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The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
SAC Capital$1,800,000,0001
JPMorgan Chase$1,753,000,0002
Deutsche Bank$850,933,1533
Bank of New York Mellon$752,000,0002
Amaya Inc.$731,000,0001
Johnson & Johnson$502,020,8005
Purdue Pharma$461,900,0001

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Primary Offense Type Year Penalty Amountsort icon
Yates Petroleum Corp.   False Claims Act 2013 $416,000
Signature Care Centers LLC   False Claims Act 2015 $415,000
DMH Partners North LLC   environmental violation 2013 $415,000
Certified Environmental Services Inc.   environmental violation 2015 $409,829
Custom Wristbands Inc   price-fixing or anti-competitive practices 2017 $409,342
Trinity Pharmacy   Controlled Substances Act violation 2017 $400,000
Aquatic Sensor Network Technology LLC (Aquasent)   False Claims Act 2016 $400,000
Kosmos Cement Company d/b/a Cemex Cemex building materials workplace safety or health violation 2016 $400,000
Civil Constructors LLC   False Claims Act 2015 $400,000
Informatics Applications Group Inc.   False Claims Act 2015 $400,000
Lane Construction Company and McAfee Design   False Claims Act 2014 $400,000
McCalla Corporation   work visa violations 2012 $400,000
The Floating Hospital   False Claims Act 2010 $400,000
Smoki Foods   food safety violation 2006 $400,000
Hardeman County Memorial Hospital   False Claims Act 2008 $398,230
John Soules Food   food safety violation 2012 $392,000
Luxury Wheels O.E. Plating   environmental violation 2006 $390,000
WECSREP Inc.   False Claims Act 2015 $387,000
Agape Health Management Inc.   False Claims Act 2016 $385,917
Computer Sciences Corporation DXC Technology information technology False Claims Act 2015 $380,000
Bresee Trucking Company Bresee Trucking freight and logistics mining violation 2016 $375,000
Wildcat Concrete Services Inc.   environmental violation 2014 $372,750
Duane Reade Inc. Walgreens Boots Alliance retailing False Claims Act 2011 $369,744
Pacifico Ford Inc.   discriminatory practices 2007 $363,166
World Health Clinicians Inc.   False Claims Act 2018 $361,013
Rochester Drug Cooperative   Controlled Substances Act violation 2015 $360,000
Cullman Regional Medical Center   False Claims Act 2015 $350,000
Raytheon Raytheon aerospace and military contracting False Claims Act 2014 $350,000
Villaspring Health Care Center, Inc., and Carespring Health Care Management, LLC   False Claims Act 2013 $350,000
Healthy Meds Pharmacy Corp.   False Claims Act 2018 $350,000
American International Biotechnology LLC   False Claims Act 2014 $343,000
Academy Medical LLC   False Claims Act 2017 $335,000
Banks-Jackson-Commerce Hospital and Nursing Home Authority d/b/a Banks Jackson Commerce Medical Center?   False Claims Act 2014 $329,000
All Fabrics Incorporated   fraud 2014 $328,506
Northampton Hospital Company, LLC d/b/a Easton Hospital?   False Claims Act 2016 $325,000
KeySource Medical Inc.   Controlled Substances Act violation 2012 $320,000
Rehabilitation Medicine of Oklahoma PLLC   False Claims Act 2017 $315,000
Pain Management Group P.C.   False Claims Act 2017 $312,000
The Plastic Surgery Group LLP   drug or medical equipment safety violation 2010 $306,686
Willowcrest Nursing Home and Willow Terrace   False Claims Act 2009 $305,072
Calnet Inc.   False Claims Act 2017 $300,000
General Production Service of California Inc.   False Claims Act 2017 $300,000
Lifepoint Dental Group LLC   False Claims Act 2016 $300,000
Neurology Associates of Greenville   False Claims Act 2016 $300,000
American Rehab Equipment Company   False Claims Act 2015 $300,000
Rousseau Management Inc.   False Claims Act 2015 $300,000
Generics Bidco   Controlled Substances Act violation 2015 $300,000
Shred-It Inc.   False Claims Act 2013 $300,000
Cleopatra Shipping Agency Ltd.   environmental violation 2012 $300,000
Emery Steckler Medical Institute   False Claims Act 2010 $300,000
Glades Drugs, Inc.   False Claims Act 2017 $300,000
Field Environmental Instruments Inc.   aviation safety violation 2012 $288,000
GRH Technologies Construction Co., Ltd.?   False Claims Act 2014 $285,000
GPX/GPX USA   work visa violations 2014 $275,400
Doorae Shipping Co. Ltd.   environmental violation 2016 $275,000
eAir LLC   environmental violation 2014 $275,000
Aviation Technical Services   aviation safety violation 2013 $275,000
Hines Dermatology Associates Inc.   False Claims Act 2010 $275,000
J.A. McDonald Inc.   False Claims Act 2017 $270,000
Hamilton Health Center Inc.   False Claims Act 2015 $270,000
Walden Resources LLC   environmental violation 2010 $270,000
Silicon Power Corp.   False Claims Act 2015 $265,000
Lynn Moving and Storage, Inc. et al.   False Claims Act 2018 $264,826
H-E-B H-E-B Grocery retailing Controlled Substances Act violation 2014 $262,500
Mill Branch Coal LLC Alpha Natural Resources mining and minerals mining violation 2017 $260,538
Chesapeake Youth Center   False Claims Act 2009 $259,120
Atlanta Medical Clinic   False Claims Act 2017 $250,000
SRC Construction Inc.   tax violations 2016 $250,000
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance   Controlled Substances Act violation 2016 $250,000
Southco Enterprises inc.   environmental violation 2016 $250,000
Advantage Medical Transport Inc.   fraud 2015 $250,000
Glencoe CampResort II LLC   environmental violation 2015 $250,000
VMG Pulmonary and Sleep Institute   False Claims Act 2014 $250,000
MedZone Pharmacy   Controlled Substances Act violation 2014 $250,000
Neighborhood Pharmacy   Controlled Substances Act violation 2014 $250,000
Valor Medical Inc.   drug or medical equipment safety violation 2014 $250,000
First Independence Bank   anti-money-laundering deficiencies 2013 $250,000
Susquehanna Supply Company, Inc.   workplace safety or health violation 2018 $250,000
Castle Realty Appraisal Services   fraud 2011 $244,000
Interstate Rehabilitation LLC   False Claims Act 2009 $233,345
J.M. Waller Associates, Inc.   False Claims Act 2014 $229,060
MAK Healthcare PC d/b/a Multicare Plus   False Claims Act 2017 $225,000
Paradigm Health   False Claims Act 2011 $220,000
Materials Sciences Corporation   False Claims Act 2016 $219,909
Bizi International Inc.   intellectual property violation 2011 $219,439
Forest Park Medical Center LLC   False Claims Act 2015 $215,000
TW Metals Inc. O'Neal Industries metals False Claims Act 2008 $215,000
PharMerica Corporation PharMerica healthcare services Controlled Substances Act violation 2014 $213,283
Overlake Medical Center   discriminatory practices 2017 $200,000
Vitas Health Corporation Midwest Chemed healthcare services False Claims Act 2016 $200,000
Cherry Hill Construction Inc.   tax violations 2015 $200,000
Mann Distribution, LLC aka Mann Chemical, LLC   environmental violation 2015 $200,000
Sleep Medicine Center   False Claims Act 2014 $200,000
Madison Avenue Pharmacy   Controlled Substances Act violation 2013 $200,000
Lebanon Cheese Company   food safety violation 2012 $200,000
United Seafood Imports, Inc.   food labeling violation 2011 $200,000
Superior Medical Supply Inc.   Controlled Substances Act violation 2008 $200,000
Grede L.L.C. American Axle & Manufacturing automotive parts environmental violation 2018 $200,000
Fitchburg Family Pharmacy, Inc. et al.   Controlled Substances Act violation 2018 $200,000
Global Healthcare Services Group, LLC   False Claims Act 2018 $190,000
Total Care Services   False Claims Act 2014 $187,500
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