Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

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Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Wells Fargo$3,000,000,0001
Ningbo Joyson Electronic$1,000,000,0001
Cerberus Capital Management$337,500,0001
Bristol-Myers Squibb$300,000,0001
Americus Mortgage$296,298,3251
Zebra Technologies$139,000,0001
Credit Agricole$100,000,0001
Pilot Corporation$92,000,0001

Individual Penalty Records:

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Companysort icon Parent Parent Major Industry Year Agency Penalty Amount
3Red Trading LLC   2016 CFTC $2,500,000
A&D General Contracting   2019 USAO $1,834,561
A1 Reliable Medical & Healthcare Services, Inc.   2018 MD-AG $491,922
ABT Associates Abt Associates business services 2006 USAO $2,900,000
Accutest Corp. aka Accutest Laboratories Accutest Laboratories medical equipment and supplies 2015 USAO $3,000,000
Adams Management Group   2009 USAO $24,400
Advanced Thermal Technologies, LLC   2018 USAO $100,000
Advantage Medical Transport Inc.   2015 USAO $250,000
Aegis Oil, LLC   2016 SEC $41,319,067
AEM Inc., Hoth Holdings and Mirabilis Ventures   2010 USAO $200,000,000
Aggregate Industries Northeast Region Inc. LafargeHolcim building materials 2007 USAO $50,000,000
Air Van Lines International Inc.   2007 DOJ_ANTITRUST $143,040
Airmatic Inc.   2014 USAO $906,633
AJ's Candy & Tobacco LLC   2014 USAO $1,000,000
All Fabrics Incorporated   2014 USAO $328,506
Allied Home Mortgage Americus Mortgage financial services 2017 USAO $296,298,325
Altec Medical   2012 DOJ_CIVIL $3,000,000
Americable International, Inc. et al.   2003 USAO $13,956,350
American Benefits Services Inc.   2001 USAO $129,007,200
American Commercial Colleges Inc.   2014 USAO $2,172,794
American International Inc.   2003 USAO $7,500,000
American Legal Services   2013 CA-OCA $15,113,365
American Management Services LLC   2016 DOJ_CRIMINAL $1,625,124
AmSouth Bancorporation Regions Financial financial services 2004 USAO $40,000,000
Anchorage Adult Day Services   2014 AK-AG $20,000
Ansun Biopharma, Inc.   2015 USAO $2,000,000
Appalachian Oil Company Inc.   2007 USAO $255,000
APTx Vehicle Systems Limited   2012 USAO $3,000,000
AQE Inc.   2017 USAO $500,000
ASIG Fueling Miami Inc.   2005 FL-MDSA $2,500,000
ATNM Corp.   2018 NY-WCDA $1,000,000
Axis Labs LLC   2012 USAO $157,000
Banc of America Securities LLC Bank of America financial services 2007 SEC $26,000,000
Bank of America Bank of America financial services 2016 DC-AG $13,000,000
Bank of America Bank of America financial services 2010 DC-AG $13,502,852
Bank of Bermuda   2001 SEC $67,500,000
BAWAG P.S.K. Cerberus Capital Management private equity (including portfolio companies) 2006 USAO $337,500,000
Beam Bros. Trucking, Inc.   2017 USAO $3,250,000
Beam Brothers Trucking   2017 USAO $3,250,000
Bechdon Company Inc.   2012 USAO $1,000,000
Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff, Bechtel Infrastructure Corp. and PB Americas Inc.   2008 USAO $407,000,000
Bennett Environmental Inc.   2008 DOJ_ANTITRUST $1,000,000
Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals   2008 USAO $459,540,000
Big-D Construction Corp.   2018 USAO $1,062,900
Bio-Med Plus Inc.   2006 USAO $54,326,195
Biscayne Milieu Health Center, Inc.   2013 USAO $11,485,993
BL Trading LLC   2010 USAO $182,404
BMO Harris Bank, N.A. Bank of Montreal financial services 2018 USAO $10,000,000
Boggs Paving Inc.   2015 USAO $500,000
Braddock Management LP and Bainbridge Management LP   2003 USAO $16,544,598
Bristol Alloys   2011 USAO $13,550,000
Bristol-Myers Squibb Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceuticals 2005 USAO $300,000,000
C&D Distributors LLC   2009 USAO $15,555,930
C-Mart Supermarket Inc.   2019 USAO $120,000
C.R. Bard Inc. Becton Dickinson medical equipment and supplies 2013 USAO $2,200,000
Caddell Construction Company Inc. Caddell Construction construction and engineering 2012 DOJ_CRIMINAL $2,000,000
California Financial Services, Inc., Internet Telecommunications Albany System SMR, Internet Telecommunications Reno System SMR and Internet Telecommunications Anchorage System SMR   2000 SEC $2,876,405
Cardinal Respiratory P.C.   2008 USAO $2,500,000
Cash Today USA, Inc.   2006 USAO $2,123,946
Castle Realty Appraisal Services   2011 USAO $244,000
Celadon Group Inc. Celadon Group freight and logistics 2019 DOJ_CRIMINAL $42,200,000
Center for Health and Human Services Inc.   2001 MA-AG $500,000
Chicago Index Partners, L.P. (CIP) and Wilkinson Financial Opportunity Fund, L.P.   2016 CFTC $21,800,000
CIBC Mellon Trust Company   2005 SEC $6,030,043
CMG Construction Inc.   2017 USAO $2,601,600
CommerceWest Bank CommerceWest Bank financial services 2015 DOJ_CRIMINAL $4,900,000
Commonwealth Communications Group and Marjet Corp.   2000 SEC $1,407,284
ComTriad Technologies, Inc.   2005 USAO $250,000
Consolidated Laboratory Services dba CLS Inc.   2008 USAO $5,350,000
Construction Service Corp. Inc.   2012 USAO $65,000
Constructora Santiago II, Corp., Centro Cardiovascular and Hospital Del Maestro?   2016 USAO $132,000
ContextMedia Health LLC dba Outcome Health   2019 DOJ_CRIMINAL $70,000,000
Convergent Wealth Advisors LLC   2016 CFTC $800,000
ConvergEx Group LLC Cowen Inc. financial services 2014 DOJ_CRIMINAL $43,800,000
Cover-All Inc.   2008 CA-LACDA $6,300,000
Crawford Healthcare Management of Norfolk & Baltimore Crawford & Co. financial services 2003 DOJ_CRIMINAL $8,000,000
CRE Properties LLC and M & G Properties II, Inc.   2006 USAO $7,500,292
Creative Times Day School, Inc.   2018 USAO $150,000
Credit Lyonnais Credit Agricole financial services 2003 USAO $100,000,000
CSI AG, Ltd.   2001 USAO $122,527,160
Curvature LLC   2015 USAO $2,200,000
Custom Transportation Service, Inc.   2002 MA-AG $376,000
D.C. Air & Seafood   2014 USAO $520,371
DeBrink Trading Fund I, LLC   2016 CFTC $910,000
Devos Ltd. dba Guaranteed Returns   2019 USAO $210,085,535
Dey, Inc. Mylan pharmaceuticals 2004 AR-AG $600,000
Discovery Sales Inc.   2016 USAO $11,000,000
Donald W. Gupton Inc., CRE Properties LLC?and?M & G Properties II Inc.   2006 USAO $7,500,292
Draven, LLC   2017 CFTC $1,487,964
East Coast Staffing, Inc.   2006 MA-AG $65,431
Ebara International Corp. Ebara industrial equipment 2004 USAO $6,300,000
EJS Capital Management   2017 CFTC $11,600,000
Emission Controls Corporation   2005 SEC $343,333
Exide Illinois Exide Technologies miscellaneous energy products and systems 2002 USAO $27,500,000
Focus Financial Associates, Inc. and Focus Development Center, Inc.   2006 SEC $6,272,264
Forrester Construction Company   2014 USAO $2,150,000
Gateway Technologies, Inc. and The Cheyenne Holding Corp.   2001 SEC $5,083,378
Golf Emporium Corporation   2000 SEC $8,622,014
Good Faith Services LLC   2014 AK-AG $1,500,000
Granite Construction Inc. Granite Construction construction and engineering 2015 USAO $8,250,000
Greenleaf and The Real Estate Co.   2010 MO-AG $338,000
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.