Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
environmental violation
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Occidental Petroleum$5,396,787,900168
American Electric Power$4,688,229,23723
Duke Energy$2,503,490,68073
Exxon Mobil$1,551,742,356352
Marathon Petroleum$1,370,438,796169
Dominion Energy$1,251,630,69271

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Year Agencysort icon Penalty Amount
Mir Co.   2011 WI-AG $17,000
Mississippi Sports and Recreation, Inc.   2011 WI-AG $15,000
Mullins Cheese, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $120,000
Murphy Oil USA Inc. Murphy USA retailing 2004 WI-AG $125,000
NCL Graphic Specialties, Inc.   2003 WI-AG $50,000
Nehls Brothers Farms, Ltd.   2006 WI-AG $42,000
Neumann Enterprises   2005 WI-AG $30,000
New Berlin Grading, Inc.   2005 WI-AG $45,000
Newell Operating Company Newell Brands housewares and home furnishings 2004 WI-AG $85,000
NewPage Wisconsin System, Inc. Verso Corporation paper and packaging 2009 WI-AG $28,000
Norswiss Farms, Inc.   2011 WI-AG $34,000
North Valley Development   2003 WI-AG $19,009
Northern States Power Company Xcel Energy utilities and power generation 2009 WI-AG $1,300,000
Northern Wire, LLC   2011 WI-AG $65,000
Northwestern Stone, LLC   2005 WI-AG $20,000
Olsen Brothers Enterprises LLP   2009 WI-AG $194,271
Opelt Sand & Gravel, LLC   2013 WI-AG $30,000
Opitz Custom Heifers, LLC   2013 WI-AG $65,000
Paramount Farms, Inc. Wonderful Company diversified 2009 WI-AG $6,000
Parker-Hannifin Corporation Parker-Hannifin industrial equipment 2004 WI-AG $25,000
Patrick Cudahy, Inc. WH Group food products 2010 WI-AG $95,000
Petroleum Heat & Power, Inc.   2011 WI-AG $15,000
Phoenix Products Company, Inc., Pechiney Plastic Packaging, Inc., and Wordingham/Chirchirillo Holdings, LLC   2005 WI-AG $20,000
Pine Ridge of Wautoma, LLC   2009 WI-AG $16,340
PJC Group, LLC   2014 WI-AG $47,272
Plating Engineering Company   2005 WI-AG $18,000
Platteville Golf and Country Club   2012 WI-AG $12,000
Portage Airport Property, LLC   2005 WI-AG $20,000
Powers Lake Construction Co., Inc.   2009 WI-AG $85,000
Prairie Sand & Gravel, Inc.   2008 WI-AG $125,000
Pro Label, Inc.   2004 WI-AG $30,000
Procter & Gamble Paper Products Company Procter & Gamble household and personal care products 2003 WI-AG $81,000
Progressive Rail Incorporated   2012 WI-AG $49,000
Quad/Graphics, Inc. Quad/Graphics miscellaneous services 2003 WI-AG $75,000
Quebecor World RAI, Inc. Quad/Graphics miscellaneous services 2004 WI-AG $80,000
Radtke Contractors, Inc.   2011 WI-AG $18,500
Rank & Son Buick-GMC and Metropolitan Finance Company   2007 WI-AG $24,244
RC Pavers, LLC   2014 WI-AG $6,500
Regency Hills Development Corp.   2009 WI-AG $200,000
Regency Hills Development Corp. and JJD Mastercraft Builders, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $30,000
Republic Services Republic Services waste management and environmental services 2010 WI-AG $250,000
Republic Services of Wisconsin Republic Services waste management and environmental services 2004 WI-AG $475,000
Richlen Excavating, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $45,000
Rick's Mosquito Control Service   2005 WI-AG $11,143
River Junction Mobile Home Services, LLC   2009 WI-AG $28,000
River View Estates, LLC   2006 WI-AG $100,000
RMT, Inc., Homrich, Inc. and Premium Abatement Contracting, L.L.C.   2009 WI-AG $60,000
Rocky Mountain Enterprises, Inc.   2008 WI-AG $75,000
Rollette Oil Company   2007 WI-AG $36,000
Rolling Meadows Development, LLC   2011 WI-AG $50,000
Rush Well Drilling, LLC   2008 WI-AG $8,000
Saputo Cheese USA, Inc., Saputo food products 2013 WI-AG $40,000
Shoreline Contracting Services, Inc.   2008 WI-AG $215,000
Shoreline Support Corporation   2003 WI-AG $125,000
Siemers' Holstein Farm, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $85,000
Specialty Cheese Company, Inc.   2010 WI-AG $25,000
Spring Grove Dairy   2003 WI-AG $15,000
ST Paper LLC   2010 WI-AG $85,000
St. Patrick's Catholic Parish   2003 WI-AG $13,591
Stahl Brothers Dairy, LLC   2011 WI-AG $55,412
Stoneridge Associates LP   2010 WI-AG $240,000
Stora Enso North America Corp. Stora Enso paper and packaging 2003 WI-AG $56,000
Stora Enso North America Corp. Stora Enso paper and packaging 2003 WI-AG $65,000
Sunnyside Dairy Farms LLC   2007 WI-AG $36,861
Superior Asphalt   2007 WI-AG $7,500
Susie Q Fish Co.   2008 WI-AG $27,500
T. Huemann Well & Pump, Inc.   2012 WI-AG $23,000
The C. A. Lawton Co.   2009 WI-AG $325,000
The Conrad Schmitt Studios   2003 WI-AG $15,724
Thiry Daems Cheese Factory, Inc.   2008 WI-AG $100,000
Thistle Dairy, LLC   2013 WI-AG $80,000
Thrift Decorating and Painting   2007 WI-AG $12,000
Tinedale Farms Partnership, LLP   2012 WI-AG $50,000
Tom Butterfield, Inc.   2010 WI-AG $40,000
Tousey Manufacturing Inc. and Gauthier Trucking, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $6,000
Tower Tech Systems, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $95,000
Tramont Corporation   2006 WI-AG $90,000
Tremplo Manufacturing, Inc.   2009 WI-AG $18,907
Trillium Development, LLC   2010 WI-AG $150,000
Triple P, Inc.   2012 WI-AG $300,000
U.S. Oil Company, Inc   2007 WI-AG $450,000
United Ethanol, LLC United Ethanol miscellaneous energy products and systems 2011 WI-AG $700,000
United Liquid Waste Recycling, Inc.   2008 WI-AG $150,000
United Meadows Dairy, LLC   2009 WI-AG $46,000
Utica Energy, LLC   2009 WI-AG $480,000
Utica Energy, LLC   2008 WI-AG $75,000
Utica Energy, LLC   2005 WI-AG $76,000
Valero Renewable Fuels Company, LLC Valero Energy oil and gas 2012 WI-AG $17,000
Valley Pride Pack, Inc.   2001 WI-AG $300,000
Van Woods Estates Waterworks Co., Inc.   2006 WI-AG $10,000
Vespera LLC and Icon Development Corp.   2008 WI-AG $207,500
Victoria, Inc.   2010 WI-AG $5,000
Vinton Construction Company and Eggers Industries, Inc.   2010 WI-AG $85,000
Voltz Trenching and Excavating, Inc.   2011 WI-AG $14,827
Walworth Woodcraft, Inc.   2003 WI-AG $15,000
Waste Management Waste Management Inc. waste management and environmental services 2011 WI-AG $100,000
Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. Waste Management Inc. waste management and environmental services 2009 WI-AG $75,000
Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc. Waste Management Inc. waste management and environmental services 2003 WI-AG $33,841
Waste Management, Inc. Waste Management Inc. waste management and environmental services 2005 WI-AG $128,395
Watertown Tire Recyclers LLC   2006 WI-AG $320,000
Wausau Tile, Inc. Wausau Tile building materials 2011 WI-AG $250,000
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.