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The High Cost of Misconduct: Corporation Penalties Reach the Trillion-Dollar Mark (April 2024)

Care At Risk: Upheaval in the Nursing Home Industry (December 2023)

Blog on addition of consumer protection and false advertising class action lawsuits (June 2023)

Conspiring Against Competition: Illegal Corporate Price Fixing in the U.S. Economy (April 2023)

Blog on addition of WARN Act class action lawsuits (September 2022)

Blog analyzing the 100 and the 1000 most penalized parent companies based on the new historical data added to Violation Tracker (July 2022)

Policing the Grid: Safety and Service Enforcement by State Public Utility Commissions (March 2022)

Blog on addition of product liability class action/multi-district cases (January 2022)

Blog on addition of environmental class action/multi-district cases (September 2021)

The Other Environmental Regulators: How States Unevenly Enforce Pollution Laws (March 2021)

Press release and report showing how many CARES Act recipients have a record of misconduct documented in Violation Tracker (September 2020)

Press release summarizing cases from state financial regulatory agencies (June 2020)

Press release summarizing cases from district attorneys in large localities (December 2019)

Bipartisan Corporate Crime Fighting by the States report on multistate AG lawsuits (September 2019); list of cases

Press release summarizing new entries on background-check-report class action settlements (June 2019); list of cases

Press release summarizing new entries on 401(k) and pension plan class action settlements (April 2019); list of cases

Big Business Bias report on workplace discrimination and harassment data (January 2019)

Corporate Impunity report (co-published with Public Citizen) on the decline of enforcement during the Trump Administration (July 2018)

Grand Theft Paycheck report on wage theft data (June 2018)

Press release on the decline of corporate penalties during Trump's first year (February 2018)

The $160 Billion Bank Fee report on violations by financial services companies (June 2016)

BP and Its Brethren report on the largest violators of environmental, health and safety laws (October 2015)