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Violation Tracker Industry Summary Page

Industry: aerospace and military contracting
Penalty Total since 2000$7,579,883,412
Number of Records: 1,266
Note: The totals include only those entries matched to a parent company. The industry designation is the primary one for the parent's operations overall. The totals are adjusted to account for the fact that each parent's entries may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. They are also adjusted to reflect cases in which federal and state or local agencies cooperated and issued separate announcements of the outcome. Duplicate or overlapping penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Northrop Grumman$778,415,21195
BAE Systems$545,714,277100
Raytheon Technologies$352,054,050129
General Dynamics$264,366,277148
Lockheed Martin$234,148,72196
L3Harris Technologies$152,127,92277

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentPrimary Offense Type sort iconYearAgencyPenalty Amount
Titan Corporation/ISGL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2006WHD$31,799
Korry Electronics Co.TransDigmwage and hour violation2006WHD$197,090
Northrop Grumman CorporationNorthrop Grummanwage and hour violation2006WHD$129,606
Raytheon Technical Services Company LLCRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2006WHD$11,753
Northrop Grumman Information Technology, IncNorthrop Grummanwage and hour violation2006WHD$9,897
Raytheon CompanyRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2005WHD$370,180
L 3 Communications, Inc.L3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2005WHD$33,056
GoodrichRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2005WHD$11,573
ITT Industries, Inc. Systems DivisionL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2005WHD$8,114
Lockheed Martin Corp.Lockheed Martinwage and hour violation2004WHD$98,372
L-3 Communications/Vertex Aerospace, LLC.L3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2004WHD$614,449
BAE SystemsBAE Systemswage and hour violation2004WHD$5,628
L-3 Communications CorporationL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2004WHD$261,507
Kaman Automation Inc.Kaman Corp.wage and hour violation2017WHD$207,515
Raytheon CompanyRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2016WHD$15,301
Boeing CompanyBoeingwage and hour violation2016WA-DLI$18,746
BAE SystemsBAE Systemswage and hour violation2017private lawsuit-federal$2,900,000
SpaceXSpace Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)wage and hour violation2017private lawsuit-state$3,975,000
General DynamicsGeneral Dynamicswage and hour violation2016private lawsuit-federal$65,000
Computer Sciences Corp.General Dynamicswage and hour violation2015private lawsuit-federal$80,000
Rockwell CollinsRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2012private lawsuit-federal$1,200,000
RaytheonRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2011private lawsuit-federal$2,000,000
MPRI Inc. and L-3 CommunicationsL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2009private lawsuit-federal$860,956
Computer Sciences Corp.General Dynamicswage and hour violation2005private lawsuit-federal$24,000,000
Lockheed Martin CorporationLockheed Martinwage and hour violation2018private lawsuit-state$1,350,000
Lockheed Martin Corp.Lockheed Martinwage and hour violation2019WHD$327,271
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.Spirit AeroSystemswage and hour violation2018WHD$23,100
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.General Atomicswage and hour violation2019WHD$951,456
Lockheed MartinLockheed Martinwage and hour violation2015WHD$201,000
Lockheed Martin CorpLockheed Martinwage and hour violation2019WHD$259,314
The Boeing CompanyBoeingwage and hour violation2019WHD$462,859
Harris CorporationL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2018WHD$95,366
Raytheon Technical Services CompanyRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2017WHD$6,786
CSRA, LLCGeneral Dynamicswage and hour violation2017WHD$2,778,123
CSRA, Inc. & SubsidiariesGeneral Dynamicswage and hour violation2017WHD$21,817
CSRA, IncGeneral Dynamicswage and hour violation2017WHD$154,865
L-3 Communication CorporationL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2016WHD$7,193
L-3 Communicaitons Vertex Aerospace, LLCL3Harris Technologieswage and hour violation2016WHD$51,379
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc.General Dynamicswage and hour violation2015WHD$135,570
B/E Aerospace IncRaytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2020WA-DLI$14,000
Boeing Co.Boeingwage and hour violation2021private lawsuit-federal$2,000,000
Rohr, Inc.Raytheon Technologieswage and hour violation2018CA-LCO$24,762
L3Harris TechnologiesL3Harris Technologiestelecommunications violation2019FCC$100,000
Rolls-Royce Naval Marine, Inc.Rolls-Roycetax violations2012CT-AG$5,663
BAE SystemsBAE Systemsrailroad safety violation2015FRA$9,000
Alliant Tech SystemsNorthrop Grummanrailroad safety violation2006FRA$7,000
BAE ORDNANCE SYSTEMS, INC.BAE Systemsrailroad safety violation2016FRA$10,000
Bad Boy Enterprises LLCTextronproduct safety violation2011CPSC$715,000
Lockheed Martin Energy SystemsLockheed Martinnuclear safety violation2000DOE$1,045,000
Action Manufacturing CompanyAction Manufacturingmotor vehicle safety violation2010FMCSA$8,760
Armtec Defense Products CoTransDigmmotor vehicle safety violation2011FMCSA$5,410
KLX INCBoeingmotor vehicle safety violation2005FMCSA$8,760
Orbital-Atk Space SystemsNorthrop Grummanmotor vehicle safety violation2018FMCSA$5,780
Bae Systems Platforms & Services LpBAE Systemsmotor vehicle safety violation2018FMCSA$19,530
Kilgore Flares Company, LlcChemringmotor vehicle safety violation2016FMCSA$7,210
Alliant Techsystems Operations LlcNorthrop Grummanmotor vehicle safety violation2015FMCSA$9,220
ITT CorporationL3Harris Technologiesmisuse of classified data2007DOJ_NATSEC$50,000,000
Triumph AerostructuresTriumph Grouplabor relations violation2015NLRB$204,665
BAE Systems Land & Armaments, L.P.BAE Systemslabor relations violation2014NLRB$10,465
L-3 Communications Vertex Aerospace, LLCL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2011NLRB$16,286
L-3 CommunicationsL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2011NLRB$63,050
Lockheed Martin IS&GS - Civil E&SS and its sub contractors Diverstech and GHG CorporationLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2011NLRB$29,470
DRS-Test & Energy Management, LLCLeonardo S.p.A.labor relations violation2011NLRB$8,000
The Boeing CompanyBoeinglabor relations violation2011NLRB$50,000
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.Textronlabor relations violation2011NLRB$25,788
Esterline TechnologiesTransDigmlabor relations violation2011NLRB$605,000
L3 Communications - Ocean SystemsL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2010NLRB$16,000
L 3 CommunicationsL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2010NLRB$60,000
B.A.E Systems NSRBAE Systemslabor relations violation2010NLRB$20,900
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding, Inc.Northrop Grummanlabor relations violation2010NLRB$18,560
Aviall, Inc.Boeinglabor relations violation2009NLRB$50,000
General Dynamics Armement and Technical Products, Marion OperationsGeneral Dynamicslabor relations violation2009NLRB$57,960
Lockheed Martin Services, Inc.Lockheed Martinlabor relations violation2009NLRB$1,019,200
RAYTHEON TECHNICAL SERVICES COMPANY, CEDSRaytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2009NLRB$5,281
Lockheed Martin Space Systems CompanyLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2008NLRB$150,000
L3 CommunicationsL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2008NLRB$27,000
B.A.E Systems NSRBAE Systemslabor relations violation2008NLRB$6,200
Vought Aircraft Industries, Inc.Triumph Grouplabor relations violation2008NLRB$9,120
Cessna Aircraft CompanyTextronlabor relations violation2008NLRB$25,000
Sikorsky Aircraft CorporationLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2007NLRB$62,500
Ducommun AeroStructuresDucommunlabor relations violation2006NLRB$786,196
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics CompanyLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2006NLRB$58,804
Raytheon Technical Services CompanyRaytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2006NLRB$75,000
Alliant Techsystems, Inc.Northrop Grummanlabor relations violation2006NLRB$44,677
Triumph Controls, Inc.Triumph Grouplabor relations violation2006NLRB$750,000
Triumph Controls Inc.Triumph Grouplabor relations violation2006NLRB$275,000
Textron Lycoming Reciprocating Engine Div., Subsidiary of Textron, Inc.Textronlabor relations violation2006NLRB$1,060,538
Sikorsky Aircraft CorporationLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2006NLRB$7,000,000
Kaman Dayron, Inic.Kaman Corp.labor relations violation2006NLRB$13,382
Textron LycomingTextronlabor relations violation2006NLRB$278,300
Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Div. of United Tech. Corp.Raytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2006NLRB$430,000
L-3 Communications Combat Propulsion SystemsL3Harris Technologieslabor relations violation2006NLRB$61,200
ASSOCIATED SPRING/BARNES GROUPBarnes Grouplabor relations violation2005NLRB$11,000
Hamilton-SundstrandRaytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2005NLRB$160,000
Northrup Grumman Ship SystemsNorthrop Grummanlabor relations violation2005NLRB$5,400
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics CompanyLockheed Martinlabor relations violation2005NLRB$52,000
B. F. Goodrich Aerospace Landing Gear-Plating OperationsRaytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2005NLRB$1,600,000
Greenlee Textron (CDC Center)Textronlabor relations violation2004NLRB$42,500
Greenlee Textron (CDC Center)Textronlabor relations violation2004NLRB$42,023
TRW Lucas AerospaceRaytheon Technologieslabor relations violation2004NLRB$135,000
Kaman Dayron, Inc.Kaman Corp.labor relations violation2004NLRB$25,000
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.