Violation Tracker Individual Record

Mariner Energy, Inc.
April 23, 2012
Offense Group: 
environment-related offenses
Primary Offense: 
environmental violation
Secondary Offense: 
offshore drilling violation
Violation Description: 

During the course of a BSEE announced inspection, the inspector discovered the following areas of concern; Well No. 10, on the facility, was found not secured and was moving freely in all directions creating a 12 foot hole in the grating (Noted: Area was within a Barricaded area); Numerous areas of the top deck were discovered with severe corrosion, metal loss, and holes within the designated walk areas. In addition, there were several areas of corrosion in bracing, beams, and equipment threatening to fall, creating an overhead falling hazard to personnel when visiting the facility; Numerous items of trash, scrap metal, drums, buckets, cans, etc were found laying on the open deck creating trip hazards and a potential environmental hazards. June 17, 2011 (3 violations)

Level of Government: 
Action Type: 
agency action
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
Civil or Criminal Case: 
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