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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: wholesalers
Penalty Total since 2000$24,725,941,456
Number of Records: 1,065
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Cardinal Health$7,197,922,04834
W.W. Grainger$80,449,48914
Univar Solutions$64,662,93384
US Foods Holding$49,995,19748
Distribution Solutions Group Inc.$30,191,6134

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon
KEYSTONE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES, INC.LKQworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$12,500
SUPERVALU, INC.United Natural Foodsenvironmental violation2013EPA$12,500
MA LABORATORIES, INC.Ma Labsworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$12,540
C& S Wholesale Grocers Inc.C&S Wholesale Grocerswage and hour violation2007WHD$12,573
ALTA FUELS, LLCWorld Fuel Servicesworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$12,600
BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE - FLORIDA, LLCBuilders FirstSourceworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$12,675
Builders First SourceBuilders FirstSourcewage and hour violation2007WHD$12,717
BRENNTAG MID-SOUTH, INC.Brenntagenvironmental violation2006EPA$12,724
THE H.T. HACKNEY COMPANYH.T. Hackneyworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$12,750
EMPIRE MERCHANTS NORTH, LLCBreakthru Beverage Groupworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$12,786
THE SYGMA NETWORK INC.Syscoworkplace safety or health violation2021OSHA$12,873
KLOECKNER METALS CORPORATIONKlocknerworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$12,934
FRESH UNLIMITED, INC.US Foods Holdingworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$12,934
FreshPoint Tomato LLCSyscowage and hour violation2012WHD$12,956
SYSCO FOOD SERVICE OF LOUSIVILLESyscoenvironmental violation2006EPA$12,982
GENUINE PARTS COMPANYGenuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$13,000
EMCO CHEMICAL DISTRIBUTORS, INC.EMCO Chemical Distributorsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$13,000
ABC SUPPLY COMPANYABC Supplyworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$13,037
VAN WATERS & ROGERS INCUnivar Solutionsworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$13,050
KEYSTONE AUTOMOTIVE DBA CCI INC.LKQworkplace safety or health violation2010OSHA$13,050
BRENNTAG SOUTHWEST, INCBrenntagenvironmental violation2005EPA$13,200
THE MARTIN-BROWER CO, LLCReyes Holdingsworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$13,260
GENUINE PARTS COMPANYGenuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$13,300
GRAYBAR ELECTRIC CO INCGraybar Electricworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$13,368
SYSCO VIRGINIA, LLCSyscoworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$13,434
UNIVAR USA INC.Univar Solutionsrailroad safety violation2015FRA$13,500
SYSCO FOOD SERVICES OF METRO NY LLCSyscomotor vehicle safety violation2005FMCSA$13,500
UNIVAR SOLUTIONS USA INCUnivar Solutionsenvironmental violation2016PA-ENV$13,500
C & S WHOLESALE GROCERSC&S Wholesale Grocersworkplace safety or health violation2010OSHA$13,500
Sysco Arizona, Inc.Syscoenvironmental violation2017EPA$13,500
MCKESSON CORPORATIONMcKessonmotor vehicle safety violation2007FMCSA$13,530
Gemaire Distributors, LLCWatscowage and hour violation2015WHD$13,530
Sysco Central Pennsylvania, LLCSyscoemployment discrimination2019OFCCP$13,605
SYSCO KANSAS CITY, INC.Syscoworkplace safety or health violation2021OSHA$13,674
The Andersons Inc.Andersons Inc.railroad safety violation2007FRA$13,750
LESCO INCSiteOne Landscape Supplyenvironmental violation2000MA-ENV$13,750
VIKING ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC.Soneparlabor relations violation2016NLRB$13,755
SUPERVALU STORES, INC.United Natural Foodsworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$13,829
UNIVARUnivar Solutionsworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$13,860
U S FOODS, INC.US Foods Holdingworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$13,875
THE ANDERSONS, INC.Andersons Inc.workplace safety or health violation2016OSHA$13,879
NAMASCO CORPORATIONKlocknerworkplace safety or health violation2010OSHA$13,920
SYSCO ALASKA, INC.Syscoaviation safety violation2016FAA$14,000
Supervalu, Inc.United Natural Foodsenvironmental violation2015CA-ARB$14,000
Sysco Columbia, LLCSyscoenvironmental violation2017SC-ENV$14,000
W.W. Grainger, Inc.W.W. Graingerenvironmental violation2021CA-ARB$14,000
C & S WHOLESALE GROCERS, INCORPORATEDC&S Wholesale Grocersworkplace safety or health violation2002OSHA$14,000
ALLIED BUILDING PRODUCTS CORP DBA JOHN J GALLAGHERBeacon Roofing Supplyworkplace safety or health violation2006OSHA$14,000
SOUTHERN WINE & SPIRITS OF AMERICA INCSouthern Glazer's Wine & Spiritsworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$14,000
MAGNABLEND, INCUnivar Solutionsworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$14,000
FRESH UNLIMITED, INC.US Foods Holdingworkplace safety or health violation2016OSHA$14,000
Brenntag Specialities, Inc.Brenntagenvironmental violation2011EPA$14,250
BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE SEGBuilders FirstSourceworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$14,258
KLOECKNER METALS CORPORATIONKlocknerworkplace safety or health violation2020OSHA$14,400
C & S Wholesale Grocers, Inc.C&S Wholesale Grocerswage and hour violation2015WHD$14,481
SYSCO KANSAS CITY, INC.Syscoworkplace safety or health violation2021OSHA$14,502
SOUTHERN GLAZER'S WINE AND SPIRITS OF UPSTATE NEW YORKSouthern Glazer's Wine & Spiritsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$14,502
SYSCO CINCINNATI, LLCSyscoworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$14,502
GUEST SUPPLY , LLCSyscoworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$14,574
SuperValu, Inc.United Natural Foodslabor relations violation2004NLRB$14,600
Brenntag Southwest, Inc.Brenntagenvironmental violation2020TX-ENV$14,952
Convergys Customer Management GroupTD Synnexemployment discrimination2012EEOC$15,000
Young's Market CompanyRepublic National Distributinglabor relations violation2009NLRB$15,000
QUALITY KING DISTRIBUTORS, INC.Quality King Distributorsworkplace safety or health violation2004OSHA$15,000
Univar USA, Inc.Univar Solutionsenvironmental violation2009EPA$15,000
LKQ MIDWEST AUTO PARTS CORP.LKQworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$15,148
PATTERSON LOGISTICS SERVICES INCORPORATEDPattersonworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$15,155
Keysone Automotive IndustriesLKQenvironmental violation2009EPA$15,345
GENUINE PARTS COMPANYGenuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$15,391
Supervalu, IncUnited Natural Foodswage and hour violation2008WHD$15,454
CONSOLIDATED ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTORSConsolidated Electrical Distributorsworkplace safety or health violation2020OSHA$15,458
GENUINE PARTS COMPANYGenuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$15,466
THE SYGMA NETWORK, INC.Syscoworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$15,496
ASSOCIATED WHOLESALE GROCERS, INC.Associated Wholesale Grocersenvironmental violation2000EPA$15,500
Genuine Parts Companay/NAPA Parts, In.cGenuine Partswage and hour violation2004WHD$15,568
BRENNTAG MID-SOUTH, INC.Brenntagenvironmental violation2017EPA$15,591
KLOECKNER METALS CORPORATIONKlocknerworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$15,600
ABC SUPPLY CO. INC.ABC Supplyworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$15,620
Petro Air, Inc.World Fuel Serviceswage and hour violation2011WHD$15,696
COASTLINE DISTRIBUTION, INC.Watscoworkplace safety or health violation2010OSHA$15,750
UNIVAR USAUnivar Solutionsworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$15,750
U.S. Food ServiceUS Foods Holdinglabor relations violation2005NLRB$15,752
Insight Technology Solutions, Inc.Insight Enterpriseswage and hour violation2006WHD$15,906
GENUINE PARTS COMPANYGenuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$15,912
TONYS FINE FOODSUnited Natural Foodsworkplace safety or health violation2016OSHA$16,000
BEN E. KEITH COMPANYBen E. Keith Companyworkplace safety or health violation2020OSHA$16,000
BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE OF JACKSONVILLE, INC.Builders FirstSourceworkplace safety or health violation2002OSHA$16,160
KLOECKNER METALS CORPORATIONKlocknerworkplace safety or health violation2013OSHA$16,200
KEYSTONE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRIES INC.LKQworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$16,200
Basin Transload, LLCGlobal Partners LPrailroad safety violation2015FRA$16,500
Chemicals & Solvents IncChemsolvmotor vehicle safety violation2010FMCSA$16,570
Avnet IncorporatedAvnetenvironmental violation2006EPA$16,639
McKesson Specialty Distribution, LLCMcKessonwage and hour violation2017WHD$16,665
GENUINE PARTS COMPANY (NAPA)Genuine Partsworkplace safety or health violation2015OSHA$16,715
THE ANDERSONS, INC.Andersons Inc.workplace safety or health violation2016OSHA$16,730
BUILDERS FIRSTSOURCE - ATLANTIC GROUP, LLCBuilders FirstSourceworkplace safety or health violation2015OSHA$16,750
UNIVAR USA, INC.Univar Solutionsworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$16,930
GRAYBAR ELECTRICGraybar Electricworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$17,049
U. S. Food Services, Inc.US Foods Holdinglabor relations violation2010NLRB$17,136
BRENNTAG GREAT LAKES, LLCBrenntagworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$17,238
Bozzuto's, Inc.Bozzuto'swage and hour violation2014WHD$17,245
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.