Edison CompanyExelonnuclear safety violation2000NRC$110,000
Consolidated Edison Company of New YorkConsolidated Edisonnuclear safety violation2000NRC$88,000
Commonwealth Edison CompanyExelonemployment discrimination2000EEOC$2,500,000
Union Electric CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2000NLRB$8,892
DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT COMPANYAES Corp.labor relations violation2000NLRB$6,800,000
Duke Power and its subsidiary Duke Engineering & Services; Oswega Tower & Fence Co.Duke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$11,000
Illinois Power CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2000NLRB$20,000
Cinergy CorporationDuke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$50,000
Pennsylvania American Water WorksAmerican Water Workslabor relations violation2000NLRB$21,000
Siemens Power Corp. and Siemens Westinghouse Corp.Siemens Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$8,011
CINERGY CORP.Duke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$50,000
Dresser Rand CompanySiemens Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$9,000
Cinergy Corp.Duke Energyenvironmental violation2000NY-AG$8,500,000
Cinergy CorporationDuke Energyenvironmental violation2000MULTI-AG(*)Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting. $30,000,000
GENON NE MGMT CONRG Energyenvironmental violation2000PA-ENV$176,500
AQUA PA INCEssential Utilities Inc.environmental violation2000PA-ENV$5,000
Public Service CompanyXcel Energyenvironmental violation2000CO-DPHE$25,000
The Connecticut Light and Power CompanyEverSource Energyenvironmental violation2000CT-ENV$90,000
The Connecticut Light and Power CompanyEverSource Energyenvironmental violation2000CT-ENV$275,000
Connecticut Natural Gas CorporationIberdrolaenvironmental violation2000CT-ENV$82,750
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2000FL-DEP$43,998
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2000FL-DEP$40,000
Georgia Power CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2000GA-ENV$20,000
Georgia Power CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2000GA-ENV$54,660
Atlanta Gas Light CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2000GA-ENV$22,000
Atlanta Gas Light CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2000GA-ENV$252,000
Georgia Power CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2000GA-ENV$92,000
INDIANAPOLIS P&L COAES Corp.environmental violation2000IN-ENV$6,000
Central Maine Power CompanyIberdrolaenvironmental violation2000ME-ENV$35,000
Xcel Energy - Key City/WilmarthXcel Energyenvironmental violation2000MN-ENV$5,750
AES Alamitos, LLCAES Corp.environmental violation2000CA-SCAQMD$17,000,000
Southern California EdisonEdison Internationalenvironmental violation2000CA-SCAQMD$95,000
LOUISVILLE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANYPPL Corp.utility safety violation2000KY-PSC$37,500
NORTHERN STATES POWER COMPANYXcel Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$9,975
CONNECTICUT LIGHT & POWER COMPANYEverSource Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$10,000
SAN DIEGO GAS AND ELECTRICSempra Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$22,500
ABB PAINT AUTOMATION GROUPABB Ltd.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$8,375
SAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRICSempra Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$6,300
ABB INCABB Ltd.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$9,000
IES UTILITIES INC.Alliant Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$8,750
PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NEW HAMPSHIREEverSource Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$14,000
KUHLMAN ELECTRIC CORPORATIONABB Ltd.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$6,375
EAST KENTUCKY POWER COOPERATIVE INCEast Kentucky Power Cooperativeworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$9,375
AMERIGASUGI Corp.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$7,500
PPL ELECTRIC UTILITIES COMPANYPPL Corp.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$6,800
AMERIGASUGI Corp.workplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$6,300
ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANYPinnacle West Capitalworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$10,500
CINERGY CORP.Duke Energyworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$12,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$7,000
TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER COMPANYFortisworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$6,750
COMMONWEALTH EDISON COMPANYExelonworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$5,000
CONNECTICUT LIGHT & POWER COEverSource Energyenvironmental violation2000EPA$72,930
CONSOLIDATED EDISON / ARS CONSTRUCTIONConsolidated Edisonenvironmental violation2000EPA$5,775
CONSOLIDATED EDISON COMPANY OF NYConsolidated Edisonenvironmental violation2000EPA$5,500
SHENANGO, INCORPORATEDDTE Energyenvironmental violation2000EPA$2,100,000
SHENANGO INCORPORATEDDTE Energyenvironmental violation2000EPA$18,246
LOUISVILLE GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANYPPL Corp.environmental violation2000EPA$7,250
ILLINOIS POWER COMPANYAmerenenvironmental violation2000EPA$25,000
SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANYAmerican Electric Powerenvironmental violation2000EPA$41,500
HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY INC.Hawaiian Electric Industriesenvironmental violation2000EPA$100,000
HAWAIIAN ELECTRIC COMPANY INC.Hawaiian Electric Industriesenvironmental violation2000EPA$100,000
Blue Mountain Energy IncDeseret Generation & Transmission Cooperativeworkplace safety or health violation2000MSHA$6,000
Avista EnergyAvistaprice-fixing or anti-competitive practices2001CFTC$2,100,000
ABB Middle East & Africa Participations AGABB Ltd.price-fixing or anti-competitive practices2001DOJ_ANTITRUST$53,000,000
Union Electric CompanyAmerennuclear safety violation2001NRC$55,000
Siemens Westinghouse Power CorporationSiemens Energylabor relations violation2001NLRB$20,000
Baltimore Gas & ElectricExelonlabor relations violation2001NLRB$26,187
AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER/SOUTHERN REGIONAL SERVICES ORGAN.American Electric Powerlabor relations violation2001NLRB$6,407
First Energy/Cleveland Electric Illuminating CompanyFirstEnergylabor relations violation2001NLRB$27,382,600
ALABAMA POWER COMPANYSouthern Companylabor relations violation2001NLRB$19,737
Northern Indiana Public Service CompanyNiSourcelabor relations violation2001NLRB$50,000
Central Illinois Public Service CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2001NLRB$45,437
Washington Gas and Light CompanyAltaGasrailroad safety violation2001FRA$5,000
Ameren/CIPSAmerenenvironmental violation2001IL-AG$50,000
Detroit EdisonDTE Energyenvironmental violation2001MI-AG(*)Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting. $450,000
Northern Illinois Gas Co.Southern Companyenvironmental violation2001IL-AG$2,250,000
AQUA PA INCEssential Utilities Inc.environmental violation2001PA-ENV$8,290
ALLEGHENY ENERGY SUPPLY CO LLCFirstEnergyenvironmental violation2001PA-ENV$25,000
Duke EnergyDuke Energyenvironmental violation2001CO-DPHE$97,105
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2001FL-DEP$330,600
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2001FL-DEP$104,000
Atlanta Gas Light CompanySouthern Companyenvironmental violation2001GA-ENV$31,000
NIPSCONiSourceenvironmental violation2001IN-ENV$6,250
NRG Energy Center MinneapolisNRG Energyenvironmental violation2001MN-ENV$16,000
FirstEnergy Corp. and Eslich Wrecking Co.FirstEnergyenvironmental violation2001OH-ENV$15,000
Dayton Power and Light Co.AES Corp.environmental violation2001OH-ENV$21,000
Northern States PowerXcel Energyenvironmental violation2001SD-ENV$65,874
DUKE ENERGY - LP WINNIE NO 1 CSDuke Energyenvironmental violation2001TX-ENV$9,352
Reliant Energy Resource CorpNRG Energyutility safety violation2001AR-PSC$35,000
Southern California Gas CompanySempra Energyenvironmental violation2001CA-SCAQMD$25,000
Sempra Energy SolutionsSempra Energyenvironmental violation2001CA-SCAQMD$6,800
Southern California EdisonEdison Internationalenvironmental violation2001CA-SCAQMD$33,500
Southern California EdisonEdison Internationalenvironmental violation2001CA-SCAQMD$5,000
Southern California EdisonEdison Internationalenvironmental violation2001CA-SCAQMD$59,767
PEOPLES NATURAL GAS CO. LLCEssential Utilities Inc.utility safety violation2001PA-PUC$25,000
DAIRYLAND POWER COOPERATIVEDairyland Power Cooperativeworkplace safety or health violation2001OSHA$48,600
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.