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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: aerospace and military contracting
Penalty Total since 2000$7,680,136,563
Number of Records: 1,326
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Northrop Grumman$778,610,06197
BAE Systems$548,484,707107
RTX Corporation$349,907,845131
General Dynamics$264,500,315162
Lockheed Martin$234,234,91298
L3Harris Technologies$190,636,31994

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYear sort iconAgencyPenalty Amount
Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.L3Harris Technologiesair pollution violation2024AR-ENV$17,520
Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.L3Harris Technologieshazardous waste violation2024FL-DEP$10,100
Boeing CompanyBoeingexport control violation2024DDTC$51,000,000
BAE Systems Inc. dba Ordnance Systems Inc.BAE Systemswage and hour violation2023WHD$305,840
Raytheon Co.RTX Corporationemployment discrimination2023private lawsuit-federal$640,000
Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX)Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)aviation safety violation2023FAA$175,000
L3 Technologies, Inc.L3Harris TechnologiesFalse Claims Act and related2023DOJ_CIVIL$21,800,000
BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc.BAE Systemswage and hour violation2023private lawsuit-federal$1,426,786
BAE Systems Ordnance Systems, Inc.BAE Systemsenvironmental violation2023VA-ENV$21,144
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.RTX Corporationemployment discrimination2023OFCCP$712,500
Pratt & Whitney Component Solutions, IncRTX Corporationexport control violation2023BIS$48,750
Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.Textronair pollution violation2023CA-ARB$72,500
Boeing CompanyBoeingFalse Claims Act and related2023USAO$8,100,000
Boeing Distribution Services Inc.Boeingemployment discrimination2023OFCCP$402,500
Textron SystemsTextronenvironmental violation2023LA-ENV$5,000
Lockheed Martin CorporationLockheed MartinFamily and Medical Leave Act2023WHD$56,634
SAFRAN CABIN INC.Safranworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$23,435
NORTHROP GRUMMAN SYSTEMS CORPORATIONNorthrop Grummanworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$22,500
NORTHROP GRUMMAN SYSTEMS CORPORATIONNorthrop Grummanworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$172,350
NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING DIVISION OF HUNTINGTON INGALLSHuntington Ingalls Industriesworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$8,349
LEARJET, INC.Bombardierworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$5,000
GENERAL DYNAMICSGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$6,750
GENERAL DYNAMICS ORDNANCE AND TACTICAL SYSTEMS INCGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$15,068
TEXTRON INC DBA ARCTIC CAT ST CLOUDTextronworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$9,400
TRIUMPH ENGINE CONTROL SYSTEMS, LLCTriumph Groupworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$6,642
HENNIGES AUTOMOTIVE SEALING SYSTEMS NORTH AMERICA, INC.Aviation Industry Corp. of Chinaworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$6,697
ELECTRIC BOAT CORPORATIONGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$10,000
GENERAL DYNAMICS NASSCOGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$7,120
BATH IRON WORKS CORPORATIONGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$14,609
BAE SYSTEMS ORDNANCE SYSTEMS, INC.BAE Systemsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$24,554
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATIONLockheed Martinworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$13,394
BOEING COMPANY THEBoeingworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$12,000
NEXTEER AUTOMOTIVE CORPORATIONAviation Industry Corp. of Chinaworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$33,000
GENERAL DYNAMICS LAND SYSTEMSGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$13,000
BARNES GROUP INCBarnes Groupworkplace safety or health violation2023OSHA$13,550
AAR Manufacturing CoAAR Corp.environmental violation2023EPA$220,000
BAE Systems Ordinance Systems Inc.BAE Systemsenvironmental violation2022TN-ENV$12,000
Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.L3Harris Technologiesenvironmental violation2022AR-ENV$12,640
Textron Aviation, Inc.Textronenvironmental violation2022FL-DEP$6,930
JET AVIATION TETERBORO LPGeneral Dynamicsenvironmental violation2022NJ-ENV$20,000
Howmet Aerospace Inc.Howmet Aerospaceenvironmental violation2022OH-ENV$27,900
Huntington Ingalls IndustriesHuntington Ingalls Industriesbenefit plan administrator violation2022private lawsuit-federal$2,800,000
Huntington Ingalls IncorporatedHuntington Ingalls Industriesemployment discrimination2022EEOC$350,000
Aerojet Rocketdyne Inc.L3Harris TechnologiesFalse Claims Act and related2022DOJ_CIVIL$9,000,000
Boeing CompanyBoeinginvestor protection violation2022SEC$200,000,000
BOEING COMPANYBoeingaviation safety violation2022FAA$17,000,000
JET AVIATION OF AMERICA INCGeneral Dynamicsenvironmental violation2022NJ-ENV$15,000
Safran S.A.SafranForeign Corrupt Practices Act2022DOJ_CRIMINAL$17,159,753
BAE Ordnance Systems, Inc.BAE Systemsrailroad safety violation2022FRA$7,000
Pratt & Whitney Division of Raytheon Technologies CorporationRTX Corporationair pollution violation2022CT-ENV$8,125
BAE SYSTEMS SAN DIEGO SHIP REPAIR INC.BAE Systemsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$23,435
BAE SYSTEMS SAN DIEGO SHIP REPAIR INC.BAE Systemsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$19,870
ASSOCIATED SPRING - BARNES GROUP, INC.Barnes Groupworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$9,790
SPACE EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGIES CORP.Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)workplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$18,475
TRIUMPH ACTUATION SYSTEMS - CONNECTICUT, LLCTriumph Groupworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$7,500
NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING DIVISION OF HUNTINGTON INGALLS INDUSTRIESHuntington Ingalls Industriesworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$10,360
GENERAL DYNAMICS - NASSCO NORFOLKGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$7,252
GENERAL DYNAMICS ORDNANCE AND TACTICAL SYSTEMS, INC.General Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$9,944
BOEING COMPANY THEBoeingworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$8,800
TRIUMPH INSULATION SYSTEMS, LLCTriumph Groupworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$8,250
AEROVIRONMENT, INC.AeroVironmentworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$13,050
LOCKHEED MARTIN AERONAUTICS COMPANYLockheed Martinworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$5,400
GENERAL DYNAMICS NASSCOGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$28,455
BOMBARDIER-LEARJETBombardierworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$6,216
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, INC.Airbusworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$12,044
SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS, INC.Spirit AeroSystemsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$23,245
GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE SERVICES CORPORATIONGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$9,510
CURTISS WRIGHT ACTUATION SYSTEMS INCCurtiss-Wrightworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$7,459
GENERAL DYNAMICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$5,801
AMTEC CORPORATIONAmtecworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$60,438
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATIONLockheed Martinworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$55,810
GENERAL DYNAMICS - OTSGeneral Dynamicsworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$15,180
Hamilton Sundstrand de Puerto Rico Inc.RTX Corporationair pollution violation2022EPA$200,000
Lockheed Martin Akron AirdockLockheed Martinenvironmental violation2022EPA$66,700
TRIUMPH AEROSTRUCTURESTriumph Grouphazardous waste violation2022EPA$60,000
Boeing CompanyBoeingaviation safety violation2021FAA$6,610,000
Insitu Inc.BoeingFalse Claims Act and related2021DOJ_CIVIL$25,000,000
Boeing CompanyBoeingfraud2021DOJ_CRIMINAL$2,513,600,000
BAE SYSTEMS Ordnance Systems Inc.BAE Systemsair pollution violation2021TN-ENV$12,000
Raytheon TechnologiesRTX CorporationFalse Claims Act and related2021USAO$515,625
The Boeing CompanyBoeingenvironmental violation2021FL-DEP$16,450
Alliant Techsystems Operations LLCNorthrop Grummanenvironmental violation2021EPA$350,000
Boeing CompanyBoeingaviation safety violation2021FAA$17,000,000
Aerojet Rocketdyne Inc.L3Harris Technologiesemployment discrimination2021DOJ_RIGHTS$37,008
Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc.L3Harris Technologiesenvironmental violation2021AR-ENV$21,840
Raytheon Technologies CorporationRTX Corporationenvironmental violation2021IN-ENV$13,000
AAR Corp.AAR Corp.False Claims Act and related2021DOJ_CIVIL$11,088,000
BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc.BAE Systemsenvironmental violation2021TN-ENV$14,250
Boeing Co.Boeingwage and hour violation2021private lawsuit-federal$2,000,000
Airbus U.S. Space & Defense Inc.AirbusFalse Claims Act and related2021DOJ_CIVIL$1,043,475
Kirkhill - TA CompanyTransDigmair pollution violation2021CA-SCAQMD$9,500
BAE Systems Ordinance Systems, Inc.BAE Systemsenvironmental violation2021VA-ENV$20,000
AAR AIRLIFT GROUP INCAAR Corp.aviation safety violation2021FAA$429,273
THE BOEING COMPANYBoeingaviation safety violation2021FAA$27,178,778
AAR LANDING GEAR SERVICESAAR Corp.aviation safety violation2021FAA$45,000
GULFSTREAM SERVICES CORPORATIONGeneral Dynamicsaviation safety violation2021FAA$30,000
General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems, Inc.General Dynamicsenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$26,857
Raytheon Co.RTX Corporationbenefit plan administrator violation2021private lawsuit-federal$59,000,000
Boeing CompanyBoeinglabor relations violation2021NLRB$19,242
The Boeing CompanyBoeinglabor relations violation2021NLRB$597,169
GENERAL ATOMICS AERONAUTICAL SYSTEMS, INC.General Atomicsworkplace safety or health violation2021OSHA$18,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.