Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
tax violations
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Credit Suisse$2,515,000,0002
Bank Hapoalim$874,260,0003
Deutsche Bank$679,659,1533
Julius Baer Group$547,000,0001
Verizon Communications$415,317,9093
Bank Leumi$400,000,0002

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Year Agencysort icon Penalty Amount
Western Pioneer, Inc.   2017 ATTTB $100,000
Louis Dreyfus Commodities Grand Junction LLC Louis Dreyfus financial services 2017 ATTTB $14,000
Stoney Marine International, Limited   2017 ATTTB $10,000
V.O.S. Selections, Inc.   2016 ATTTB $20,000
Temperance Distilling Company   2017 ATTTB $211,259
SPB LLC   2017 ATTTB $91,333
Transchemical Inc.   2017 ATTTB $50,000
Newman & Ullman Inc.   2017 ATTTB $25,000
Railex LLC   2017 ATTTB $60,000
Aldrich Chemical Company LLC Merck KGaA (EMD) pharmaceuticals 2017 ATTTB $22,500
Citizen Cider LLC   2018 ATTTB $32,000
Tracking Point Inc.   2018 ATTTB $506,000
Don Francisco Cigars LLC   2018 ATTTB $14,881
Margerum Wine Company Inc.   2018 ATTTB $5,122
M&M Inc.   2018 ATTTB $425,000
Skyscraper Brewing Company   2018 ATTTB $7,000
Alexander Valley Cellars LLC   2018 ATTTB $25,000
Warsteiner Importers Agency Inc.   2018 ATTTB $900,000
Ohserase Manufacturing LLC   2018 ATTTB $225,000
Aberdeen Energy, LLC   2018 ATTTB $10,000
Sea Gear Marine Supply Inc.   2018 ATTTB $65,000
CS&V Inc. (City Smokes and Vapor)   2018 ATTTB $6,000
MGPI of Indiana LLC MGP Ingredients agribusiness 2018 ATTTB $14,625
MGPI Processing Inc. MGP Ingredients agribusiness 2018 ATTTB $31,500
Metro Wine Distribution Co., Inc.   2018 ATTTB $85,000
Cigar City Brewing LLC   2018 ATTTB $20,000
Verbatim, LLC   2018 ATTTB $15,000
Farmers Tobacco Co. of Cynthiana Inc.   2018 ATTTB $1,000,000
Indian River Beverage Corporation   2018 ATTTB $40,000
Elgin Beverage Co.   2018 ATTTB $325,000
Liberty Ammunition Inc.   2018 ATTTB $15,367
TDJ, Inc., dba Christensen Arms   2018 ATTTB $750,000
Terressentia Corporation   2018 ATTTB $25,000
Arizona Spirits LLC   2018 ATTTB $32,000
Sun Liquor MFG, Inc.   2019 ATTTB $1,300,000
QAC LLC   2018 ATTTB $1,500,000
Mark Ryan Winery, LLC   2018 ATTTB $6,200
Heritage Tobacco LLC   2019 ATTTB $20,000
Crown Imports LLC   2019 ATTTB $420,000
Heineken USA Incorporated Heineken beverages 2019 ATTTB $2,500,000
Aala Produce Inc.   2019 ATTTB $322,374
Smokes & Such, LLC   2019 ATTTB $25,000
Still Smokin LLC   2019 ATTTB $25,000
Brewers Distributing Company   2019 ATTTB $350,000
Industry City Distillery Inc.   2019 ATTTB $53,668
LFS, Inc.   2019 ATTTB $125,000
SS Tobacco LLC   2019 ATTTB $600,000
Vinifera Wine Company LLC   2019 ATTTB $20,000
Willie's Distillery, Inc.   2019 ATTTB $300,000
Vinpak Inc.   2019 ATTTB $61,000
Seven Brides Brewing Company   2019 ATTTB $18,230
Mastermind Vodka Inc.   2019 ATTTB $45,600
Southern Estates Investments, LLC, dba Palmetto Moonshine   2019 ATTTB $185,000
Excel Industries, Inc.   2019 ATTTB $65,000
Lake Erie Tobacco Company   2020 ATTTB $4,333,129
Pierre Perales   2019 ATTTB $10,000
Stern Beverage, Inc.   2019 ATTTB $350,000
Carisam-Samuel Meisel   2019 ATTTB $450,000
Download results as CSV or XML (maximum 10,000; for access to larger downloads contact Phil Mattera)
(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.