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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: National Labor Relations Board
Penalty Total since 2000$1,725,857,793
Number of Records: 14,661
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.$76,037,0003
Honeywell International$40,995,38911
Johnson Controls$35,828,85412
Verizon Communications$26,722,08237
Alpha Metallurgical Resources$23,111,6064
Aptiv PLC$20,300,9405

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent Industry sort iconPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount
Woonsocket Call d/b/a Evening Call Publishing Co. labor relations violation2000$27,993
Navillus Contracting Corp. labor relations violation2000$13,500
PCE Constructors, Inc. labor relations violation2000$8,402
Borco Manufacturing Company, Inc. labor relations violation2000$6,563
District 3, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO labor relations violation2000$20,000
Ridgewells Caterers labor relations violation2000$22,000
Moran Printing, Inc. labor relations violation2000$10,833
Con Sun Food Industries, Inc. labor relations violation2000$9,500
A.C.E. Wall Systems, Inc. and Champagne Drywall, Inc. labor relations violation2000$9,689
WARREN MANOR NURSING HOME, INC. labor relations violation2000$8,000
CLOUD 9 SHUTTLE INC. labor relations violation2000$5,000
American Flint Glass Workers Union of North America , AFL-CIO labor relations violation2000$19,000
FARM FRESH FOODS labor relations violation2000$13,000
Martin Marietta Systems, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,000
World Class Processing, Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,500
Wells Fargo Guard Services labor relations violation2000$5,360
Martin Marietta Services, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,200
Forman Brothers, Inc. labor relations violation2000$141,318
Fresh Mark, Inc., d/b/a Carriage Hill Foods labor relations violation2000$79,970
Wilmington Fabricators, Inc. labor relations violation2000$35,000
Hearn-Kirkwood labor relations violation2000$14,883
Thomson Newspapers, Inc. labor relations violation2000$7,000
Stainless Tank & Equipment labor relations violation2000$16,504
Metropolitan Transfer Station, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,500
Danny's Painting Service, Inc. labor relations violation2000$8,000
Vialight Construction, Inc., S&D Associates, Inc. d/b/a Custom Cabling Northwest, Inc.and Vialight, Inc. labor relations violation2000$8,000
Midnight Rose labor relations violation2000$6,000
Keystone Freight Carriers labor relations violation2000$36,190
Lily Distributiion Services, A Division of Lily Transportation labor relations violation2000$6,300
KUGLER OIL COMPANY labor relations violation2000$10,000
Kugler Oil Company labor relations violation2000$5,815
Workroom for Designers, Inc. and Sidney H. Sisselman labor relations violation2000$40,666
TEAM ELECTRICAL labor relations violation2000$6,800
Alcoa Automotive Casting Center labor relations violation2000$9,100
Edison Mechanical Contractors labor relations violation2000$8,000
DIETRICH INDUSTRIES labor relations violation2000$65,000
Lehrer McGovern Bovis, Inc et al. labor relations violation2000$28,100
Menasha Corporation labor relations violation2000$12,540
Royalite, a Division of Uniroyal Technology Corporation labor relations violation2000$150,000
87-10 51st Avenue Owners Corp. labor relations violation2000$100,000
Loews Cineplex Entertainment Corp. labor relations violation2000$40,000
Fred's, Inc. labor relations violation2000$20,000
Alro Steel Corporation d/b/a Alro Specialty Metals labor relations violation2000$15,000
Maroon's Home Products, Inc. dbaTanguay Plumbing and its Alter Egos Donald Tanguay, a sole proprietor dbaTanguay Plumbing and Tanguay Plumbing & Heati labor relations violation2000$14,000
Aetna Ambulance Service, Inc. labor relations violation2000$12,000
1-800 Flowers labor relations violation2000$8,407
Health Consultant Services labor relations violation2000$7,000
TALSOL CORPORATION labor relations violation2000$75,000
Park Manor Nursing Home, Inc. labor relations violation2000$32,163
Millwrights Local 1102 labor relations violation2000$29,465
John M. Licursi, A Sole Proprietor, and John M. Licursi d/b/a Spectrum Glass & Mirror labor relations violation2000$27,099
CW Associates d/b/a CW Storage labor relations violation2000$25,482
Genesis Companies, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,000
Strive Fitness & Health labor relations violation2000$5,000
Vincent Metal Goods labor relations violation2000$25,000
The Ryan Co. labor relations violation2000$26,000
Alltek Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Co. labor relations violation2000$16,458
Consolidated Freightways labor relations violation2000$6,000
USA Detergent, Inc. labor relations violation2000$28,217
Thomas Cadillac, Inc. labor relations violation2000$25,000
Carters, Inc. labor relations violation2000$16,000
Coldwater Creek, Inc. labor relations violation2000$15,000
Up-Right, Inc. labor relations violation2000$9,500
INCISA U.S.A., INC. labor relations violation2000$165,640
Serramonte Auto Plaza Body Shop labor relations violation2000$39,420
Serramonte Auto Body labor relations violation2000$5,000
Parents in Community Action, Inc. labor relations violation2000$55,000
Akro Corporation labor relations violation2000$23,100
Inter-Con UpSP Services Corporation labor relations violation2000$8,500
Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society d/b/a Good Samaritan Center labor relations violation2000$6,000
Fifty-Seven Street Operating, LLC d/b/a Allerton House Hotel a/k/a Habitat Hotel labor relations violation2000$100,000
Wilkes-Barre Logistics Services labor relations violation2000$35,000
Construction Metals, Inc. labor relations violation2000$21,000
Southern Nevada Liteweight, Inc. labor relations violation2000$11,290
RMR Sheetmetal, Inc. labor relations violation2000$11,247
Comanche Pottery, Inc. labor relations violation2000$9,139
TCG Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Lake Forest Pastry Shop labor relations violation2000$7,134
Suprema Specialties Northeast labor relations violation2000$27,500
Naomi Knitting Plant, A Division of Andres Industries Corporation labor relations violation2000$14,200
Jones Transfer Service labor relations violation2000$13,610
Humility of Mary Helath Partners dba St. Elizabeth Health Center dba HM Health Services labor relations violation2000$5,950
County Concrete Corp., and Northern Foundation Inc., a Single Employer labor relations violation2000$5,430
County Concrete Corp., and Northern Foundation Inc., a Single Employer labor relations violation2000$5,430
Orscheln Brothers Express, Inc. labor relations violation2000$19,200
Cleveland Construction, Inc. labor relations violation2000$16,425
Giordano's Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Giordano's Restaurant labor relations violation2000$15,569
Banner Fibreboard Company labor relations violation2000$8,031
Heartland Foods, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,082
Trinity Transportation labor relations violation2000$7,786
Mead Packaging labor relations violation2000$7,500
April Sportswear Co., Inc. and Edson Duquette, d/b/a R.C. Sportswear Co., Inc. labor relations violation2000$156,338
Associated Training Services, Inc. labor relations violation2000$17,348
MO KAN Container Services, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,000
Roy Kay, Inc. labor relations violation2000$35,505
Readington Farms, Inc. labor relations violation2000$10,000
Portland Square Hotel labor relations violation2000$8,060
Daewoosa Samoa Ltd. labor relations violation2000$6,000
Whiteco Industries/Star Plaza Theatre labor relations violation2000$70,000
Twin City Concrete Pumping Inc. labor relations violation2000$40,000
Mitchellace, Inc. labor relations violation2000$33,707
Allstate Security & Investigative Service labor relations violation2000$13,816
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.