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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: utilities and power generation
Penalty Total since 2000$46,373,492,557
Number of Records: 3,085
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
PG&E Corp.$19,952,607,075134
American Electric Power$4,798,372,048113
Dominion Energy$3,951,916,47366
Duke Energy$2,953,290,359105
NRG Energy$1,390,149,517105
Edison International$1,332,905,77381
Alliant Energy$1,027,644,49716
WEC Energy Group$1,022,516,17434
Vistra Energy$881,423,66578

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense Type sort iconYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Central Maine Power CompanyIberdrolalabor relations violation2007NLRB$149,865
Yankee GasEverSource Energylabor relations violation2007NLRB$90,000
AREVA NP, Inc.EDF-Electricite de Francelabor relations violation2007NLRB$10,000
Washington Gas Light CompanyAltaGaslabor relations violation2007NLRB$150,000
FirstEnergy Service CompanyFirstEnergylabor relations violation2007NLRB$15,000
NRG Energy, Inc.NRG Energylabor relations violation2007NLRB$10,308
National Grid, formerly New England Gas CompanyNational Gridlabor relations violation2006NLRB$22,500
Northern Indiana Public Service CompanyNiSourcelabor relations violation2006NLRB$262,616
Public Service Company of Colorado d/b/a Xcel EnergyXcel Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$26,580
Public Service Company of Colorado (d/b/a Xcel Energy)Xcel Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$26,508
Detroit EdisonDTE Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$46,093
Tampa Electric CompanyEmeralabor relations violation2006NLRB$269,518
Western Massachusetts Electric CompanyEverSource Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$18,647
Connecticut Natural Gas, Co.Iberdrolalabor relations violation2006NLRB$7,000
CenterPoint EnergyCenterPoint Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$125,000
CINERGY CORP.Duke Energylabor relations violation2006NLRB$60,000
ABB Inc.ABB Ltd.labor relations violation2006NLRB$20,000
Midwest GenerationNRG Energylabor relations violation2005NLRB$47,996
FPL Energy Maine Operating Services, Inc.NextEra Energylabor relations violation2005NLRB$945,000
Illinois American Water CompanyAmerican Water Workslabor relations violation2005NLRB$19,000
INDIANA MICHIGAN POWER COMPANY/AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANYAmerican Electric Powerlabor relations violation2005NLRB$25,000
The Empire District Electric CompanyAlgonquin Power & Utilitieslabor relations violation2005NLRB$50,000
Kansas City Power & Light Co.Evergy Inc.labor relations violation2005NLRB$52,000
Exelon Power Mid-AtlanticExelonlabor relations violation2004NLRB$378,776
Southern California Edison CompanyEdison Internationallabor relations violation2004NLRB$104,653
ABB, Inc.ABB Ltd.labor relations violation2004NLRB$6,626
Public Service Company of OklahomaAmerican Electric Powerlabor relations violation2004NLRB$6,029,281
Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)NiSourcelabor relations violation2004NLRB$7,579
Ohio Power CompanyAmerican Electric Powerlabor relations violation2004NLRB$13,953
Atlanta Gas Light CompanySouthern Companylabor relations violation2003NLRB$100,000
Thomas & Betts CorporationABB Ltd.labor relations violation2003NLRB$17,140
Avista Corporation; Mirant Corporation and Avista-Mirant, joint employers dba Coyote Springs 2, LLCAvistalabor relations violation2003NLRB$9,130
Jersey Central Power and Light Company, A First Energy CompanyFirstEnergylabor relations violation2003NLRB$495,000
Public Service Company of New Mexico, Inc., its subsidiary, Avistar, Inc., and Public Service Company of New Mexico, Inc. d/b/a Manzano EnergyPNM Resourceslabor relations violation2003NLRB$342,374
Midwest Generation EME, LLCNRG Energylabor relations violation2003NLRB$34,500
First Energy CorporationFirstEnergylabor relations violation2003NLRB$65,000
Metropolitan Edison Company and Pennsylvania Electric Company d/b/a Met-Ed/PennelecFirstEnergylabor relations violation2002NLRB$60,000
AmeriGasUGI Corp.labor relations violation2002NLRB$55,000
AmerigasUGI Corp.labor relations violation2002NLRB$20,463
Southern California Gas CompanySempra Energylabor relations violation2002NLRB$90,645
Southern California Gas CompanySempra Energylabor relations violation2002NLRB$5,000
Sempra Energy SolutionsSempra Energylabor relations violation2002NLRB$21,029
Siemens Westinghouse Power CorporationSiemens Energylabor relations violation2001NLRB$20,000
Baltimore Gas & ElectricExelonlabor relations violation2001NLRB$26,187
AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER/SOUTHERN REGIONAL SERVICES ORGAN.American Electric Powerlabor relations violation2001NLRB$6,407
First Energy/Cleveland Electric Illuminating CompanyFirstEnergylabor relations violation2001NLRB$27,382,600
ALABAMA POWER COMPANYSouthern Companylabor relations violation2001NLRB$19,737
Northern Indiana Public Service CompanyNiSourcelabor relations violation2001NLRB$50,000
Central Illinois Public Service CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2001NLRB$45,437
Union Electric CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2000NLRB$8,892
DAYTON POWER AND LIGHT COMPANYAES Corp.labor relations violation2000NLRB$6,800,000
Duke Power and its subsidiary Duke Engineering & Services; Oswega Tower & Fence Co.Duke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$11,000
Illinois Power CompanyAmerenlabor relations violation2000NLRB$20,000
Cinergy CorporationDuke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$50,000
Pennsylvania American Water WorksAmerican Water Workslabor relations violation2000NLRB$21,000
Siemens Power Corp. and Siemens Westinghouse Corp.Siemens Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$8,011
CINERGY CORP.Duke Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$50,000
Dresser Rand CompanySiemens Energylabor relations violation2000NLRB$9,000
TPI IOWA, LLC.TPI Compositeslabor relations violation2017NLRB$22,611
Tampa Electric Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of TECO Energy, Inc., d/b/a TECO People GasEmeralabor relations violation2017NLRB$28,458
Exelon Generation Company, LLCExelonlabor relations violation2017NLRB$10,000
AmeriGas Propane, Inc.UGI Corp.labor relations violation2023NLRB$62,486
Florida Power & Light CompanyNextEra Energylabor relations violation2021NLRB$34,521
Vivint SolarSunrun Inc.labor relations violation2020NLRB$57,682
Commonwealth Edison CompanyExelonkickbacks and bribery2020USAO$200,000,000
FirstEnergy Corp.FirstEnergykickbacks and bribery2021USAO$230,000,000
San Diego Gas & Electric CompanySempra Energyinvestor protection violation2010CFTC$80,000
Sempra Energy Trading LLCSempra Energyinvestor protection violation2008CFTC$175,000
Duke Energy CorporationDuke Energyinvestor protection violation2017DOJ_ANTITRUST$600,000
SCANA Corp.Dominion Energyinvestor protection violation2020SEC$137,500,000
Plug Power Inc.Plug Power Inc.investor protection violation2023SEC$1,250,000
Washington Gas Energy SystemsAltaGasfraud2014DOJ_ANTITRUST$2,500,000
Mirant Energy Trading LLCNRG Energyfraud2007DOJ_CRIMINAL$11,000,000
Exelon CorporationExelonfraud2023SEC$46,200,000
ABB Ltd.ABB Ltd.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2010DOJ_CRIMINAL$19,000,000
ABB Ltd.ABB Ltd.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2010SEC$39,300,000
ABB LtdABB Ltd.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2004SEC$5,900,000
ABB Ltd.ABB Ltd.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2022DOJ_CRIMINAL$315,000,000
ABB LtdABB Ltd.Foreign Corrupt Practices Act2022SEC$75,000,000
Dynegy Moss Landing, LLCVistra EnergyFamily and Medical Leave Act2014WHD$56,868
TPI Iowa, LLCTPI CompositesFamily and Medical Leave Act2013WHD$5,468
Prairie State Generating Company, LLCPrairie State GeneratingFamily and Medical Leave Act2022WHD$14,908
Dominion Oklahoma Texas Exploration & Production Inc.Dominion EnergyFalse Claims Act and related2010DOJ_CIVIL$2,219,974
Ormat Technologies Inc. et al.Ormat TechnologiesFalse Claims Act and related2016USAO$5,500,000
Progress EnergyDuke EnergyFalse Claims Act and related2004CA-SFCA$43,100,000
National Grid USANational GridFalse Claims Act and related2021NY-AG$6,000,000
Duke EnergyDuke Energyenvironmental violation2015EPA$5,375,000
Alabama PowerSouthern Companyenvironmental violation2015EPA$1,600,000
Arizona Public Service CompanyPinnacle West Capitalenvironmental violation2015EPA$3,800,000
Southern California EdisonEdison Internationalenvironmental violation2015EPA$3,500,000
Public Service Company of New MexicoPNM Resourcesenvironmental violation2015EPA$3,800,000
Tucson Electric PowerFortisenvironmental violation2015EPA$3,800,000
Duke EnergyDuke Energyenvironmental violation2014EPA$3,000,000
Deseret Generation & Transmission Co-operativeDeseret Generation & Transmission Cooperativeenvironmental violation2013EPA$295,000
Kentucky Utilities CompanyPPL Corp.environmental violation2013EPA$57,300,000
Golden Valley Electric AssociationGolden Valley Electric Associationenvironmental violation2012EPA$40,365,000
Brad Foote Gear Works Inc.Broadwind Inc.environmental violation2013EPA$1,500,000
AMERIGAS PROPANE LPUGI Corp.environmental violation2013PHMSA$70,100
AMERIGAS PROPANE LPUGI Corp.environmental violation2013PHMSA$24,950
EASTERN SHORE NATURAL GAS COChesapeake Utilitiesenvironmental violation2012PHMSA$34,600
FLORIDA PUBLIC UTILITIES COChesapeake Utilitiesenvironmental violation2014PHMSA$40,600
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.