Violation Tracker Individual Record

Arena Offshore, LP
November 8, 2013
Offense Group: 
environment-related offenses
Primary Offense: 
environmental violation
Secondary Offense: 
offshore drilling violation
Violation Description: 

During the course of a BSEE investigation into an incident with injury, it was discovered, that the port side air hoist cable had become entangled with the kelly hose safety clamp during the replacement of the inner bushings. It was observed that the driller's view of the entangled air hoist cable was obstructed by the traveling block and top drive. The downward force of the traveling block and top drive put enough force on the cable and anchor post to break the post from the rig floor allowing either the anchor post or the bushing puller tool to strike the injured party. December 16, 2012

Level of Government: 
Action Type: 
agency action
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Civil or Criminal Case: 
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