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Violation Tracker Agency Summary Page

Agency Name: National Labor Relations Board
Penalty Total since 2000$1,725,857,793
Number of Records: 14,661
Note: The parent penalty totals are adjusted to account for the fact that the list of individual entries below may include both agency records and settlement announcements for the same case; or else a penalty covering multiple locations may be listed in the individual records for each of the facilities. Duplicate penalty amounts are marked with an asterisk in the individual records list below.
Top 10 Current Parent CompaniesTotal Penalty $Number of Records
Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.$76,037,0003
Honeywell International$40,995,38911
Johnson Controls$35,828,85412
Verizon Communications$26,722,08237
Alpha Metallurgical Resources$23,111,6064
Aptiv PLC$20,300,9405

Individual Penalty Records:

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CompanyCurrent ParentCurrent Parent IndustryPrimary Offense TypeYearPenalty Amount sort icon
Millard Refrigerated, Inc.Lineage Logisticsfreight and logisticslabor relations violation2001$5,500
ASARCO Inc. Amarillo Copper RefineryGrupo Mexicomining and mineralslabor relations violation2001$5,500
Navieras, NPR, Inc. labor relations violation2001$5,500
Hartford Care Center, A Subsidiary of I.H.S. Acquisition # 145 Inc., A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Integrated Health Services, Inc. labor relations violation2001$5,500
Koehler & Dramm (USA Floral) labor relations violation2000$5,500
Overnite Transportation Company, Inc.TFI Internationalfreight and logisticslabor relations violation2000$5,500
Sunset Transporation Co. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Choice Fabricators, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Raudin McCormick, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Connell Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Delphi Automotive SystemsAptiv PLCautomotive partslabor relations violation2000$5,500
Hartford Manufacturing, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,500
Centura Home Care and Hospice labor relations violation2000$5,500
Belva Coal Company labor relations violation2000$5,500
Laidlaw Transit, Inc.FirstGroupmiscellaneous serviceslabor relations violation2000$5,500
Hess Shoes labor relations violation2000$5,500
RHEMA Roseville Operating, LLC d/b/a Advantage Living Center-Roseville labor relations violation2018$5,500
MB2 Dental LLC d/b/a Highland Dental Studio labor relations violation2023$5,500
Elite Ambulance labor relations violation2023$5,500
Concrete Supply LLC d/b/a Concrete Supply of Illinois labor relations violation2010$5,498
Selective Demolition, LLC. labor relations violation2012$5,488
Heritage Carting Corp. labor relations violation2002$5,479
Integrated Construction, Inc. labor relations violation2010$5,478
Phillips Van Heusen/Performance PersonnelPVH Corp.apparellabor relations violation2007$5,472
Apple Home Care d/b/a Meditrans labor relations violation2014$5,470
International Longshoreman's Association, Local 1426 labor relations violation2007$5,468
Crane Plumbing labor relations violation2005$5,468
Crane Plumbing labor relations violation2005$5,468
Hos Brothers Construction, Inc. labor relations violation2001$5,466
Building Specialties, Inc. labor relations violation2010$5,464
PRINT FULFILLMENT SERVICES LLC labor relations violation2015$5,461
Waxman Consumer Products Group Inc. labor relations violation2011$5,460
Collins & Aikman, Inc. labor relations violation2007$5,460
Momentum Logistics labor relations violation2003$5,460
Givaudan Fragrances CorporationGivaudanmiscellaneous manufacturinglabor relations violation2009$5,457
Jack Demmer Ford, Inc. labor relations violation2005$5,457
Teamsters Local 952 labor relations violation2004$5,451
United Parcel Service, Inc.United Parcel Servicefreight and logisticslabor relations violation2003$5,450
Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union, Local 355, AFL-CIO labor relations violation2001$5,450
United Rentals (North America) Inc.United Rentalsmiscellaneous serviceslabor relations violation2005$5,448
Tri-City Fire Protection, LLC labor relations violation2021$5,444
Dore & Associates Contracting, Inc. labor relations violation2007$5,442
John Q. Hammons Hotels Management, LLC d/b/a Renaissance Glendale Hotel and Spa labor relations violation2009$5,441
Delphi Packard ElectricAptiv PLCautomotive partslabor relations violation2010$5,440
Olean Wholesale Grocery Coorperative Inc. labor relations violation2009$5,440
Orange County Roof Mart, Inc., dba Brea Roofing labor relations violation2002$5,440
Gallo Equipment Company, Inc. labor relations violation2000$5,440
BarTaco Hyde Park labor relations violation2018$5,439
JSD Cleaning Services labor relations violation2012$5,437
Rubber Associates, Inc. labor relations violation2009$5,437
Empresas Velazquez, Inc. and Euro-Japon Auto Supply, Inc., a single employer labor relations violation2021$5,437
Mortenson, Inc. and its agent D & N ElectricM.A. Mortensonconstruction and engineeringlabor relations violation2010$5,436
Northern Fire Protection labor relations violation2001$5,436
County Concrete Corp., and Northern Foundation Inc., a Single Employer labor relations violation2000$5,430
County Concrete Corp., and Northern Foundation Inc., a Single Employer labor relations violation2000$5,430
Jindal SteelJindal Groupdiversifiedlabor relations violation2002$5,428
Vee Pak LLC d/b/a Voyant Beauty and Alternative Staffing Inc. labor relations violation2020$5,427
Squires Lumber Company, Inc. labor relations violation2016$5,425
GR Electric labor relations violation2015$5,425
Allied Interstate, Inc.Allied Interstate Inc.miscellaneous serviceslabor relations violation2008$5,422
RMC Ewell labor relations violation2003$5,415
Sievert Excavating, LLC labor relations violation2001$5,415
SALTS Management LLC, dba McDonald's labor relations violation2023$5,415
Greenbriar Rail Services labor relations violation2009$5,414
Abdite Industries labor relations violation2005$5,414
R. J. Corman Railroad Company labor relations violation2001$5,414
Olson Company labor relations violation2002$5,409
Associated Creditors Exchange labor relations violation2013$5,407
The Butcher Block, Inc. labor relations violation2007$5,405
Enviro Tech International, Inc. labor relations violation2005$5,405
East New York Service Corp. labor relations violation2002$5,404
H.J. Russell & Company labor relations violation2010$5,402
Interstate Brands Corporation labor relations violation2008$5,400
Franklin Industries Co.Lhoist Groupmining and mineralslabor relations violation2008$5,400
Spero Electric Corporation labor relations violation2007$5,400
Northrup Grumman Ship SystemsNorthrop Grummanaerospace and military contractinglabor relations violation2005$5,400
International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees, Local 470 affiliated with the AFL-CIO labor relations violation2005$5,400
SAFE-T-PROOF labor relations violation2003$5,400
Southern Labor Services/Florida Transportation Services labor relations violation2002$5,400
MINGO COUNTY ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION, INC. labor relations violation2002$5,400
City Furniture labor relations violation2001$5,400
LONE STAR DRY WALL, A SUBSIDIARY OF INLAND SALES labor relations violation2001$5,400
Emergency Road Response, Inc. labor relations violation2010$5,399
SHAMROCK CARTAGE, INC. labor relations violation2019$5,397
SHAMROCK CARTAGE, INC. labor relations violation2019$5,397
Vendenberg Ambulance labor relations violation2002$5,394
CLP Resources Inc./Joint EmployersTrueBlue Inc.miscellaneous serviceslabor relations violation2012$5,391
Hyatt Corporation d/b/a Grand Hyatt San AntonioHyatt Hotelshotelslabor relations violation2010$5,386
Whalen Manufacturing Inc. labor relations violation2006$5,386
Fhanestock Heating and Air labor relations violation2019$5,384
The Brewster Center Domestic Violence Services, Inc. labor relations violation2001$5,382
J. R. Simplot CompanyJ.R. Simplotagribusinesslabor relations violation2000$5,382
Napleton Cadillac labor relations violation2007$5,380
Otis Elevator CompanyOtis Worldwide Corporationbuilding materialslabor relations violation2008$5,376
Bavaro Carting Corp. labor relations violation2020$5,376
Horning Builders Supply Company-East, A Subsidiary of The Collinwood Shale Brick & Supply Co. labor relations violation2007$5,370
Friedrich Air Conditioning labor relations violation2007$5,368
Sonic Automotive, formerly d/b/a Capitol Ford, currently d/b/a Friendly FordSonic Automotiveretailinglabor relations violation2005$5,368
CORBEL INSTALLATIONS, INC. labor relations violation2013$5,367
JWM Support Services and Florida Drawbridges, Inc., Alter Ego, Single Employer, and Joint Employers labor relations violation2015$5,361
(*): Penalty amounts marked by an asterisk are ones announced by more than one agency. Parent penalty totals are adjusted to avoid double-counting.