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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: pipelines
Penalty Total since 2000$3,049,751,235
Number of Records: 1,059
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Kinder Morgan$1,780,457,762304
Energy Transfer$603,511,518306
Plains GP Holdings$318,826,04159
TC Energy$16,460,17752
Targa Resources$9,091,08082
NuStar Energy$6,507,05348
Genesis Energy$6,127,61443
Mid-America Pipeline$2,264,0544

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon .
Targa Midstream Services LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2015NM-ENV$15,680
Enbridge Pipelines East Texas L.P.Enbridgeenvironmental violation2006TX-ENV$15,680
KINDER MORGAN, INC.Kinder Morganworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$15,625
Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent WestTex LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$15,515
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, LLCKinder Morganrailroad safety violation2019FRA$15,500
Colorado Interstate Gas Co.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2007CO-DPHE$15,400
ONEOK NGL PIPELINE LLCOneokenvironmental violation2012PHMSA$15,300
KMGP Services Company, Inc.Kinder Morganwage and hour violation2010WHD$15,097
Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLCEnbridgeenvironmental violation2012CT-ENV$15,004
SUNOCO Partners Butane Blending, LLCEnergy Transferrailroad safety violation2012FRA$15,000
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, LLCKinder Morganrailroad safety violation2015FRA$15,000
El Paso Production GOM IncKinder Morganoffshore drilling violation2001BSEE$15,000
TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE COMPANYKinder Morganenvironmental violation2005PHMSA$15,000
Calnev Pipe Line CompanyKinder Morganrailroad safety violation2003FRA$15,000
TEXAS EASTERN TRANS LPEnbridgeenvironmental violation2012PA-ENV$15,000
TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE CO LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2012PA-ENV$15,000
SUNOCO RETAIL LLCEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2017PA-ENV$15,000
Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2011CA-ARB$15,000
Plains Marketing, LPPlains GP Holdingsenvironmental violation2014LA-ENV$15,000
KINDER MORGAN LIQUIDS TERMINALSKinder Morganenvironmental violation2008NJ-ENV$15,000
KINDER MORGAN LIQUIDS TERMINALS LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2007NJ-ENV$15,000
KINDER MORGAN LIQUID TERMINALS LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2006NJ-ENV$15,000
Plains Pipeline, L.P.Plains GP Holdingsenvironmental violation2005TX-ENV$15,000
SFPP, L. P.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2006CA-SCAQMD$15,000
KINDER MORGAN, INC.Kinder Morganworkplace safety or health violation2009OSHA$15,000
ONEOK FIELD SERVICES COMPANY, L.L.C.Oneokworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$15,000
SUNOCO, LPEnergy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2016OSHA$14,966
Duke Energy Field Services, LPEnbridgeenvironmental violation2002TX-ENV$14,800
ENBRIDGE PIPELINES (TEXAS GATHERING) L.P.Enbridgeworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$14,700
ENERGY TRANSFER, LPEnergy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2022OSHA$14,502
SUNOCO PIPELINE LPEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2013PA-ENV$14,472
SUNOCO INC. CO-OP 7014Energy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2013OSHA$14,449
Targa Sound Terminal LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2013EPA$14,335
KM LIQUIDS TERMINALS LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2022TX-ENV$14,251
Kinder Morgan Operating L.P.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2018VA-ENV$14,200
Nustar Management Financial GroupNuStar Energywage and hour violation2005WHD$14,132
Targa Midstream Services LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2018TX-ENV$14,040
TARGA MIDSTREAM SERVICES L.P.Targa Resourcesenvironmental violation2009PHMSA$14,000
SUNOCO PARTNERS MARKETING & TERMINALS LPEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2018IN-ENV$14,000
KINDER MORGAN ARROW TERMINALSKinder Morganworkplace safety or health violation2007OSHA$14,000
SUNOCO, INC. (R&M) (MARCUS HOOK)Energy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2009OSHA$14,000
SUNOCO, INC. (R&M)Energy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$14,000
SUNOCO, INC (R&M)Energy Transferenvironmental violation2002EPA$14,000
TEXAS EASTERN TRANS LPEnbridgeenvironmental violation2017PA-ENV$13,800
SunocoEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2005DE-ENV$13,800
Enbridge Employee Services, Inc.Enbridgelabor relations violation2005NLRB$13,639
Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminals, LLCKinder Morganrailroad safety violation2020FRA$13,500
TARGA PIPELINE MID-CONTINENT WESTTEX LLC'S BUFFALO GAS PLANTTarga Resourcesworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$13,494
KINDER MORGAN LIQUIDS TERMINAL, LLC.Kinder Morganworkplace safety or health violation2019OSHA$13,494
Kinder Morgan Energy PartnersKinder Morganwage and hour violation2010WHD$13,492
Targa Sound TerminalTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2014EPA(*)Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting. $13,435
Sunoco Inc. R&MEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2008EPA$13,299
ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS, LLCEnergy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$13,260
Colorado Interstate Gas Co.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2009CO-DPHE$13,125
ONEOK Hydrocarbon Southwest, LLCOneokenvironmental violation2009TX-ENV$13,100
NUSTAR TERMINALS PARTNERS TEXAS, L.P.NuStar Energyrailroad safety violation2014FRA$13,000
El Paso Production Oil & Gas CompanyKinder Morganoffshore drilling violation2002BSEE$13,000
Enbridge Pipelines (NE Texas) L.P.Enbridgeenvironmental violation2008TX-ENV$12,954
Sunoco, Inc. (R&M)Energy Transferenvironmental violation2005TX-ENV$12,772
ANR PIPELINE COMPANYTC Energyworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$12,675
Sunoco, Inc. (R&M)Energy Transferenvironmental violation2011TX-ENV$12,660
Kinder Morgan Tejas Pipeline LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2012TX-ENV$12,650
KINDER MORGAN LIQUIDS TERM LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2019PA-ENV$12,600
KINDER MORGAN BULK TERMINALS, INC.Kinder Morganenvironmental violation2006SC-ENV$12,600
GENESIS PIPELINE USA L.P.Genesis Energyenvironmental violation2012PHMSA$12,500
GAS TRANSMISSION NORTHWEST LLCTC Energyenvironmental violation2005PHMSA$12,500
KINDER MORGAN LIQUID TERMINALS LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2008NJ-ENV$12,500
Duke Energy Field Services, L.P.Enbridgeenvironmental violation2004TX-ENV$12,500
Enbridge G & P (North Texas) L.P.Enbridgeenvironmental violation2015TX-ENV$12,320
OKTEX PIPELINE COMPANY LLCOneokenvironmental violation2022PHMSA$12,300
COLUMBIA GAS TRANS LLCTC Energyenvironmental violation2009PA-ENV$12,285
Genesis Alkali, LLCGenesis Energyworkplace safety or health violation2021MSHA$12,007
Vopak Terminal Galena Park, Inc.Kinder Morganrailroad safety violation2014FRA$12,000
El Paso Production GOM IncKinder Morganoffshore drilling violation2004BSEE$12,000
El Paso Production GOM Inc.Kinder Morganoffshore drilling violation2002BSEE$12,000
NUSTAR PIPELINE OPERATING PARTNERSHIP L.P.NuStar Energyenvironmental violation2005PHMSA$12,000
Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals Inc.Kinder Morganrailroad safety violation2007FRA$12,000
Enbridge Offshore Facilities, LLCEnbridgeenvironmental violation2018LA-ENV$12,000
KINDER MORGAN BULK TERMINALSKinder Morganenvironmental violation2002SC-ENV$12,000
Targa Midstream Services LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2018TX-ENV$12,000
PLAINS PRODUCTS TERMINALS, LLCPlains GP Holdingsworkplace safety or health violation2012OSHA$12,000
SUN PIPE LINE COMPANYEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2002EPA$12,000
ONEOK Hydrocarbon Southwest, LLCOneokenvironmental violation2016TX-ENV$11,887
Targa Midstream Services, LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2014NM-ENV$11,600
SUNOCO PIPELINE LPEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2004PA-ENV$11,500
SUNOCOEnergy Transferworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$11,500
Targa Midstream Services LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2016TX-ENV$11,439
ENERGY TRANSFER GC NGL FRACTIONATORS LLCEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2022TX-ENV$11,400
Targa Midstream Services LLCTarga Resourcesenvironmental violation2018TX-ENV$11,331
WHITE CLIFFS PIPELINE LLCEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2011PHMSA$11,200
Kinder-Morgan AltamontKinder Morganenvironmental violation2014UT-ENV$11,200
Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals LLCKinder Morganenvironmental violation2011VA-ENV$11,071
Trunkline Gas Company, LLCEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2008TX-ENV$11,040
LONE STAR NGL MONT BELVIEU LPEnergy Transferrailroad safety violation2012FRA$11,000
NUSTAR TERMINALS PARTNERS TEXAS, L.P.NuStar Energyrailroad safety violation2011FRA$11,000
SUNOCO INC. (R&M)Energy Transferrailroad safety violation2010FRA$11,000
SUNOCO PIPELINE L.P.Energy Transferenvironmental violation2005PHMSA$11,000
SUNOCO LOGISTICS PARTNERS L PEnergy Transferaviation safety violation2016FAA$11,000
Black Mesa Pipeline, Inc.Oneokenvironmental violation2004AZ-DEQ$11,000
Nustar Logistics, L.P.NuStar Energyenvironmental violation2019TX-RRC$11,000
SUN PIPE LINE COMPANYEnergy Transferenvironmental violation2002EPA$11,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.