Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
payday lending violation
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
CashCall Inc.$2,250,0185
Grupo Salinas$457,4862
ACE Cash Express$140,9002
CNG Financial$103,7091

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Year Agency Penalty Amountsort icon
Cash America International Inc. FirstCash financial services 2013 CFPB $19,000,000
Total Account Recovery, LLC and E-Finance Call Center Support   2017 NY-DFS $11,858,745
Zippy's Currency X-Change, Inc. et al.   2011 CA-DBO $6,234,023
National Credit Adjusters, LLC   2016 NY-DFS $2,986,837
Flurish, Inc. dba LendUp   2016 CA-DBO $2,500,000
Selling Source dba MoneyMutual   2015 NY-DFS $2,100,000
The Onyx Group, Inc. et al.   2011 MD-FIN $1,508,000
Cash Cow F1 and EZ Cash, Inc.   2000 FL-OFR $1,298,600
TIOR Capital, LLC et al.   2013 CA-DBO $1,125,000
CashCall, Inc. CashCall Inc. financial services 2015 CA-DBO $1,000,000
Blue Global LLC   2016 NY-DFS $1,000,000
Great Plains Lending, LLC   2015 CT-BKG $700,000
Populus Financial Group, Inc. dba ACE Cash Express   2019 CA-DBO $605,000
CashCall, Inc., Western Sky Financial, LLC, WS Funding, LLC CashCall Inc. financial services 2016 FL-OFR $500,000
CashCall, Inc. and Western Sky Financial L.L.C. CashCall Inc. financial services 2014 CT-BKG $400,000
Target Finance, LLC dba Target Cash Now   2019 CT-BKG $400,000
Advance America, Cash Advance Centers of California, LLC Grupo Salinas diversified 2009 CA-DBO $297,486
Payday Advance, LLC   2008 CA-DBO $277,932
CashCall, Inc. CashCall Inc. financial services 2017 AZ-DFS $250,000
Southwestern & Pacific Speciality Finance, Inc. dba Check N' Go   2010 CA-DBO $218,897
Advance America, Cash Advance Centers of California, LLC Grupo Salinas diversified 2018 CA-DBO $160,000
Faas Financial, Inc. et al.   2008 CA-DBO $150,000
Speedy Cash, a Nevada Corporation, dba Speedy Cash   2008 CA-DBO $122,138
Webcollex LLC   2016 NY-DFS $119,070
ACE Cash Express, Inc. ACE Cash Express financial services 2010 CA-DBO $118,400
A-1 Check Cashing of Anderson et al.   2008 CA-DBO $113,989
Zero Parallel, LLC   2019 CA-DBO $110,000
A-1 Check Cashing and Payday Cash Advance of Ukiah et al.   2008 CA-DBO $107,985
Allied Cash Advance California, LLC CNG Financial financial services 2011 CA-DBO $103,709
CashCall, Inc. and Western Sky Financial, LLC et al. CashCall Inc. financial services 2014 MD-FIN $100,018
Cardinal Management, LLC   2012 CT-BKG $100,000
National Creditline, Inc. aka   2012 CT-BKG $100,000
Geneva-Roth Ventures, Inc.   2013 CT-BKG $100,000
Instant Loans USA   2013 CT-BKG $100,000
Arrowhead Investment, Inc.   2014 CT-BKG $100,000
Geneva Roth Ventures, Inc. et al.   2013 AK-DBS $99,000
Speedy Cash   2018 CA-DBO $90,000
A Plus Financial, LLC   2009 CA-DBO $87,209
Frontera FL, LLC   2016 FL-OFR $74,700
Easy Cash Advance and Check Cashing dba A-1 Check Cashing of Corning et al.   2008 CA-DBO $71,795
IMC Postal Express   2010 CA-DBO $69,383
S&D Financial Management   2009 CA-DBO $66,381
Galt Ventures, LLC   2018 CA-DBO $60,000
Cash It Now   2008 CA-DBO $59,607
Possible Financial, Inc.   2019 CA-DBO $51,500
California Financial Services, inc. dba The Pawn Shop   2008 CA-DBO $43,272
GVG Financial Services, Inc. dba Cash N More   2007 CA-DBO $41,420
Treasure Coast Cash Co., Inc.   2000 FL-OFR $40,000
Thrifty Check Cashing Co.   2009 CA-DBO $36,181
Bu Young Lee Co., Inc. dba Omega Financial   2008 CA-DBO $35,665
The Cash Center, Inc. dba The Loan Center and TLC   2007 CA-DBO $35,000
AALM Consulting, Ltd. dba   2012 CA-DBO $35,000
Payday Advance Express, Inc.   2008 CA-DBO $32,719
Instant Cash   2009 CA-DBO $30,000
Quick Cashing, Inc. dba Family Financial Center   2016 CA-DBO $30,000
Galt Ventures, Inc. dba Speedy Cash   2008 CA-DBO $25,100
Merchant Check Cashing and Payday Advance   2008 CA-DBO $25,000
The Pawn Shop   2008 CA-DBO $25,000
JRMM, L.L.C. dba Mister Cash   2008 CA-DBO $25,000
The Cash Line, L.L.C. dba   2013 CA-DBO $25,000
Money $ Money   2008 CA-DBO $24,500
Private Financial Corp. dba Cash Advance   2009 FL-OFR $24,500
Bay Cash Advance Inc.   2015 FL-OFR $23,550
RAH Consulting Services LLC   2016 FL-OFR $23,100
ACE Cash Express, Inc. ACE Cash Express financial services 2015 CA-DBO $22,500
Hindsco, Inc. dba Cash Now Santa Rosa   2009 CA-DBO $20,901
Money Palace   2008 CA-DBO $20,000
Champs Products & Services, Inc. dba Check Cashing Easy   2016 FL-OFR $19,800
Area Check Cashing Centers, Inc.   2009 CA-DBO $18,500
Transpacific Currency Services, Inc.   2005 CA-DBO $17,500
Jenefer's Bar and Grill, Inc. dba Nix Check Cashing   2008 CA-DBO $16,500
MS Money, Inc.   2015 FL-OFR $16,100
Dylanite, Inc.   2008 CA-DBO $15,000
Pro Check Cashing, Inc.   2008 CA-DBO $15,000
Northway Financial Corp. Ltd., et al.   2012 CA-DBO $15,000
Cash Yes aka   2014 CA-DBO $15,000
A.L.I. Inc. dba Premiere Stations   2008 CA-DBO $13,500
Check Mark Enterprises   2009 CA-DBO $13,498
Advance Alaska, LLC dba Advance Til Payday   2015 AK-DBS $13,100
Advance Payday   2008 CA-DBO $13,000
Betty's Rainbow Corp. dba American Quick Cash Depot   2010 FL-OFR $12,500
Hot Lava Flow, Inc. dba Cash Plus   2008 CA-DBO $12,284
BMI Financial Services, Inc. dba Check Exchange   2016 FL-OFR $12,225
Cash It Quick   2008 CA-DBO $12,000
Fastest Services, Inc.   2015 FL-OFR $11,775
Cash Mart Express of Florida, LLC dba Cash Tyme   2017 FL-OFR $11,250
Main St Postal Plus   2007 CA-DBO $11,000
CashNetUSA of Florida, LLC   2015 FL-OFR $11,000
Quick Cash Advance, Inc.   2014 FL-OFR $10,500
TIGS Enterprises, LLC dba Cash Plus et al.   2009 CA-DBO $10,380
Money & More   2008 CA-DBO $10,000
The Jesschex Corp. dba Jess Chex Financial   2010 CA-DBO $10,000
A-1 Premium Budget, Inc., dba Cash In A Wink, dba Fast 1000   2012 CA-DBO $10,000
Cash America Advance, Inc. FirstCash financial services 2019 CA-DBO $10,000
Payday Cash Advance, Inc.   2015 FL-OFR $9,300
All In One Jimenez, Inc. dba Easy Check Cashing   2007 CA-DBO $8,000
Pragudha Financial Services, Inc. dba MLA Chino Hills Payday Check Cashing et al.   2008 CA-DBO $8,000
Max4Money, Inc.   2008 CA-DBO $8,000
Postal Connection/Cashman   2007 CA-DBO $7,500
The Jesschex Corp. dba Jess Chex Financial   2008 CA-DBO $7,500
OpenDoors Financing and Consulting dba Ez Cash Loan   2014 CA-DBO $7,500
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.