Violation Tracker Individual Record

George H. Johnson Companies
December 1, 2007
Offense Group: 
environment-related offenses
Primary Offense: 
environmental violation
Violation Description: 

Bulldozing and clearing of nearly 270 acres of State Trust Lands located in and near the Ironwood National Monument and the Los Robles Archeological District. and an estimated 2,000 acres of private lands in the Santa Cruz River Valley without obtaining permits required by state law. Destroying portions of seven major Hohokam archeological sites, circa A.D. 750-1250. Destroying more than 40,000 protected native plants on State Trust Lands, including Saguaro, Ironwood, Mesquite, Palo Verde and other protected species. Violating the state's clean water laws by failing to secure required permits and discharging pollutants into the Little Colorado River, the South Fork of the Little Colorado River and tributaries of the Santa Cruz River. Negligently causing a disease epidemic that resulted in the death of at least 21 rare Arizona desert bighorn sheep and serious injury to numerous others.

Level of Government: 
Action Type: 
agency action
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Civil or Criminal Case: 
Facility State: 
Source of Data: 

Contained in data received from the agency on November 10, 2020 in response to an open records request.

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