Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
False Claims Act and related
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Tenet Healthcare$1,639,060,00016
HCA Healthcare$1,536,737,05813
Takeda Pharmaceutical$1,246,349,91010
Wells Fargo$1,204,046,7862
DaVita HealthCare Partners$1,133,700,0005

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Yearsort icon Agency Penalty Amount
Bechtel Corporation Bechtel construction and engineering 2020 USAO $28,875,000
AECOM Energy & Construction, Inc. AECOM construction and engineering 2020 USAO $28,875,000
Bio-Reference Laboratories Inc. OPKO Health healthcare services 2020 USAO $11,500,000
TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corp. TriWest Healthcare Alliance Corporation healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $179,700,000
Schneider Electric Buildings Americas Inc. Schneider Electric electrical and electronic equipment 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $11,000,000
Texas Heart Hospital of the Southwest LLP Baylor Scott & White Health healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $48,000,000
Biogen, Inc. Biogen Idec pharmaceuticals 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $22,000,000
Maestro-Connections Health Systems, LLC   2020 MA-AG $10,000,000
Royal Pharmaceuticals LLC   2020 MULTI-AG $732,160
Seton Pharmaceuticals LLC   2020 MULTI-AG $9,664,891
A.R.E.B.A.-CASRIEL, Inc. dba Addiction Care Interventions Chemical Dependency Treatment Centers   2020 NY-AG $3,000,000
Boucher & James, Inc.   2020 PA-AG $851,000
Apria Healthcare Group, Inc. Blackstone private equity (including portfolio companies) 2020 USAO $40,500,000
Apnix Sleep Diagnostics LP   2020 USAO $154,824
Handicare USA dba Prism Medical Services   2020 USAO $800,000
McLeod-Hughes and Associates, LLC   2020 USAO $506,811
Life Health Medical Center   2020 USAO $175,000
Mae Ava Carse Properties, LLC et al.   2020 USAO $150,000
Joint Active Systems, Inc.   2020 USAO $1,500,000
New England Orthotics & Prosthetics, LLP   2020 USAO $90,000
Knape & Vogt Manufacturing Co.   2020 USAO $7,100,000
MedStar Health Inc. MedStar Health healthcare services 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $35,000,000
Covidien LP Medtronic medical equipment and supplies 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $17,477,947
Skyline Urology Skyline Urology healthcare services 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $1,850,000
Vanguard Healthcare LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $18,600,000
Vital Life Institute LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $775,000
GenomeDx Biosciences Corp.   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $1,990,000
North Greenville University   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $2,500,000
Greenway Health LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $57,250,000
Inform Diagnostics Avista Capital Partners private equity (including portfolio companies) 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $63,500,000
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation Northrop Grumman aerospace and military contracting 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $5,200,000
Omega Protein Corp. Cooke Inc. food products 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $1,000,000
Avanti Hospitals LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $8,100,000
Connecticut Behavioral Health Associates P.C.   2019 USAO $3,382,004
Advanced Pain Diagnostic & Solutions Inc.   2019 USAO $860,000
New World Renewable Energy Leasing, Inc.   2019 USAO $5,000,000
Hikmat Shadman Logistics Services Company   2019 USAO $25,000,000
HNTB Inc.   2019 USAO $260,000
PhysioHealth Inc. and Dynamic Therapy Services, LLC   2019 USAO $2,000,000
Lehigh Valley Technologies, Inc.   2019 USAO $4,000,000
Prime Healthcare Services, Inc. Prime Healthcare Services Inc. healthcare services 2019 USAO $1,250,000
Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company Inc.?   2019 USAO $3,670,000
Jefferson Medical Associates   2019 USAO $817,635
Families United Services, Inc.   2019 USAO $645,000
Union General Hospital   2019 USAO $5,000,000
Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental LLC Eurofins Scientific healthcare services 2019 USAO $135,742
Tennessee Health Management, Inc.   2019 USAO $9,764,107
Pentec Health, Inc.   2019 USAO $17,000,000
E.M. Photonics, Inc.   2019 USAO $2,750,000
WellBound of Memphis   2019 USAO $3,246,000
East Coast Stepping Stones, Inc.   2019 USAO $360,000
Walgreen Co. Walgreens Boots Alliance retailing 2019 USAO $3,500,000
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. Walgreens Boots Alliance retailing 2019 USAO $269,200,000
Insys Therapeutics Insys Therapeutics pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $225,000,000
Oral Roberts University   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $303,502
Galichia Medical Group, P.A.   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $5,800,000
Informatica LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $21,570,000
US WorldMeds LLC   2019 DOJ_CIVIL $17,500,000
Astellas Pharma US Inc. Astellas Pharma pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $100,000,000
Amgen Inc. Amgen pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $24,750,000
Sutter Health LLC Sutter Health healthcare services 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $30,000,000
Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc Jazz Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $57,000,000
Lundbeck LLC Lundbeck pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $52,600,000
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. Alexion Pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $13,000,000
Duke University Duke University miscellaneous services 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $112,500,000
Hydro Extrusion Portland, Inc. Norsk Hydro metals 2019 DOJ_CRIMINAL $46,900,000
Coffey Health System   2019 USAO $250,000
Oklahoma Heart Hospital, LLC Ardent Health Services healthcare services 2019 USAO $2,800,000
HyperHeal Hyperbarics, Inc.   2019 USAO $414,640
Carolina Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, Inc.   2019 USAO $790,000
Eagle Valley Clean Energy, LLC   2019 USAO $2,350,000
Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. Acadia Healthcare healthcare services 2019 USAO $17,000,000
Decatur Hospital Authority, d/b/a Wise Health System Wise Health System healthcare services 2019 USAO $431,182
National Spine and Pain Centers and Physical Medicine Associates   2019 USAO $3,300,000
Cardiac Associates, P.C. Cardiac Associates, P.C. healthcare services 2019 USAO $399,000
Fortinet, Inc. Fortinet information technology 2019 USAO $545,000
Acacia Mental Health Clinic, LLC   2019 USAO $4,100,000
Accurate Home Care, LLC   2019 USAO $726,957
University of Wisconsin System   2019 USAO $1,500,000
Accutrack Medical Claims Service LLC and El Paso Integrated Physicians Group P.A   2019 USAO $2,929,162
Ambu, Inc.   2019 USAO $3,300,000
American Airlines Inc. American Airlines airlines 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $22,100,000
Amigos Homecare, LLC   2019 MA-AG $2,130,000
Anne Arundel Medical Center Luminis Health healthcare services 2019 USAO $3,154,000
Arkwin Industries, Inc.   2019 USAO $2,600,000
Avenue Homecare Services, Inc.   2019 MA-AG $8,305,300
Baldwin Bone & Joint, P.C.   2019 USAO $1,200,000
Balmoral Home   2019 USAO $1,170,000
Beaver Medical Group L.P. et al. Beaver Medical Group healthcare services 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $5,039,180
BioScrip Pharmacy Option Care Health healthcare services 2019 MA-AG $1,000,000
Cardiac Associates, P.C. Cardiac Associates, P.C. healthcare services 2019 MD-AG $30,143
CareOne Dental Corporation   2019 WA-AG $1,000,000
CareWell Urgent Care Centers   2019 MULTI-AG $2,000,000
Carlton at the Lake   2019 USAO $3,630,000
Carolina Sodding Services LLC and Carolina Enterprises of the Lowcountry LLC   2019 USAO $1,600,000
Center for Human Genetics, Inc.   2019 MA-AG $500,000
Classic Site Solutions, Inc.   2019 USAO $1,300,000
Clinical Science Laboratory, Inc.   2019 USAO $1,508,106
Clinical Science Laboratory, Inc.   2019 CT-AG $904,863
Complete Dental Care of Mebane   2019 NC-AG $728,450
Comprehensive Pain and Headache Treatment Centers, LLC   2019 USAO $427,691
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.