Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
False Claims Act and related
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Tenet Healthcare$1,639,060,00016
HCA Healthcare$1,536,737,05813
Takeda Pharmaceutical$1,246,349,91010
Wells Fargo$1,204,046,7862
DaVita HealthCare Partners$1,133,700,0005

Individual Penalty Records:

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Companysort icon Parent Parent Major Industry Year Agency Penalty Amount
Our Lady of Lourdes Health Care Services Inc.   2009 DOJ_CIVIL $7,950,000
Our Lady of Lourdes Health Foundation   2019 USAO $1,100,000
Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital Inc.   2014 USAO $3,373,898
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health Systems healthcare services 2006 DOJ_CIVIL $3,800,000
Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center   2001 NY-AG $30,560
OUR LADY OF VICTORY   2001 NY-AG $10,245
Outreach Programs, Inc.   2002 DOJ_CIVIL $600,000
Oviatt Hearing and Balance, LLC   2018 USAO $566,000
P.A. Landers Inc.   2008 USAO $900,000
P.A. Landers, Inc.   2012 MA-AG $100,000
P.J. Keating Co.   2011 MA-AG $5,000
Pacific Architects and Engineers LLC PAE Holding miscellaneous services 2017 USAO $5,000,000
Pacific Coast Hematology Inc.   2011 USAO $7,500,000
PacifiCare Health Systems UnitedHealth Group healthcare services 2002 DOJ_CIVIL $87,300,000
Pacira Pharmaceuticals Inc. Pacira BioSciences pharmaceuticals 2020 USAO $3,500,000
PAE Applied Technologies, LLC PAE Holding miscellaneous services 2019 USAO $4,200,000
PAE Government Services Inc. and RM Asia (HK) Limited PAE Holding miscellaneous services 2015 DOJ_CIVIL $1,450,000
Page Avjet   2000 DOJ_CIVIL $1,400,000
Paige Industrial Services Inc.   2016 USAO $450,000
Pain Management Group P.C.   2017 USAO $312,000
Pain Management, S.C.   2020 USAO $1,350,000
Palmetto Health dba Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital Palmetto Health healthcare services 2010 DOJ_CIVIL $1,861,083
PAMC Ltd., and Pacific Alliance Medical Center Inc.   2017 DOJ_CIVIL $42,000,000
Panalpina Inc. Panalpina Group freight and logistics 2010 DOJ_CIVIL $375,000
Panhandle Plains Higher Education Authority and Panhandle Plains Management and Servicing Corp.   2010 DOJ_CIVIL $1,750,000
Par Pharmaceutical Endo International pharmaceuticals 2013 LA-AG $6,000,000
Par Pharmaceutical Co. Endo International pharmaceuticals 2011 MS-AG $2,010,667
Par Pharmaceutical Cos., Inc. Endo International pharmaceuticals 2011 ID-AG $1,700,000
Par Pharmaceutical Inc. Endo International pharmaceuticals 2011 KY-AG $4,500,000
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. Endo International pharmaceuticals 2010 MA-AG $500,000
Par Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Endo International pharmaceuticals 2011 MULTI-AG $154,000,000
Para-Plus Translations Inc.   2017 USAO $1,500,000
Para-Plus Translations Inc.   2017 MULTI-AG (*) $500,000
Paradigm Health   2011 USAO $220,000
Paramedics Plus, LLC   2018 DOJ_CIVIL $20,649,000
Park Avenue Medical Associates P.C.   2013 USAO $1,000,000
Parkland Health and Hospital System   2013 USAO $1,400,000
Parkshore Home Health Care, LLC, d/b/a Renaissance Home Health Care, Inc.?   2013 USAO $1,000,000
Parkshore Home Health Care, LLC,d/b/a Renaissance Home Health Care, Inc.   2013 NY-AG $1,000,000
Parkview Health Services, Inc.   2006 NY-AG $2,050,000
Parkway Hospital   2007 USAO $1,075,000
Parma Community General Hospital University Hospitals healthcare services 2010 DOJ_CIVIL $40,000
Parsons Brinkerhoff WSP Global construction and engineering 2008 MA-AG $50,000,000
Parsons Government Services Inc. Parsons construction and engineering 2015 DOJ_CIVIL $3,800,000
Patient Access Network Foundation   2019 USAO $4,000,000
Patient Services Inc.   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $3,000,000
Payne & Dolan, Inc.   2004 USAO $440,000
PBSJ Corp.   2007 DOJ_CIVIL $6,400,000
PC Specialists Inc., doing business as Technology Integration Group   2015 DOJ_CIVIL $5,900,000
PCL Civil Constructors Inc.   2005 CA-SDCA $4,950,000
PDQ Imaging Services, LLC et al.   2017 USAO $300,000
Peaceoholics, Inc.   2014 DC-AG $638,990
Pediatric & Adolescent Healthcare P.C.   2005 USAO $242,370
Pediatric Services of America Healthcare et al.   2015 USAO $6,882,387
Pediatric Services of America, Inc.   2015 MULTI-AG (*) $2,700,000
Pediatric Services of America, Inc.   2005 NY-AG $239,000
Pediatrix Medical Group   2006 USAO $25,078,918
Pediatrix Medical Group   2016 MULTI-AG (*) $25,078,918
Pediatrix Medical Group, Inc   2001 NV-AG $145,000
Peninsula Regional Medical Center Peninsula Regional Health System healthcare services 2015 DOJ_CIVIL $2,900,000
Peninsula Regional Medical Center Peninsula Regional Health System healthcare services 2011 USAO $1,800,000
Pennsylvania Manufacturers Indemnity Company et al.   2010 NY-AG $5,900,000
Pennsylvania State University   2020 USAO $151,000
Pentad Corporation   2018 USAO $300,000
Pentec Health, Inc.   2019 USAO $17,000,000
People Rebuilding and Living in Dignity (PRALID), Inc.   2002 NY-AG $275,000
Performance Health of Bridgeport P.C.   2006 USAO $10,000
Pernix Therapeutics Currax Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals 2013 LA-AG $800,000
Perrigo Perrigo pharmaceuticals 2013 LA-AG $2,000,000
Pfizer Corporation Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2002 DOJ_CIVIL $49,000,000
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2016 DOJ_CIVIL $784,600,000
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2002 MULTI-AG (*) $21,084,700
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2011 MULTI-AG (*) $2,621,154
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2013 TX-AG $18,170,000
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2019 IL-AG $41,047,101
Pfizer Inc. and Pharmacia Corp. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2012 ID-AG $2,900,000
Pfizer, Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2018 DOJ_CIVIL $23,850,000
Pfizer, Inc. and Pharmacia Corporation Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2010 HI-AG $8,200,000
Pharmacia Corp. Viatris pharmaceuticals 2009 OH-AG $400,000
Pharmacia Corporation Viatris pharmaceuticals 2011 NY-AG $2,500,000
Pharmacia Corporation Viatris pharmaceuticals 2013 WI-AG $29,453,247
Pharmacia Corporation Viatris pharmaceuticals 2019 IL-AG $18,960,210
PharmaHealth Long Term Care Inc., PharmaHealth Specialty Long Term Care Inc., and PharmaHealth Hawthorne   2018 MA-AG $340,000
Pharmerica KKR & Co. private equity (including portfolio companies) 2015 USAO $2,500,000
PharMerica Corp. KKR & Co. private equity (including portfolio companies) 2015 DOJ_CIVIL $31,500,000
PHH Corp. Ocwen Financial financial services 2017 DOJ_CIVIL $74,453,802
Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company Tokio Marine financial services 2018 USAO $30,508
Phillips Petroleum Company Phillips 66 oil and gas 2001 DOJ_CIVIL $8,000,000
Phoenixville Hospital Co., LLC   2020 USAO $100,000
Photon Research Associates, Inc.   2004 USAO $1,900,000
Physician Pharmacy Alliance   2015 USAO $5,000,000
Physician's Alliance Ltd   2017 DOJ_CIVIL $4,000,000
Physician's Mobile X-Ray   2020 USAO $49,759
Physicians Alliance Ltd.   2019 USAO $178,398
Physicians Group Services, P.A. dba Coastal Spine and Pain Physicians Group Services healthcare services 2016 USAO $7,400,000
PhysioHealth Inc. and Dynamic Therapy Services, LLC   2019 USAO $2,000,000
Pick Your Part Auto Wrecking,   2005 CA-MULTI $5,705,964
Piedmont Pathology   2017 USAO $601,000
Piedmont Pathology Associates   2015 USAO $500,000
Pine Creek Medical Center LLC   2017 DOJ_CIVIL $7,500,000
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.