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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: utilities and power generation
Penalty Total since 2000$43,273,420,112
Number of Records: 2,935
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
PG&E Corp.$19,793,295,201125
American Electric Power$4,798,264,798110
Duke Energy$2,953,275,817102
Dominion Energy$1,425,416,47363
NRG Energy$1,385,266,37489
Edison International$1,252,941,08579
Alliant Energy$1,027,644,49716
WEC Energy Group$1,022,510,16633
Vistra Energy$880,803,97373

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYearAgency sort icon . Penalty Amount
ProLiance Energy, LLCCenterPoint Energyenergy market violation2009FERC$3,195,959
Louisville Gas and Electric Co.PPL market violation2009FERC$350,000
Puget Sound EnergyPuget Sound Energyenergy market violation2009FERC$800,000
Sempra Energy Trading LLCSempra Energyenergy market violation2008FERC$407,959
NorthWestern Corporation and NorthWestern Services, LLCNorthWestern market violation2008FERC$450,000
Integrys Energy Services, Inc.Exelonenergy market violation2008FERC$994,506
Otter Tail Power CompanyOtter Tail market violation2008FERC$546,832
Constellation NewEnergy Gas Division, LLCConstellation Energy Corporationenergy market violation2008FERC$6,899,416
Entergy New Orleans, IncEntergyenergy market violation2008FERC$400,000
Entergy Services, Inc.Entergyenergy market violation2007FERC$3,000,000
Northwestern CorporationNorthWestern market violation2007FERC$1,000,000
NRG Energy, Inc.NRG Energyenergy market violation2007FERC$500,000
SCANA CorporationDominion Energyenergy market violation2007FERC$10,800,000
AmerenUEAmerenenergy market violation2006FERC$15,000,000
Progress Energy Inc.Duke Energyenergy market violation2005FERC$6,400,000
American Electric Power Co.American Electric Powerenergy market violation2005FERC$21,000,000
Duke EnergyDuke Energyprice-fixing or anti-competitive practices2003FERC$2,500,000
Reliant Energy Services, Inc.NRG Energyenergy market violation2003FERC$50,000,000
Reliant EnergyNRG Energyenergy market violation2003FERC$13,800,000
Portland General Electric Co.Portland General Electricenergy market violation2010FERC$375,000
RRI EnergyNRG Energyenergy market violation2010FERC$750,000
South Jersey Gas Co. and South Jersey Resources Group, LLCSouth Jersey Industriesenergy market violation2010FERC$1,070,551
Black Hills Power, Inc.Black Hills market violation2011FERC$200,000
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLCDuke Energyenergy market violation2011FERC$425,000
Atmos EnergyAtmos Energyenergy market violation2011FERC$12,000,000
Xcel Energy Inc.Xcel Energyenergy market violation2012FERC$2,000,000
EnerNOC Inc. and Celerity Energy Partners LLCEnelenergy market violation2012FERC$1,476,806
Progress Energy Florida, Inc.,Duke Energyenergy market violation2013FERC$80,000
Westar Energy, Inc.Evergy market violation2013FERC$1,573,836
Entergy Services, Inc.Entergyenergy market violation2013FERC$975,000
DTE Gas CompanyDTE Energyenergy market violation2013FERC$15,000
Constellation Energy Commodities Group, IncConstellation Energy Corporationenergy market violation2013FERC$645,928
Indianapolis Power & Light CompanAES market violation2014FERC$333,500
Southern California Edison CompanyEdison Internationalprice-fixing or anti-competitive practices2014FERC$650,000
Berkshire Power Company LLC and Power Plant Management Services LLCTenaskaprice-fixing or anti-competitive practices2016FERC$3,042,563
GDF SUEZ Energy Marketing NA, Inc.Engieenergy market violation2017FERC$81,800,000
American Transmission Company, LLCWEC Energy Groupenergy market violation2017FERC$205,000
Westar Energy, Inc.Evergy market violation2017FERC$180,000
PSEG Energy Resources & Trade, LLCPublic Service Enterpriseenergy market violation2018FERC$39,400,000
Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing, LLCEntergyenergy market violation2018FERC$170,364
Duke Energy CorporationDuke Energyenergy market violation2018FERC$3,500,000
Virginia Electric & Power Company, d/b/a Dominion Energy VirginiaDominion Energyenergy market violation2019FERC$14,000,000
Exelon Generation Company, LLCExelonenergy market violation2020FERC$148,980
NRG Power Marketing, LLCNRG Energyenergy market violation2021FERC$85,000
Algonquin Power Windsor Locks LLCAlgonquin Power & Utilitiesenergy market violation2021FERC$2,119,073
Constellation NewEnergy, Inc.Constellation Energy Corporationenergy market violation2022FERC$2,400,000
Dynegy Marketing & Trade, LLCVistra Energyenergy market violation2022FERC$469,425
FirstEnergy Corp.FirstEnergyenergy market violation2022FERC$3,860,000
TAMPA ELECTRICEmeraenvironmental violation2020FL-DEP$9,000
GULF POWER COMPANYNextEra Energyenvironmental violation2020FL-DEP$7,500
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2019FL-DEP$5,000
EIGHT FLAGS ENERGY LLCChesapeake Utilitiesenvironmental violation2018FL-DEP$6,500
GULF POWER COMPANYNextEra Energyenvironmental violation2018FL-DEP$30,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2015FL-DEP$13,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2011FL-DEP$9,464
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2010FL-DEP$88,000
PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC.Duke Energyenvironmental violation2009FL-DEP$8,428
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2009FL-DEP$5,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2008FL-DEP$5,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2007FL-DEP$5,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2007FL-DEP$10,000
PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC.Duke Energyenvironmental violation2006FL-DEP$13,200
PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDA, INC.Duke Energyenvironmental violation2006FL-DEP$5,200
PROGRESS ENERGYDuke Energyenvironmental violation2006FL-DEP$5,100
OLEANDER POWER PROJECT LPNextEra Energyenvironmental violation2005FL-DEP$10,000
FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT COMPANYNextEra Energyenvironmental violation2005FL-DEP$5,000
PROGRESS ENERGYDuke Energyenvironmental violation2004FL-DEP$7,500
FLORIDA POWER & LIGHTNextEra Energyenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$5,000
AMERICAN WATER SERVICES, INC.American Water Worksenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$80,000
PROGRESS ENERGY FLORIDADuke Energyenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$16,274
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$8,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$8,599
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2003FL-DEP$10,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2002FL-DEP$15,998
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2001FL-DEP$330,600
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2001FL-DEP$104,000
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2000FL-DEP$43,998
TAMPA ELECTRIC COMPANYEmeraenvironmental violation2000FL-DEP$40,000
Tampa Electric Co.Emeraenvironmental violation2022FL-DEP$18,000
Peoples Gas SystemsEmerautility safety violation2016FL-PSC$3,000,000
Amerigas Propane LPUGI Corp.motor vehicle safety violation2013FMCSA$20,520
Green Mountain Power CorporationEnergirmotor vehicle safety violation2014FMCSA$8,140
Amerigas Propane, LPUGI Corp.motor vehicle safety violation2010FMCSA$12,400
Avista CorporationAvistamotor vehicle safety violation2012FMCSA$7,272
Amerigas Propane LPUGI Corp.motor vehicle safety violation2010FMCSA$10,000
ARTESIAN WATER COMPANY, INC.Artesian Resourcesmotor vehicle safety violation2009FMCSA$19,490
ABB INCABB Ltd.motor vehicle safety violation2005FMCSA$6,680
AMERIGAS EAGLE PROPANE LPUGI Corp.motor vehicle safety violation2005FMCSA$8,550
Virginia Electric & Power Co.Dominion Energymotor vehicle safety violation2016FMCSA$5,100
Artesian Water Co IncArtesian Resourcesmotor vehicle safety violation2021FMCSA$13,560
West Virginia American Water CompanyAmerican Water Worksmotor vehicle safety violation2021FMCSA$7,540
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City RailwayAlliant Energyrailroad safety violation2013FRA$6,500
Cedar Rapids and Iowa City RailwayAlliant Energyrailroad safety violation2014FRA$8,000
GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGYGreen Plains Inc.railroad safety violation2012FRA$5,625
GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGYGreen Plains Inc.railroad safety violation2012FRA$6,000
GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGYGreen Plains Inc.railroad safety violation2012FRA$6,000
GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGYGreen Plains Inc.railroad safety violation2012FRA$5,000
GREEN PLAINS RENEWABLE ENERGYGreen Plains Inc.railroad safety violation2012FRA$10,000
Progress Energy-Carolina, IncorporatedDuke Energyrailroad safety violation2011FRA$8,700
Waskom Gas Processing CompanyCenterPoint Energyrailroad safety violation2014FRA$7,300
Waskom Gas Processing CompanyCenterPoint Energyrailroad safety violation2015FRA$5,100
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.