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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: Consumer Product Safety Commission
Penalty Total since 2000$360,750,500
Number of Records: 198
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Gree Electric Appliances$106,950,0003
Polaris Industries$28,200,0002
Peloton Interactive$19,065,0001
Generac Holdings$15,800,0001
Brunswick Corp.$8,950,0002
Newell Brands$8,500,0002
Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.$5,800,0001
Home Depot$5,700,0001
Kawasaki Heavy Industries$5,200,0001

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent Parent sort icon . Current Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount
Schylling Associates product safety violation2010$200,000
RC2 Corp. product safety violation2009$1,250,000
Excelligence Learning Corp, product safety violation2009$25,000
Hill Sportswear Inc. product safety violation2009$100,000
Maran Inc. and K.S. Trading Corp. product safety violation2009$85,000
TGH International Trading Inc. product safety violation2009$31,500
Wagner Spray Tech Corp. and Techtronic Industries product safety violation2009$800,000
A&A Global Industries Inc. product safety violation2009$40,000
Cardinal Distributing Co. Inc product safety violation2009$100,000
Downeast Concepts Inc. product safety violation2009$30,000
First Learning Company Ltd. product safety violation2009$50,000
Raymond Geddes & Co. product safety violation2009$40,000
OKK Trading product safety violation2009$665,000
Mega Brands America Inc. product safety violation2009$1,100,000
Bob?s Stores Corp. product safety violation2009$55,000
Bon-Ton Stores Inc. product safety violation2009$50,000
Brents-Riordan Co. LLC product safety violation2009$35,000
Concord Buying Group Inc., d/b/a A.J. Wright product safety violation2009$70,000
Coolibar Inc. product safety violation2009$25,000
Forman Mills Inc. product safety violation2009$35,000
Kidz World Inc., d/b/a High Energy USA product safety violation2009$25,000
Orioxi International Corp. product safety violation2009$70,000
Outfitter Trading Co. LLC product safety violation2009$35,000
Retco Inc. product safety violation2009$45,000
Seventy Two Inc product safety violation2009$25,000
Urgent Gear Inc. product safety violation2009$35,000
Lasko Products Inc. product safety violation2009$500,000
A&R Knitwear Inc. product safety violation2008$35,000
AJ Blue LLC product safety violation2008$40,000
Cobmex Inc. product safety violation2008$25,000
Liberty Apparel Co. Inc. product safety violation2008$35,000
Rebelette International Trading Corp. product safety violation2008$40,000
Scope Imports Inc. product safety violation2008$70,000
Siegfried & Parzival Inc. product safety violation2008$35,000
Vacation Clothing Exchange Inc., d/b/a Basix USA product safety violation2008$25,000
DollarDays International, LLC product safety violation2008$25,000
Gildan Activewear SRL product safety violation2008$35,000
Life is Good Inc. product safety violation2008$50,000
Seena International Inc. product safety violation2008$35,000
The Cayre Group Ltd product safety violation2008$40,000
True Religion Apparel Inc. product safety violation2008$50,000
Vornado Air Circulation Systems Inc. product safety violation2008$500,000
Stamina Products product safety violation2008$105,000
Ardisam Inc. product safety violation2008$420,000
HSN LP (previously known as Home Shopping Network) product safety violation2007$875,000
TAP Enterprises Inc. product safety violation2007$100,000
United Nuclear Scientific Supplies LLC product safety violation2007$7,500
Hoover Company Inc. product safety violation2007$750,000
Nexgrill Industries Inc. product safety violation2007$300,000
Black Dog Tavern Company Inc. product safety violation2006$50,000
West Bend Houswares LLC product safety violation2006$100,000
SMC Marketing Corp. product safety violation2005$500,000
Winco Fireworks Inc., Winco Fireworks International LLC and Winco Fireworks of Utah LLC product safety violation2005$600,000
Rose Art Industries Inc. product safety violation2005$300,000
Dynacraft BSC Inc. product safety violation2004$1,400,000
Johnson Health Tech Co. Ltd. and Horizon Fitness Inc. product safety violation2004$500,000
RRK Holdings Inc. product safety violation2004$100,000
Lifetime Products Inc. product safety violation2004$800,000
Imperial Toy Corp. product safety violation2004$200,000
Blue Coral-Slick 50 Inc. product safety violation2003$150,000
Murray Inc. product safety violation2003$375,000
Lucky Toys Inc., Union Import Inc., 333 Imports Inc., and Seven Stars Toys Imports Inc. product safety violation2002$100,000
STK International Inc. product safety violation2002$270,000
U.S. Home and Garden Inc. product safety violation2002$885,000
Aerus LLC product safety violation2002$250,000
Ameri-China International Inc. product safety violation2002$140,000
Mirama Enterprises Inc. product safety violation2002$300,000
Golden Gift L.L.C. product safety violation2002$125,000
MTS Products Inc. product safety violation2002$75,000
Popular Products Inc. product safety violation2002$180,000
The Customer Company and Cigarettes Cheaper product safety violation2001$225,000
The Limited Inc. and Mast Industries product safety violation2001$500,000
The Lane Company Inc. product safety violation2001$900,000
Tensor Inc. product safety violation2001$125,000
Cosco Inc. product safety violation2001$1,300,000
Safety 1st Inc. product safety violation2001$450,000
West Bend Co. product safety violation2001$225,000
HANRO USA product safety violation2001$150,000
Tropitone Furniture Co. Inc. product safety violation2001$750,000
Crawford Textile Corp. product safety violation2000$150,000
Galoob Toys, Inc. product safety violation2000$400,000
AZ3 Inc. product safety violation2000$75,000
Red Rock Trading Co. Inc. product safety violation2000$90,000
The Standard Mattress Co. product safety violation2000$60,000
Baby's Dream Furniture Inc. product safety violation2000$200,000
High Star Toys Inc. product safety violation2000$100,000
Goodman Company, L.P. product safety violation2016$5,550,000
Viking Range, LLC and Middleby Corporation consumer protection violation2017$4,650,000
Battat Inc. product safety violation2004$125,000
Midwest Fireworks Manufacturing Co. Inc. product safety violation2003$30,000
Regent International Corporation Inc. product safety violation2002$75,000
Riello Corporation of America product safety violation2000$125,000
Royal Centurian Inc. and Royal Sovereign Corp. product safety violation2000$20,000
EKO Development, Ltd., and EKO USA, LLC consumer protection violation2018$1,000,000
Core Health & Fitness LLC product safety violation2022$6,500,000
Clawfoot Supply, LLC product safety violation2022$6,000,000
Segway Powersports Inc. product safety violation2022$1,250,000
Vornado Air LLC product safety violation2022$7,500,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.