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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: oil and gas
Penalty Total since 2000$55,566,014,270
Number of Records: 6,566
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Occidental Petroleum$5,444,189,210250
Exxon Mobil$3,344,306,098581
Marathon Petroleum$1,572,743,103375
Shell PLC$1,340,414,421452
Valero Energy$1,111,568,646325
Phillips 66$808,518,224422
PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela S.A.)$503,225,288108
Devon Energy$496,594,40049

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense TypeYearAgencyPenalty Amount sort icon
BP America, Inc.BPrailroad safety violation2012FRA$5,625
Premcor Refining Group Inc.Valero Energyrailroad safety violation2007FRA$5,625
Merit Energy CompanyMerit Energyenvironmental violation2003TX-ENV$5,625
CRESCENT POINT ENERGY CORPORATION U.S.Crescent Point Energyworkplace safety or health violation2011OSHA$5,610
MOTIVA ENTERPRISES, LLCSaudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)environmental violation2010FL-DEP$5,604
ExxonMobil Oil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2017TX-ENV$5,601
ExxonMobil Oil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2014TX-ENV$5,601
ExxonMobil Fuels MarketingExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2004NH-ENV$5,600
BP EXPLORATION ALASKA INCORPORATEDBPworkplace safety or health violation2010OSHA$5,600
TA OPERATING CORPORATIONBPworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$5,600
HARSCO INDUSTRIAL AIR-X-CHANGERSChart Industriesworkplace safety or health violation2017OSHA$5,600
MERIT ENERGYMerit Energydrinking water violation2001EPA$5,600
Russell Oil Company, Inc.Russell Oilwage and hour violation2017WHD$5,581
JIFFY LUBEShell PLCworkplace safety or health violation2020OSHA$5,560
Chevron USA IncChevronenvironmental violation2005LA-ENV$5,558
HESS CORPHess Corp.environmental violation2007PA-ENV$5,550
GULFPORT ENERGY INC.Gulfport Energyworkplace safety or health violation2018OSHA$5,543
JIFFY LUBE #2576Shell PLCworkplace safety or health violation2003OSHA$5,530
HILCORP ALASKA, LLCHilcorp Energyworkplace safety or health violation2015OSHA$5,525
Pasadena Refining System, IncChevronenvironmental violation2015TX-ENV$5,520
Diamond Shamrock Refining Company, L.P.Valero Energyenvironmental violation2019TX-ENV$5,504
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2007MSHA$5,503
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2007MSHA$5,503
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2010MSHA$5,503
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2011MSHA$5,503
Markwest Energy Partners, L.P.MPLX LPrailroad safety violation2015FRA$5,500
VALERO MARKETING AND SUPPLY COMPANYValero Energyrailroad safety violation2008FRA$5,500
SUNCOR ENERGY (USA), INC.Suncor Energyrailroad safety violation2015FRA$5,500
Motiva Enterprises LLCSaudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)railroad safety violation2005FRA$5,500
XTO ENERGY INCExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2010PA-ENV$5,500
CNX GAS CO LLCCNX Resourcesenvironmental violation2012PA-ENV$5,500
EXCO RESOURCES PA INCEXCO Resourcesenvironmental violation2004PA-ENV$5,500
Jiffy Lube #2127Shell PLCair pollution violation2012GA-ENV$5,500
Amerada Hess Corp.Hess Corp.environmental violation2005NH-ENV$5,500
COLONIAL PIPELINE CO LINDEN JUNCTIONColonial Pipelineair pollution violation2016NJ-ENV$5,500
PBF LOGISTICS PRODUCTS TERMINALS, LLCPBF Logisticshazardous waste violation2005NJ-ENV$5,500
Oasis Petroleum, LLCChord Energyenvironmental violation2012TX-RRC$5,500
BP West Coast ProductsBPair pollution violation2012CA-SCAQMD$5,500
Valero Energy Corp.Valero Energyrailroad safety violation2021FRA$5,500
Tesoro Refining And Marketing CompanyMarathon Petroleumrailroad safety violation2021FRA$5,500
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYPhillips 66workplace safety or health violation2002OSHA$5,500
SHELL ANACORTES REFININGHF Sinclair Corporationworkplace safety or health violation2006OSHA$5,500
CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANYPhillips 66workplace safety or health violation2007OSHA$5,500
PELICAN REFINING COMPANY LLCPelican Refiningworkplace safety or health violation2009OSHA$5,500
PHILLIPS 66 COMPANY REFINERYPhillips 66workplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$5,500
PDC ENERGY INCChevronworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$5,500
EQUILON ENTERPRISES LLCShell PLCworkplace safety or health violation2015OSHA$5,500
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2007MSHA$5,500
The Premcor Refining Group Inc.Valero Energyenvironmental violation2006TX-ENV$5,488
EXXON MOBIL PIPELINE COMPANYExxon Mobilworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$5,475
PHILLIPS 66 COMPANYPhillips 66workplace safety or health violation2021OSHA$5,450
EXXON MOBIL PIPELINE CO.Exxon Mobilenvironmental violation2018MA-ENV$5,435
Exxon Mobil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2020TX-ENV$5,430
Exxon Mobil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2020TX-ENV$5,430
Diamond Shamrock Refining Company, L.P.Valero Energyenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$5,401
Valero Marketing and Supply CompanyValero Energyrailroad safety violation2007FRA$5,400
TA OPR LLCBPenvironmental violation2010PA-ENV$5,400
SUSQUEHANNA GATHERING CO 1 LLCDT Midstreamenvironmental violation2017PA-ENV$5,400
Noble EnergyChevronair pollution violation2018CO-DPHE$5,400
AKA ENERGY GROUP - GILCREST GASAka Energyair pollution violation2002CO-DPHE$5,400
Enterprise Field Services, LLCEnterprise Products Partnersenvironmental violation2012NM-ENV$5,400
EnLink Midstream Services, LLCEnLink Midstreamenvironmental violation2018TX-ENV$5,400
TA Operating LLCBPenvironmental violation2013TX-ENV$5,400
Texaco Exploration and Production, Inc.Chevronenvironmental violation2007TX-ENV$5,400
VALERO REFINING-TEXAS, L.P.Valero Energyenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$5,400
TESOROMarathon Petroleumworkplace safety or health violation2003OSHA$5,400
TRAVEL CENTERS OF AMERICABPworkplace safety or health violation2006OSHA$5,400
SONNEBORN, LLCHF Sinclair Corporationworkplace safety or health violation2014OSHA$5,400
Marathon Oil CompanyMarathon Oilwater pollution violation2007EPA$5,400
Callon Petroleum Operating CompanyAPA Corporationwater pollution violation2007EPA$5,400
Hunt Petroleum (AEC), Inc.Exxon Mobilwater pollution violation2009EPA$5,400
CHAPARRAL ENERGY, LLCCanvas Energydrinking water violation2011EPA$5,400
DENBURY ONSHORE, LLCExxon Mobilwater pollution violation2008EPA$5,391
OCCIDENTAL CHEM CORPOccidental Petroleumenvironmental violation2003PA-ENV$5,375
BP/ARCO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CARSONMarathon Petroleumworkplace safety or health violation2006OSHA$5,375
Apex Oil Company, Inc.Apex Oilrailroad safety violation2010FRA$5,360
TA TRAVEL CENTERS OF AMERICABPworkplace safety or health violation2001OSHA$5,355
Exxon Mobil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2006TX-ENV$5,340
Anadarko Petroleum CorporationOccidental Petroleumwater pollution violation2006EPA$5,335
CHEVRON USAChevronworkplace safety or health violation2000OSHA$5,325
TA Operating Corp.BPenvironmental violation2002NC-ENV$5,312
Chevron Mining IncChevronworkplace safety or health violation2007MSHA$5,300
Chevron U.S.A. Inc.Chevronair pollution violation2015EPA$5,290
TA Operating Corp.BPenvironmental violation2002NC-ENV$5,286
Shell Pipeline Company LPShell PLCenvironmental violation2007TX-ENV$5,280
HUTCHINSON SEALING SYSTEMSTotalEnergies SEworkplace safety or health violation2006OSHA$5,280
Phillips 66 Pipeline LLCPhillips 66environmental violation2018TX-ENV$5,251
Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA, Inc.TotalEnergies SEenvironmental violation2016TX-ENV$5,251
ExxonMobil Oil CorporationExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2016TX-ENV$5,251
Motiva Enterprises LLCSaudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco)environmental violation2015TX-ENV$5,251
Delek Refining, Ltd.Delekenvironmental violation2014TX-ENV$5,251
Shell Chemical LPShell PLCenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$5,251
EXXON MOBIL CORPORATIONExxon Mobilenvironmental violation2021TX-ENV$5,251
Exxon Mobil CorporationExxon Mobilrailroad safety violation2004FRA$5,250
Shell Oil CompanyShell PLCrailroad safety violation2004FRA$5,250
Vopak USAVopakrailroad safety violation2008FRA$5,250
ANTERO RESOURCES CORPAntero Resourcesenvironmental violation2011PA-ENV$5,250
Extraction Oil & GasCivitas Resources Inc.air pollution violation2020CO-DPHE$5,250
Crestone PeakCivitas Resources Inc.air pollution violation2019CO-DPHE$5,250
Extraction Oil & GasCivitas Resources Inc.air pollution violation2014CO-DPHE$5,250
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.