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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon .
Chipotle Mexican GrillChipotle Mexican Grillrestaurants and foodservicewage and hour violation2022NJ-AG$7,750,000
Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.Chipotle Mexican Grillrestaurants and foodservicewage and hour violation2020MA-AG$1,870,000
Packers Sanitation Services Inc. wage and hour violation2023WHD$1,544,076
Pleasant Care Corporation?et al. wage and hour violation2002WHD$1,100,000
Westbury Manor Enterprises, Inc. wage and hour violation2009WHD$1,031,721
Belen Jesuit Preparatory School Inc. wage and hour violation2017WHD$682,848
Belen Jesuit Preparatory School wage and hour violation2018WHD$682,847
Don Pancho Mexican Restaurant wage and hour violation2020WHD$563,350
JB Restaurants Inc. wage and hour violation2018WHD$511,117
Scotto Brothers Restaurant Westbury, Inc. wage and hour violation2003WHD$470,687
UnWrapped, Inc wage and hour violation2016WHD$453,361
Qdoba Restaurant CorporationApollo Global Managementprivate equity (including portfolio companies)wage and hour violation2019MA-AG$409,400
Stoltzfus Structures LLC wage and hour violation2017WHD$407,944
Wendy's International LLCWendy'srestaurants and foodservicewage and hour violation2020MA-AG$400,000
Stater Bros. MarketsStater Bros. Holdingsretailingwage and hour violation2007WHD$379,522
Tom Willumson LLC dba Concept Construction wage and hour violation2022WHD$374,493
JM Holm & Company Inc. wage and hour violation2016WHD$371,146
Western Wats Center, Inc. wage and hour violation2009WHD$290,565
Master Concepts LTD wage and hour violation2006WHD$285,000
Oak Grove Cinemas, Inc. wage and hour violation2012WHD$279,633
DVVA Carle Place Restaurant, Inc. wage and hour violation2003WHD$278,833
New Shoreham, Inc. d/b/a wage and hour violation2005WHD$273,968
Papantoniadis Pizza, Inc. wage and hour violation2018WHD$273,208
Fiesta Cancun Grill Inc. wage and hour violation2019WHD$271,240
Sun Deck Concrete, Inc. wage and hour violation2006WHD$268,166
Ce Soir Lingerie Co. Inc. wage and hour violation2005WHD$265,887
CVS Pharmacy Inc.CVS Healthretailingwage and hour violation2007WHD$264,749
Trafficanda Egg Ranches, Inc. wage and hour violation2008WHD$261,766
Ellis Hospital wage and hour violation2009WHD$261,078
Composite Panel Technology - South, Inc wage and hour violation2017WHD$258,483
WM Limited Partnership-1998 wage and hour violation2018WHD$258,249
Scotto's Smithtown Restaurant Corp. wage and hour violation2004WHD$258,200
Backyard Energy Services, LLC wage and hour violation2018WHD$255,562
Lids Corporation wage and hour violation2000WHD$253,677
Legacy House of Bountiful wage and hour violation2008WHD$250,613
Northeast Foods, LLC wage and hour violation2017MA-AG$250,000
Northeast Foods, LLC wage and hour violation2017MA-AG$250,000
WM Limited Partnership - 1998 wage and hour violation2017WHD$248,933
Meshoppen Stone Inc wage and hour violation2014WHD$247,982
A&P and The Food Emporium wage and hour violation2004WHD$242,595
Cheddar's Casual Cafe, IncDarden Restaurantsrestaurants and foodservicewage and hour violation2010WHD$237,540
Stoltzfus Structures LLC wage and hour violation2017WHD$219,372
Reliance Electric, Inc.ABB Ltd.utilities and power generationwage and hour violation2012WHD$209,007
McGowan & Co, Inc. wage and hour violation2014WHD$207,041
Ochoa, Inc. wage and hour violation2017WHD$206,198
Hoogland Foods, LLC wage and hour violation2015WHD$205,263
Paragon Contractors Corp. wage and hour violation2016WHD$200,000
Fisherman's Fleet Inc. wage and hour violation2000WHD$199,375
P & F Bakers Inc. wage and hour violation2016WHD$196,723
Quality Hardwood Floors, Inc. wage and hour violation2017WHD$187,118
Olympia Sports Center Inc. wage and hour violation2004ME-AG$186,600
Perlmart Inc. wage and hour violation2005WHD$186,368
Yuan Huan, Inc. dba Grand China Buffet and Prosperity Enterprises, Inc. dba New York Chinese Buffet wage and hour violation2011MA-AG$180,000
Pro Com Roofing & Construction Services Corp. wage and hour violation2021WHD$179,901
Steel & Metal Systems, Inc. wage and hour violation2008WHD$178,487
Arrsand Managment., LLC wage and hour violation2006WHD$177,100
EL Mexicano II, Inc. wage and hour violation2013WHD$174,801
Lifestyle Landscapes Inc. wage and hour violation2010WHD$173,994
International Paving Corporation wage and hour violation2011WHD$168,252
Michael Polito wage and hour violation2006WHD$167,006
Scenic Ridge Construction wage and hour violation2018WHD$165,254
JJ Pizza Service LLC and S&S Pizza LLC wage and hour violation2022WHD$162,675
Demon Demo, Inc. wage and hour violation2009WHD$162,032
Fred Beans Parts Inc. wage and hour violation2006WHD$161,925
PriceRite Supermarkets wage and hour violation2002WHD$159,600
Ruby TuesdayRuby Tuesdayrestaurants and foodservicewage and hour violation2012MA-AG$158,000
Manna Inc. wage and hour violation2020WHD$157,114
Sunrise Senior Living, Inc.Reverahealthcare serviceswage and hour violation2004WHD$156,879
Agawam Donuts, Inc. et al. wage and hour violation2002MA-AG$150,000
Swim Club Management Group of Charlotte, Inc wage and hour violation2017WHD$146,289
Westford Group, Inc. wage and hour violation2022MA-AG$145,000
On your way mangement, LLC wage and hour violation2012WHD$141,293
Organic on the Go Inc. wage and hour violation2022WHD$139,398
C & D Groceries, Inc. wage and hour violation2012WHD$139,389
New Era Manufacturing, Inc. wage and hour violation2016WHD$138,953
Jim Barnes Enterprises, Inc. wage and hour violation2007WHD$137,764
Dearborn Farms, Inc. wage and hour violation2003WHD$137,100
Fiesta Cancun Grill, INC wage and hour violation2018WHD$137,071
Wal-Mart StoresWalmartretailingwage and hour violation2005WHD$135,540
Klaus Restaurants, Inc. wage and hour violation2018WHD$132,476
SK Lumber wage and hour violation2013WHD$132,000
Big Mike's Restaurant LLC wage and hour violation2018WHD$130,693
Davy's Locker, Inc. wage and hour violation2003WHD$130,000
Newflower Market, Inc. wage and hour violation2006WHD$128,941
Butch's Waterproofing, L.P. wage and hour violation2008WHD$128,788
Reliable Insulation Enterprises, LLC wage and hour violation2012WHD$127,647
Taqueria El Ranchito, Inc wage and hour violation2011WHD$126,876
Western Wats Center, Inc. wage and hour violation2009WHD$126,315
El Charro Casita Inc wage and hour violation2017WHD$126,033
Courtland Place Sr. Living Community d/b/a wage and hour violation2001WHD$125,617
Stover and Sons Contractors Inc. wage and hour violation2021WHD$122,364
Swift Industries, Inc wage and hour violation2008WHD$121,024
Govostes Management Group wage and hour violation2021MA-AG$120,000
Golfland Entertainment Centers, Inc wage and hour violation2008WHD$118,718
E & E Quezada Food Services Corp. wage and hour violation2022WHD$118,042
H & V Inc. wage and hour violation2013WHD$117,949
Wiremasters, Inc. wage and hour violation2006WHD$117,140
Farda Associates, Inc. wage and hour violation2017WHD$117,136
Flores Landscaping wage and hour violation2017WHD$117,024
Wesbury United Methodist Community wage and hour violation2006WHD$116,700
Rolling Fields, Inc. wage and hour violation2009WHD$116,193
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.