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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon
Qimonda Richmond, LLCInfineon Technologieselectrical and electronic equipmentWARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$35,000,000
Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$15,000,000
ITT Educational Services, Inc. WARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$10,000,000
MCC Corporation WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$10,000,000
Spansion Inc. WARN Act violation2010private lawsuit-federal$8,568,000
Universal Health Care Group Inc. WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$7,200,000
USF Red Star IncYellow Corporationfreight and logisticsWARN Act violation2006private lawsuit-federal$6,775,000
American Home Mortgage Holdings, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$6,500,000
The Truland Group Inc. WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$5,500,000
First Magnus Capital Inc. WARN Act violation2010private lawsuit-federal$5,500,000
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP WARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$4,500,000
Pan American Medical Centers Inc. WARN Act violation2003private lawsuit-federal$4,250,000
Ideal Mortgage Bankers, Ltd WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$4,191,881
Archway Cookies LLCCampbell Soupfood productsWARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$4,000,000
Gemstone Solutions Group, Inc. f/k/a Gymboree Group, Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$3,629,678
Solyndra LLC WARN Act violation2012private lawsuit-federal$3,500,000
Axium International Inc. WARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$3,450,000
Xceligent, Inc. WARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$3,100,000
Shopko Stores Operating Co. et al.ShopKo StoresretailingWARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$3,018,434
Apollo Global ManagementApollo Global Managementprivate equity (including portfolio companies)WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$3,000,000
Mervyn's LLC WARN Act violation2010private lawsuit-federal$3,000,000
Blackjewel L.L.C. WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$2,836,494
DHP Holdings II Corporation WARN Act violation2016private lawsuit-federal$2,831,096
Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$2,700,000
New Century TRS Holdings Inc. WARN Act violation2008private lawsuit-federal$2,600,000
Delta Funding Corporation WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$2,525,000
MPC Computers, LLC WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$2,500,000
LenderLive Network Inc. WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$2,400,000
Fisker Automotive Holdings Inc. WARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$1,887,771
Peregrine Financial Group, Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$1,850,000
HomeBanc Mortgage Corporation WARN Act violation2016private lawsuit-federal$1,750,000
People's Choice Home Loan, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$1,700,000
AFA Foods, Inc. WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$1,650,000
US Fidelis Inc. WARN Act violation2012private lawsuit-federal$1,450,000
Dowling College WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$1,427,574
Kitty Hawk, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$1,400,000
Fortunoff Holdings LLC WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$1,330,000
ClearEdge Power Inc. WARN Act violation2016private lawsuit-federal$1,300,217
Flexsteel Industries, Inc.Flexsteel Industrieshousewares and home furnishingsWARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$1,275,000
Bluestone Coal Corp. et al. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$1,270,800
Evergreen Recreational Vehicles, LLC WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$1,200,000
Matlinpatterson Global Advisors LLC WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$1,200,000
Countrywide Financial CorporationBank of Americafinancial servicesWARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$1,200,000
Reliant Equity Investors, LLC et al. WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$1,171,031
Schultze Asset Management, LLC WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$1,150,000
DGI Services LLC WARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$1,100,000
CS Mining, LLC WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$1,100,000
Aegis Mortgage Corporation WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$1,100,000
DSE Inc. WARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$1,050,000
Microfibres Inc. WARN Act violation2017private lawsuit-federal$1,000,000
Navigation Capital Partners Inc. WARN Act violation2016private lawsuit-federal$1,000,000
WL Homes LLC WARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$938,250
Atherotech Holdings Inc. WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$932,000
Alliance Bancorp Inc. WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$925,000
Pipeline Health System LLC WARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$920,000
Data Cooling Technologies LLC WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$904,000
Zacky & Sons Poultry LLC WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$900,000
Corinthian Colleges Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$900,000
Crowne Architectural Systems, Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$900,000
P-D Valmiera Glass USA Corp. WARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$887,500
APX Holdings LLC WARN Act violation2006private lawsuit-federal$875,000
Limited Stores, LLC WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$810,625
Bluestone Coal Corp. et al. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$782,000
Lucky's Market WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$750,000
AA Florida Bridal Retail Company, LLC WARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$710,237
The Connaught Group, Ltd. WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$675,000
Car Component Technologies, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$675,000
American Remanufacturers, Inc. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$675,000
New England Motor Freight Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$625,000
Virginia Fuel CorporationJames C. Justice Companiesmining and mineralsWARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$625,000
Fortress Investment Group WARN Act violation2010private lawsuit-federal$601,230
Continental Promotion Group, Inc. WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$575,000
San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care Corporation WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$547,857
ANKA Behavioral Health, Inc. WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$525,000
Mechel Bluestone Inc. WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$516,250
Colortree Group Inc. WARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$500,000
Astor & Black Custom LLC WARN Act violation2016private lawsuit-federal$500,000
Caritas Health Care, Inc. WARN Act violation2012private lawsuit-federal$495,269
Adoc Holdings Inc. WARN Act violation2013private lawsuit-federal$430,000
Hancock Park Associates, LLP WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$428,522
Munchery Inc. WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$400,000
Tango Transport LLC WARN Act violation2017private lawsuit-federal$400,000
First NLC Financial Services, LLC WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$400,000
Rockford Products LLC WARN Act violation2017private lawsuit-federal$387,500
Powermate Holding Corp. WARN Act violation2009private lawsuit-federal$375,000
West Side Community Hospital Inc. WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$360,000
Southwest Hospital and Medical Center WARN Act violation2006private lawsuit-federal$357,291
Eos Airlines, Inc. WARN Act violation2008private lawsuit-federal$350,000
Durham School Services LP WARN Act violation2021private lawsuit-federal$347,000
Metadigm Holdings Inc. WARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$325,000
Real Hospitality Group, LLC WARN Act violation2022private lawsuit-federal$300,000
Pernix Therapeutics, LLCCurrax PharmaceuticalspharmaceuticalsWARN Act violation2019private lawsuit-federal$300,000
Ace Homecare LLC WARN Act violation2018private lawsuit-federal$290,000
Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, LLC WARN Act violation2020private lawsuit-federal$278,249
Three A's Holdings, L.L.C. WARN Act violation2008private lawsuit-federal$275,000
Consolidated Manufacturing Inc. WARN Act violation2006private lawsuit-federal$240,000
Rivet Software Inc. WARN Act violation2014private lawsuit-federal$200,000
National Machinery Company WARN Act violation2004private lawsuit-federal$195,000
Partsearch Technologies, Inc. WARN Act violation2011private lawsuit-federal$183,000
Northern Beef Packers LP WARN Act violation2015private lawsuit-federal$180,000
Adam Aircraft Industries, Inc. WARN Act violation2012private lawsuit-federal$150,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.