Violation Tracker Summary for Primary Offense Type

Offense Type: 
False Claims Act and related
Penalty Total since 2000: 
Number of Penalty Records: 
The totals here are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.

Top 10 Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Tenet Healthcare$1,639,152,25417
HCA Healthcare$1,536,737,05813
Takeda Pharmaceutical$1,246,349,91010
Wells Fargo$1,204,046,7862
DaVita HealthCare Partners$1,133,700,0005

Individual Penalty Records:

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Company Parent Parent Major Industry Yearsort icon Agency Penalty Amount
Pfizer Inc. Pfizer pharmaceuticals 2019 IL-AG $41,047,101
Pharmacia Corporation Viatris pharmaceuticals 2019 IL-AG $18,960,210
Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A. Takeda Pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals 2019 IL-AG $5,833,333
Quality Life Adult Day Services (Quality)   2019 MA-AG $274,809
Reckitt Benckiser Group Reckitt Benckiser household and personal care products 2019 MULTI-AG $400,000,000
Avanir Pharmaceuticals Otsuka Pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals 2019 MULTI-AG (*) $7,000,000
Triad Oral Surgery   2019 NC-AG $567,125
Kaleida Health Kaleida Health healthcare services 2019 NY-AG $500,000
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   2019 TX-AG $63,000,000
LabTox, LLC,   2019 USAO $2,101,335
Eagle Alliance   2019 USAO $110,000
Midwest Compounders, Inc.   2019 USAO $200,000
Vibra Healthcare, LLC et al. Vibra Healthcare healthcare services 2019 USAO $6,250,000
Lenox Hill Hospital Northwell Health healthcare services 2019 USAO $12,300,000
Health Care Options, Inc. et al.   2019 USAO $2,500,000
Saiontz & Kirk, P.A.   2019 USAO $91,406
Encompass Health Corp. Encompass Health healthcare services 2019 USAO $4,000,000
Chronic Disease Fund, Inc.   2019 USAO $2,000,000
Patient Access Network Foundation   2019 USAO $4,000,000
CH2M Hill Jacobs Engineering construction and engineering 2019 USAO $6,400,000
Upstate Construction Services, LLC and Structural Associates, Inc.   2019 USAO $1,000,000
Sergeant Bluff Healthcare, LLC (Iowa)   2019 USAO $1,245,149
Red Oak Healthcare, LLC   2019 USAO $228,333
Logan Healthcare, LLC   2019 USAO $775,373
Elk Point Healthcare #1, LLC   2019 USAO $788,484
Flandreau Healthcare 2, LLC   2019 USAO $115,942
Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. Fresenius healthcare services 2019 USAO $5,200,000
Drexel University   2019 USAO $189,062
Retina Institute of California Medical Group   2019 USAO $6,650,000
Meridian Mobile Health, L.L.C.   2019 USAO $138,285
Biomedical Research Foundation of Northwest Louisiana et al.   2019 USAO $531,241
MobilexUSA aka Trident USA Health Services, LLC   2019 USAO $8,500,000
Dhanyabapa LLC dba E-Z Pharmacy   2019 USAO $1,100,000
Vaughan Regional Medical Center et al. LifePoint Health healthcare services 2019 USAO $1,450,000
Physicians Alliance Ltd.   2019 USAO $178,398
GS Engineering, Inc. et al.   2019 USAO $1,000,000
Capital Caring   2019 USAO $3,100,000
El Paso Integrated Physicians Group, P.A.   2019 USAO $2,929,162
LaForge & Budd Construction Company, Inc.   2019 USAO $3,000,000
Medsurant Holdings, LLC   2019 USAO $1,900,000
Heritage Compounding Pharmacy, LLC   2019 USAO $1,900,000
VPA, P.C.   2019 USAO $829,611
Midwest Cardiovascular, Inc.   2019 USAO $269,199
Van Andel Research Institute   2019 USAO $5,500,000
Miracle Home Care, Inc.   2019 USAO $9,700,000
Cooley Dickinson Hospital   2019 USAO $11,332
Boston Heart Diagnostics Corporation Eurofins Scientific healthcare services 2019 USAO $26,670,000
Unitrans International Inc. AIT Worldwide Logistics freight and logistics 2019 DOJ_CIVIL $45,000,000
Avalign Technologies, Inc.   2019 MULTI-AG (*) $9,500,000
Absolute Care Inc.   2019 MA-AG $3,000,000
Ave Maria Family Practice PLLC   2019 NC-AG $1,250,000
STG Healthcare of Atlanta, Inc. STG Healthcare of Atlanta healthcare services 2020 USAO $1,750,000
Sanofi-Aventis U.S., LLC Sanofi pharmaceuticals 2020 USAO $11,850,000
Trina Health-Wichita NW LLC   2020 USAO $775,000
Cookeville Regional Medical Center Authority Cookeville Regional Medical Center healthcare services 2020 USAO $4,100,000
Southeastern Retina Associates   2020 USAO $1,500,000
Hybrid Tech Holdings, LLC et al.   2020 USAO $29,000,000
Florida Academy   2020 USAO $512,000
Arch Health Partners, Inc. Arch Health Partners healthcare services 2020 USAO $2,910,370
ResMed Corp. ResMed Inc. medical equipment and supplies 2020 USAO $37,500,000
L.M.G., Inc. dba TMJ & Orofacial Pain Treatment Centers of Wisconsin   2020 USAO $1,000,000
UST-Aldetec Holding Company LLC   2020 USAO $525,000
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill   2020 USAO $4,552,058
Tree of Life, Inc.   2020 USAO $1,650,000
United Paradyne Corporation   2020 USAO $375,000
Caldwell University   2020 USAO $4,800,000
Diversicare Health Services Inc. Diversicare Healthcare Services healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $9,500,000
Guardian Elder Care Holdings Inc. Guardian Elder Care healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $15,466,278
Tenet Healthcare Corporation Tenet Healthcare healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $1,410,000
CRA/LA   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $3,100,000
Comprehensive Pain Management Institute   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $650,000
Patient Services Inc.   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $3,000,000
The Center of Attention, LLC: No One Left Behind   2020 CT-AG $200,000
SK Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. SK Holdings electrical and electronic equipment 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $68,400,000
Ross Group Construction Corporation   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $2,800,000
Williams Brothers Construction Inc.   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $1,000,000
Guaranteed Rate Inc. Guaranteed Rate Inc. financial services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $15,060,000
Genova Diagnostics Inc. Genova Diagnostics healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $43,000,000
Washington Cardiovascular Institute, Advanced Vascular Resources and Washington Vascular Institute Washington Cardiovascular Institute healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $750,000
Logan Laboratories Inc. and Tampa Pain Relief Centers Inc. Surgery Partners Inc. healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $41,000,000
Saber Healthcare Group LLC Saber Healthcare Group healthcare services 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $10,000,000
Encore Rehabilitation Services LLC   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $4,030,000
MiMedx Group Inc. MiMedx Group, Inc medical equipment and supplies 2020 DOJ_CIVIL $6,500,000
Sterling Medical Associates Inc.   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $1,850,000
Northern Air Cargo LLC   2020 DOJ_CIVIL $4,700,000
Science Applications International Corporation Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC) information technology 2020 USAO $5,982,865
Metro Beauty Academy, LLC   2020 USAO $425,000
Noble Home Health Care, Inc.   2020 USAO $111,200
Alaska Neurology Center LLC   2020 USAO $2,000,000
Sioux Center Chiropractic Wellness Center, P.C.,   2020 USAO $30,418
Altimate Care LLC   2020 USAO $175,000
Premier Medical Associates   2020 USAO $750,000
Pennsylvania State University   2020 USAO $151,000
Adkins Pharmacy, Inc.   2020 USAO $88,085
G.A. Blanco & Sons, Inc.   2020 USAO $450,000
Darling Ingredients Inc. Darling Ingredients food products 2020 USAO $1,400,000
Connecticut Counseling Centers   2020 USAO $295,000
Northland Associates, Inc. and The Diverse Construction Group, LLC   2020 USAO $4,470,000
Lexington Foot and Ankle Center, PSC   2020 USAO $750,000
Pain Management, S.C.   2020 USAO $1,350,000
Harvard University Harvard University miscellaneous services 2020 USAO $1,359,791
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(*): Some penalties are partial or complete duplicates of other penalty records, either because a DOJ settlement duplicates an agency record or because EPA listed the full penalty for a company for each of the company's relevant facilities. Penalty amounts marked with an asterisk have been identified by Good Jobs First as duplicating other penalty amounts.